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  1. This is amazing! I just can't wait for him to play maps 11, 17, 29, and 32.
  2. Red-XIII

    Italy Wins the Euro Cup 2020!

    It is lovely to see that pretty much all the world cheered for us (Italy). On behalf of the italians, thank you!
  3. I might be boring, but I gotta go with pl2.wad! If we talk only about wads similar (in a way) to doom2, I'd also say something like scythe or memento mori.
  4. AT LAST! Episode 3, UV Speed in 35:24 Definitely one of my best achievements so far! 3524p2e3.zip
  5. Map 30 UV Fast in 1:20 p230f120.zip
  6. Red-XIII

    How do you deal with frustration due to bad luck

    It happened again. This time 2 arc viles spawned. Together. ok...
  7. Red-XIII

    How do you deal with frustration due to bad luck

    Yes, I usually do like you said! @DooM Bear Never considered that, I'll try it! Thanks guys.
  8. Hello everyone, this is a question mainly for episode speedrunners: how do you deal with frustration due to bad luck? I'm posting this in the heat of the moment, as I died (for the fourth time) on map30 of pl2, after trying episode 3 uv run. This time, it was because 2 pain elementals and 1 arc vile spawned before I even tried shooting Romero's head. Now, despite practice and everything, some things just cannot be predicted (hence, bad luck), and if they happen after 30 or 40 minutes, it is even worse. Sometimes this makes my motivation drop by a lot. If you had an experience like this, how did you deal with it?
  9. Red-XIII

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    The ultimate go2it challenge. A lot of fun to play! Plutonia Map 32, NM100, solo-net in 2:03 pn32s203.zip
  10. Red-XIII

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    I agree 99% with the new rules! The 1% is the barrel way of thinking. I always thought of pacifist as "I am a pacifist, I do not want to hurt humans or monsters willingly". Barrels are neither, so I don't see a problem in shooting and destroying it (as long as no one is harmed). That said, I'm fine with whatever you choose, it's not like is a big change. About the telefrag, that is a blessing. I've been trying pl2 map 20 pacifist for a very long time, and most of my attempts end at the beginning, trying to have the imp killed by monsters instead of telefragging him. So yes, there are cases where telefrag rule will make things easier. I have one question though, about the arc-vile explosion. If I let myself hit by an arc-vile near him, or near another monster, the blast will hurt the arc-vile himself and/or the monster near me. Is that allowed? Am I still a pacifist if I use intentionally the arc-vile explosion to harm monsters? Following the concept of telefrag and crushers, I'd say yes, what do you think about it? EDIT: on second thought, doom2 map30 tas uses this concept, so I guess it is ok?
  11. Map 22 NM100 in 1:09 p222s109.zip
  12. Red-XIII

    Most overpowered fictional characters

    Haruhi Suzumiya. Sometimes, the most dangerous ones are the innocent looking ones (like Zeno from Dragon Ball super and Alluka Zoldyck as well)
  13. Red-XIII

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    I'd say that UV Fast is category, a choice to play a certain difficulty in a certain way, and not a difficulty itself. I would leave them the way they are, when I was 6 I played only in I'm too young to die, and I still died. Every difficulty has a purpose I believe. It's not easy, but I think that an age range could be assigned to doom difficulties (with all the inherent uncertainties) leaving nightmare as the ultimate challenge.
  14. Red-XIII

    What are some odd mapping quirks you love to see?

    Invisible bridges and shooting to activate switches. First time I saw it on plutonia map02 I spent hours trying to figure out how to proceed, it really struck me.
  15. That is a great run blob, good strategy and great ammo management, well done! I thought it was crazy to release nazis before cleaning up everything else, but it turned out ok. BTW, this is actually a good incentive for me to improve my old run and beat you again :D