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  1. A semi-large Doom 2 map, a speedmap that went out of control. Haven't ever released a single level on Doomworld, so thought I would. Made for UV with some tweaks for other difficulties. Has multiplayer spawns but untested. Hope you have some fun with it. https://doomshack.org/uploads/VCV_hotfix.wad Credits: cc4-tex DKC3factory.mid from the many midi reuploaders Zero the Red for playtesting
  2. I appreciate all the feedback I did want to put a cyber at the end but was kind of concerned of making it too difficult I might update it to go with my OG intention but glad you all had fun with it.
  3. Cool Its good my map is much closer to the start now, fits better
  4. Velcrosasquatch

    REKKR - V1.16

    my maps are cursed, sorry everyone
  5. If there is no strict deadline at this moment I started working on a Boom Style map that would fit the Base/Earth theme Images: Edens Shallow
  6. Gonna be honest and say I really just downloaded and launched this on a whim, but I really had a lot of fun with it. I love the style of the level design and how it was fairly elaborate but restrained to keep it vanilla. I just completed it and wanted to thank you for the enjoyment I got out of it.
  7. Velcrosasquatch

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    I was just about to ask about that. I thought it was something on my end.
  8. Velcrosasquatch

    REKKR - V1.16

    I was watching @MegaBlast stream and noticed the jackalopes weren't crushed in GZDoom like they do in vanilla, I heard this had a possibility of happening but its still makes me wanna point it out. So I guess this is more for the Rekkord, but the open 'shop' in E2M6 was supposed to be some kind of jackalope crushing mechanism. Also I'm know I'm a bit late to the party but congrats to all involved on the release and thanks for letting me contribute my two maps.
  9. Velcrosasquatch

    REKKR - V1.16

    Someone should make a lost media wiki page to expand the metalore. @Revae just found it and dumped the IWAD with the REKKR95 executable.
  10. Velcrosasquatch

    Doom95 on Windows 10

    There's a simple solution to this problem: Make a Doom 95+ source port and admit the bugs are features.
  11. Velcrosasquatch

    Any famous people/celebrities who like/love Doom, Doom 2, etc.?

    During the Sci-Fi era they would host online chatrooms with cast and fans and they would mention their opinions on popular games and id software titles frequently came up The big one at the time was still Quake so that came up some times, I think they may have hosted a game at a time but I can't be sure.
  12. Velcrosasquatch

    Ever thought about working for a gaming company?

    If I were to work for a small team like what id and Raven used to be in the 90's, I'd love to be a apart of something like that. From what I've read in Masters of Doom and hearing stories from devs like Apogee and Epic, it seems to be funner or at least more engaging and it shows through most final products. The big companies deter me though, modern id seems to have it's issues with being acquired by Bethesda and being apart of Zenimaxs empire. I'm not against all big companies, I just wouldn't like to be a part of them as a lot of them seem to deter originality and self expression. My formation on this is just through what I've seen in behind the scenes, interviews, and various final products. I'm aware my vision could be skewed. That said I still stand by the idea of doing work with smaller teams with a clear goal or vision, it would take some convincing for me to join a bigger company. Maybe if id wanted to do a Sonic Mania type thing for Doom.
  13. Velcrosasquatch

    REKKR - V1.16

    Posted this as a status update but realized it might confuse people who aren't aware of the project yet. (thanks to anyone who liked it though) Mapping additional content, trying some new things
  14. Velcrosasquatch

    Console Doom Ports

    Remember to include that John Romero officially deemed the PlayStation version of Doom to be superior to all other versions. I tossed my diskettes out when I learned this, but some people still play the antiquated version on PC.
  15. Velcrosasquatch

    REKKR - V1.16

    I'm working on a possible Uptown and Claustrophobia candidate. Depends on how the overall quality of how my maps turn out but I'm defiantly digging the textures in this project. My current version Uptown (a bit barren at the moment)
  16. EDIT: Not that anyone intended on using this map but I pull out