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  1. Gryregaest

    Disappointed with the monster designs

    Mixed feelings on them, really. The cacodemon is great, as is the revenant. It is kind of hard to tell size from the trailer, but I'm hoping the revenant is still really tall. I always liked that it wasn't just a skeleton, but a weird huge skeleton. I get the feeling from the teaser featuring it and it apparently being part of multiplayer, that someone there has some real love for the revenant. I do like that they're basing the hell knights after the Doom 3 design. Say what you will about Doom 3, it had, with a few exceptions, pretty solid monster design. If a bit lacking in color. I mean, the cacodemon was ugly, the hands on the arch-vile were weird, and I don't know why the cyberdemon's tail sprouted from the middle of its back, but overall the design was quite good. And the hell knight was one of the best ones. I'm sort of ambivalent on the mancubus. Reminds me more of the Doom 64 design. I don't know that like it as much as the original or Doom 3 versions, but it's not bad either. The imps, I'm going to be honest, I could not tell them apart from the zombies until they started throwing fireballs. Maybe it was the coloring and lighting or the resolution on the videos. They just didn't pop out, they didn't seem distinct at all. Sitting here writing this, I'm actually struggling to remember what they look like. Kind of hard to say how I feel on the cyberdemon. The design itself isn't bad, though it makes me think more of something done by Blizzard than Id. Not sure that it fills my expectations of a cyberdemon, though. It's a bit wider than I would have preferred, which gives it a different feel than the other variants. Though I do like that it's back to a reasonable size. While I liked the Doom 3 design (weird tail positioning notwithstanding), I felt like it's ridiculous size detracted from it. The color palette on all of them is a bit bland, and so is the environment. I was expecting that though. I'm not sure how much to expect though. The original Doom used sprites and didn't have fancy lighting systems, so colors stood out more. I'm sure making things colorful and contrasting is a lot harder now. I did find everything to be sort of yellow, though. Which, admittedly, is better than being pitch black like in Doom 3, but it still seems washed out. This might be caused partly by the lighting in the specific levels chosen for the trailers.
  2. Gryregaest

    Where's the pistol?

    If they left it out, I'm not really complaining. It wasn't particularly fun or useful in original Doom, Doom 64, or Doom 3, so it wouldn't surprise me if they just decided to drop it. That's not to say they couldn't make a good one, obviously it's been done before in other games, but since the previous Doom pistols weren't interesting, I don't find it's missing anything if they don't have one.
  3. Gryregaest

    Let's Talk about the Weapons

    Oh, I'm sure they would. All I'm saying is I'd prefer a sleeker, less complicated look to some of the weapons. They aren't artistic disasters or anything, just kind of 'meh' to me.
  4. Gryregaest

    Let's Talk about the Weapons

    Overall, I found a lot of them to seem a little over-designed. What I mean is that there seems to be a strong effort to make them very "techy" looking, which I'm not super thrilled with. I notice this most with the regular shotgun, which is admittedly better than the Doom 3 one, but still not terribly nice looking. I always liked the nice wood-stocked classic pump action from the original. There's something about fighting hell demons on Mars with an old fashioned gun like that. On that note, I do like the double barreled one! I do feel like maybe it reloads a little fast, though. I'm not expect a realistic speed or anything, but if you can fire it too fast, it sort of takes away from the feeling of significance from firing it. The plasma gun design is very Doom 3. Which is fine, the weapon itself seems solid, but I was hoping for more of a 'burn' effect on enemies. The plasma gun has always been a weapon that I wanted to like more than I actually did. It's still a sci-fi setting, you've gotta have your space gun. But there's always been a certain abstractness to how it kills that takes away from the feel. What I mean is that with bullets or rockets, you know exactly how those kill, it's very clear. But with the plasma gun, it's just these blue glowing balls that make things dead, and may as well be magic. There's not enough in the games to make it feel like a deadly weapon. I like the approach in Brutal Doom where it blackens everything - it gives it that feel that it's really burning enemies with plasma. I hope the wheel is just an optional thing and that we can still use the number keys/mousewheel to switch weapons on the PC versions. It seems to slow down the action. I do also note, there's nothing resembling the BFG on the wheel, so I wouldn't take it as a definitive list of all the weapons. I'm kinda wondering if we get our hands on that laser beam thing the enemies were firing.
  5. Gryregaest

    The New Cacodemon

    I like it better than the Doom 64 (so-so) and Doom 3 (ugh) versions. It could be more colorful, but that appears to go for most of the game. As far as it appearing 'sleepy', I think one needs to remember that it's a still shot from a video, so it's probably halfway through an animation and not the best visual representation. Not sure how to feel about the arms. I could honestly do without them, but they aren't terrible. My bigger concern is that one of them looks like a mutant baby arm. That's fine, but are they all like that? It's the kind of thing that works as individual distinction, but it'll be a little weird if they all have the same underdeveloped arm. Then again, it might just be the angle that makes it look that way, so who knows.
  6. Gryregaest

    Hate speech laws: yay or nay

    Hate speech laws are utter nonsense. The thing is, even if there were a surefire way to separate what will be defined as "hate speech" and "not hate speech", it still wouldn't be justified. It's not like differentiating a regular statement from a direct threat. What's defined as sufficiently hateful is a matter of opinion. An opinion that, in this case, would be decided by the state. This essentially gives judges and elected officials the power to stifle unpopular speech. But let's say you could. So what? Does being "hateful" justify curtailing freedom of speech? What is it that we have to be afraid of from people saying things we don't agree with? That it's going to what, incite people? Hurt people's feelings? Our thoughts are our own, they do not belong to the state. No matter how you look at it, hate speech laws are an attempt to control thoughts and ideas that are deemed "harmful". They are authoritarian actions in which government vastly oversteps its role and boundaries.
  7. Gryregaest

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just recently realized that the Cyberdemons and Barons/Knights actually have horse feet, not goat or cow feet. There's a single digit to each hoof.
  8. Gryregaest

    What's up with that Doom 2 banner?

    You were close to begin with. It's a political banner from Hell. This is a campaign banner from the Demon-cratic party, running against the Wrath-publicans for the offices of Presi-damned and Prime Monster. The Rip-and-tear-ians and Scream Party were running too, but they never do very well.
  9. Gryregaest

    doom mapping for nubs

    The Doom Builder site has some beginning tutorials right on it (though I would recommend GZDoom Builder over Doom Builder 2, but the tutorials for it are just as useful). Outside of that, as others have mentioned, Chubzdoomer has a lot of really useful tutorials on youtube. He's very to-the-point and neither skips over useful information nor wastes your time. Once you get the basics, it's a matter of just looking something up whenever you want to do something and can't figure out how. The Zdoom wiki, youtube, and a proper application of google-fu are your friends. The great thing about Doom is that it's been around so long that there's a huge wealth of information available, and if you've got a question, it's almost certainly been asked before.
  10. Gryregaest

    First Map (WIP)

    Thanks for the feedback! I might be able to improve the framerate some by eliminating some 3d object that don't strictly speaking need to exist. See, all the 'leafy portions' of the trees were originally just low ceilings, but I ran into trouble when the map opened up more and led to the mountainous areas. It made it very obvious where edge of the skybox-textured ceiling was and made invisible walls that ruined the appearance. So I switched to 3d objects for the upper portions. I have removed some already and reverted to low ceilings for the southwest part of the map, because seeing the mountains messed up the effect. I might be able to go through and switch back to low ceilings in other places where it wouldn't matter. Question though - I know the 3d objects can slow things down, but do slopes have a similar problem? If so, I might be able to eliminate some issues by simplifying some areas that don't necessarily need them. I figured I probably missed some of the stuck monsters. I have some things-stuck-in-things which are necessary, in the form of the hell knight statues that serve as stand ins for the the armos. So I sometimes miss other stuck objects in the error checker. I'll try the 'square things' option. I'm still working on how to make the monster fighting work better. All the monsters present are rendered deaf because being mostly an outdoor map meant that originally they'd aggro from all over the place, which made it a bit silly. It works better now, but there still is a tendency for some to attract from long distances, particularly cacodemons. A lot of the problems are a result of this being an adaptation. It has to stay somewhat true to the source material, but it also has to function as a decent Doom level, and I'm still hammering out where I stay true and where I improvise, and how. For example, repetition comes because the overworld map is just a series of rectangles for each screen, and the textures are a bit boring and same-y because the original textures were quite limited. These aren't excuses or defenses of this, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but that's where the problems come from. Question again - do you think switching it to Hexen would help or exacerbate some of these problems? It's still an action game, but I find that it isn't as fast paced as Doom, given the nature of the weapons and enemy types. Again, thanks for the feedback! Edit, because Darch posted while I was writing: There's actually lots of silent teleporters, but there are some regular teleporters for the warp halls, and I'll have to consider the sound. Thanks!
  11. Gryregaest

    First Map (WIP)

    Hi Doomworld! Okay, so this is my first attempt at making a wad. I've toyed with GZDoom Builder a bit before, but this is the first thing that approaches a complete level. It's still a WIP, but I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on where I am so far. It's based on the overworld map from the original Legend of Zelda. I was looking for something to try to recreate as a means to learn the software. I feel like I smoothed out most of the major goofs, but it's entirely possible I missed some. I've put it together into what should be a functional level, but I'm considering changing that and making it a hub (it's in Hexen format already) with the dungeons as sub-levels. I'm also considering converting it to Hexen, since in retrospect, that makes way more sense. So, thoughts? Are the tree trunks too easy to get stuck on? Too easy or hard? (there's no differing difficulty levels currently) Problems with the layout of monsters/items? http://www.mediafire.com/download/pa2bh2m5dcdafw9/Overworld.zip