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  1. Red-XIII

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I anxiously read from 100 to 1, with the hope of finding the maps I love, and almost all of them were there. Number 1 was definitely the map I expected, the 3D graphic is super cool, amazing feeling. Well done to all who made this list and to the mappers!
  2. Hello guys, it's time for a bump! Map 32 UV Speed time 41:10 It's a shame that my time and termrork's are very similar, but hey, it's still a little bit faster, so I decided to upload it anyway (but please ignore that double jump to red door, it's horrible to watch). Off topic: aj324110.zip
  3. Red-XIII

    Chellange: A snooker AVJ map

    Nice demo rodster, I liked how you did yellow key part! I know that some parts of termork's arc-vile maps may seem impossible at first, but it's simply due to the fact the he pushes arc-vile jumps to the ultimate limit, which makes it even for challenging but fun. If you liked this map you should try his megawad, it's all about arc vile jumps. Ah, thanks Memfis, didn't know about that :)
  4. Red-XIII

    Chellange: A snooker AVJ map

    Whenever I see a termrork's arc-vile map it doesn't matter how busy I am, I have to play it! My english lexicon is not perfect, because I didn't know what snooker meant, now I do. It was a nice surprise finding out the map layout, I liked it a lot. Of course I recorded a demo for it, and even though it's segmented (6 segments) I'm glad of how it turned out, since I did it in 30 minutes. The first 7 minutes are 1 segment, I didn't want to use segmenting for yellow key, but I did for the other keys. This is definitely possible in no tas, only blue key is a serious problem, the others are quite doable. Well done termrork! Here's a link to download the demo (hopefully it's ok how I posted it, I don't know how to post download links like the one Memfis posted) http://www.filedropper.com/snookseg
  5. Red-XIII

    Most epic/complex custom Doom level?

    Alien Vendetta map 20, Misri Halek, without a doubt IMO. Also, some good big maps are pl2 map 17 and map 29. And even though it's a "different" type of level, also avj map32 deserves a mention.
  6. Alien Vendetta map 25 NM Speed time 1:14 Alien Vendetta map 25 NM100 time 6:13! A whole month to do this, but it was definitely worth it! EDIT: After watching the demo in camera mode, I realized that I was really lucky since all 4 cybers got stuck in that room, because one of them killed a caco, so he stood in front of the door. av25demos.zip
  7. Red-XIII

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Plutonia map30 Pistol only, time 00:38 pl30x38.zip
  8. Red-XIII

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Plutonia map30 pistol only, time 00:38 Segmented!
  9. Red-XIII

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Of course not, I'm just too finicky, that's all ^^
  10. Red-XIII

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    SWDude, that's a terrific run indeed! Congrats for that, and thank you very much for crediting me so much (though map 14 route is mine, not loopers :P ), I really appreciate it! When I mentioned perfect time I was referring to segmented demos (the only ones I know how to do xD), I really had no idea that perfect movement could improve so much, infact I loved map04,09,14,23,24,25(wow),26 and expecially, 27, well done! Last but not least, 29 was my favourite run, that was sick, I loved it! Great work!
  11. Red-XIII

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Plutonia 2 Nightmare Speed with 100% secrets. NM100 time 1:22:13 Segmented only. Good lord this was challenging indeed. There's also a partial demo that shows on map 20 a (unintentional ofc) void glide caused by an arc vile jump. It has no purpose at all, but it's cool to watch IMO, use -skipsec 3220 to see that. 30p2sx12213.zip
  12. Map 10 NM100 time 02:57 p210s257.zip
  13. Map 21 NM100 time 03:11 p221s311.zip
  14. Map 17 NM100 time 01:03 p217s103.zip
  15. Map 28, UV Speed time 01:46 Finally another hole is filled! PS: Grumpycat, those are really cool tricks, nice catch! aj28-146.zip