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  1. mjf6866

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    very cool...love the USB/floppy idea and that box art is amazing. brings back warm fuzzy feelings of when we got our first family computer in 95 and i was trying to figure out how to install doom :)
  2. mjf6866

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    thank you everyone...got it working! this is a blast. really nice work on this!
  3. mjf6866

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    anyone have any luck getting brutal doom to work with this? I have v21 but not sure how to link it with this. i'm used to just dragging files and wads over to the gzdoom executable and running them that way. but since this one has the batch files, i'm not sure what to do. thanks
  4. mjf6866

    Which monster is the most "satisfying" to kill?

    i know there are a lot of peeps here that dont like brutal doom...but man, its extremely satisfying to me when i'm walking from imp to imp or even pinkies with a super shotgun and just blowing them into bloody gibbly bits with one blast from that thing....i could do that all day.
  5. mjf6866

    Retro PC circa 93/94 help

    Our family got a Packard Bell with a 486DX4-100mhz with I believe 4MB RAM and a 250MB HDD as our first computer in early 1995. I remember it running doom very well. It was right as the Pentium 75 was coming out and was the cheaper option i recall. Kinda wish i still had it for nostalgia purposes lol
  6. mjf6866

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    wow, awesome! that was a quick find in a sea of wads lol...i'll have to play it again and relive being 15 years old again! Thanks for finding it :)
  7. mjf6866

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    anyone remember any wads from one of the Demon Gate CDs from the mid 90s that had the midi of Meat Puppets' "Backwater" on it? I remember that sticking with me back when i first played it and thought it was so cool that a song from the radio was in Doom. lol i was probably 14 or 15 and new to the whole doom wad thing so i was easily amused!
  8. mjf6866

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    it actually looked pretty close to the PC version from what I remembered. I cant remember too clearly how the shot sounded or how it behaved when multiple enemies were on screen, but I do remember it gibbing soldiers and imps
  9. mjf6866

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    as far as i know its the only one like that, but someone please correct me if i'm wrong! I'm pretty sure the BFG was even shown in the game manual for 32x. i love sharing the story on how i accidentally found the cheat code...this is early 1995, long before my family got internet access to look up online. my brother and i were obsessed with Doom as it was brand new to us. (we didnt have a family computer yet)...but anyways. it was taco night so we wolfed them down and rushed to the 32x to play...my brother beating me to it, never bothered to wipe his hands so the controller was all greasy when it was my turn. I took it, put it in my t-shirt to wipe it and when i looked up at the screen i saw Doom guys eyes were white! then i scrolled through the weapons and saw that i had everything...even the BFG! my 14year old self and 10 year old brother were astounded! I had by sheer luck, mashed the buttons just right to enter the god mode/all weapons code in to the 6-button controller. so from then on, i would mash the buttons with my t-shirt until i got the code entered correctly, never knowing exactly what button combination actually did it. lol the good old days.
  10. mjf6866

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    32x doom never had the BFG accessible to find in game unless you used cheat codes
  11. mjf6866

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    this is an excellent mod! loving it so far. i really like the setting and Lovecraft-ian theme. great use of colors and cool to see monsters from Blood, Quake and Heretic make appearances! awesome job on the music. 10/10 so far! Yuki...have you done any other maps? i'd love to play more like this!
  12. mjf6866

    The Joy of Mapping 5: Winter Weekend - FINAL.

    Where can I download these to play? I'm either too tired or too dumb to find the link Thanks EDIT: i just saw Jimmys post a few up from mine....that explains it...i was too dumb to see that lol
  13. mjf6866

    how often do you save?

    i save every time i kill an archvile :)
  14. mjf6866

    Funny story about Doom 32x

    IIRC, you had to press up on the D-pad, all 6 buttons (abc and xyz) and the top "mode" button all at the same time. funny how stuff comes back to you after 20 years just thinking about it out of the clear blue
  15. mjf6866

    Funny story about Doom 32x

    Here is a story of how I accidentally found God Mode and all weapons cheats on the 32x back in the day: one night not long after my brother and I got doom 32x Christmas of 1994 I believe, we had tacos for dinner. eating in a rush to try and beat my brother back to the game, our hands were still oily and greasy...he beat me to it so I had to wait until he died and i could take over in game. when i took the controller in my hand it was taco grease slippery so I took my t-shirt to it and was wiping it off. when I looked up at the screen, I noticed my eyes were white and I had every weapon in the game and had no idea what happned. we were in total disbelief when we scrolled through and saw the BFG (which as I came to find out later that it wasnt actually anywhere in the game to find and could only be acquired with cheats). Keep in mind this is before we had internet and I had no idea what I did and this was our first experience with Doom lol...so the next time we fired the game up, I would sit there and try and duplicate the method of putting the sega 6-button controller in my shirt and mashing the buttons all different ways until the eyes lit up white! lol it actually worked a couple times after that! i think it was in some video game magazine not long after that showed the actual button combo. thanks for taking the time to ready my pointless, yet funny story! i think i'll get some tacos this weekend and play some doom.