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  1. I knew you were waiting to see that. (That's Me)


  2. Billy Baron

    What are you listening to?

    Wow, Rammstein is awesome. I love that song. I've been listening to Suicide Commando, they're like a techno thing. They have a website. 'See You In Hell' is one of my favorites hits so far, but also most of the 'Mindstrip' Album is awesome.
  3. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw the Smurfs : The Lost Village. It was, uhm, Smurfy. I think any Smurf fan would have thought it was great, but maybe you wouldn't like it too much if you weren't yet introduced. I recommend it if your interests are Disney and Pixaresque films.
  4. Billy Baron

    Scooby Doom?

    It's DOOM. And Scooby Doo. Put together to form a more important idea. Do I think, maybe, that Scrappy Doo would be a good addition to this mix? Yes, certainly Scrappy Doo makes sense too. Also, I was thinking about how some of the other Creative Works that are not as good as Scooby Doo look more like an advertisement for a cellular phone company, or a television satellite dish. But this is different, it's like Zoinks! Scooby Doo in the role of DOOM guy. Cheers
  5. Happy 4th of July


  6.  Just like somebody leaving you some leftover hamburgers.

    DOOM Eternal was announced today.


  7. Here they are guys. A double pack of 85% lean burgers made from 100% beef. How do you like that? 8 beef patties, sure to tempt the appetite of even the already overstuffed bellies of the fattest food connoisseur. Come on, you have room for one more burger, don't you? Is that really the most burgers you have ever eaten?


    And, real SPAM! It turns my stomach just looking at it. Look out stomach, here comes SPAM!


    some burgers.JPG

    real spam.JPG

    1. Billy Baron
    2. Billy Baron

      Billy Baron

      You know when you're on Death Row, on Death Watch (Right before they take you to your execution), you can have anything you want as your last meal. Might as well choose a dozen double bacon cheese burgers with pickles before that firing squad, huh?

  8. They are all from a 12 bar blues chord and They don't even spit on your Jimmy.
  9. If you turn the music to "The Wizard of Oz" down, and play Pink Floyd's "The Wall" over the movie, the scenes from the movie seem to match that of the Pink Floyd album...at least I think it was The Wall. It is probably somewhere on YouTube. I've noticed there somewhat throughout the official DOOM release. You can totally see the usage of mainstream rock in Bobby Prince's music. In fact, if you play other Bobby Prince titles and listen to classic rock, you can see some nearly identical John Fogerty and Megadeth lines. I think I remember playing Ninja Gaiden 3 or something and hearing a rip from the theme tune of "Knight Rider". Ninja Gaiden 3 is also "The Ancient Ship of DOOM", so maybe there is a relationship between it and DOOM. And DOOM was released in Japan at the same time as it was released in the USA.
  10. Billy Baron

    Recent Documentary You Have Seen

    Happy 2018! I started thinking about documentaries that I have seen while browsing through the 'Most recent movie you have seen' thread, so this forks from there. I was just wondering what kind of documentary and/or social docs everyone is following. Post and tell about the most recent documentaries you have seen since you have been on Doomworld, whether it is an hour long story about Romero on YouTube, or something you saw on the Discovery channel, or on a digital movie download site. It doesn't have to be one you saw for sale on Steam, even tell about that interesting story you heard about the Horse feces on The Learning Network if you want. I just saw two interesting stories myself. One was on PBS' web site, and it was about the unfolding war in Ukraine, and the breakaway republic that started in the west or their country, The Republic of Donetsk, or Donut Republic (I like Donuts, I don't know if I like Donuts as much as Homer, but I like Donuts), as I like to refer to it. There are several poignant scenes in this documentary that really stuck with me. One part was when he Russian group Stronghold stormed a Ukrainian government office, and dragged the people out into the street. There, one of the 20 year old students was hit on the head, and confronted with a little flag he was carrying that showed he supported the eastern militant group Right Sector. He looked like such a candy ass with that flag in front of Stronghold! That'll make you think twice before you put that E-Z Widers sticker on your car! whoops! "The Battle for Ukraine" Then, I saw an interesting story about 5 guys from 5 different places who came together to battle terror in Iraq. It was pretty good, and it really got the point across about the tragedy of war and terrorism in General. It kind of lacked something in the cautionary department though, boasting how people 'just met over the internet' and got involved in the fight against ISIS. I have heard in other places about the horrors of being ambushed, and here wasn't much of a word of caution. "Frontline Fighting Battling ISIS" Thanks for sharing
  11. Billy Baron

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year 2018!
  12. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    Well, then I went and saw Clown (2014). It wasn't the most murderific horror thing ever. It did satisfy in a clown kind of a way. For some reason, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, to me, is still like the best clown rant/movie ever. But in terms of being like a serial murdering clown, Clown (2014) was a little bit different than that. I'll probably at some point go and see Gacy (2003). This story about John Wayne Gacy, the legendary murder clown, just looks interesting. You know, because clowns are always murdering people.
  13. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I finally saw the first Robocop. All I can say is....
  14. Billy Baron

    Your Favorite & Least Favorite Albums Of 2017

    I followed a lot of metal like Megadeth, Slayer, Danzig. I liked Gravediggaz and Jeru the Damaja. I wish I had time to listen to more rap. Rather than listen to a bunch of old song that I don't remember anyway, I just kind of moved towards techno so far this year. You know, on a top 10 album. Least favorite was some Alternative that was all lovey dovey and didn't really agree with me too much. I might have been into it a decade ago, not now, though.
  15. Billy Baron

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    Wow. That's a total bummer to hear about DemonSphere. I only got to play with him a few times in the past couple years. He sure had the upper hand in those fights, got the best of me here and there, heh. I just remember he was a good opponent. The community won't be the same without him. We all suffer this loss. Rest In Peace, Man. Don't Fear The Reaper.