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  1. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched Ghostbusters - Afterlife. Like any Ghostbusters fan, I have to recommend watching this film, and if you don't, well, who cares what you are saying anyway, right? So Ghostbusters is basically a kid's movie, with parents that look and sound ridiculously full of jokes. The visuals are great, but the original GB movies were good too, so it's not like this is something new. I don't want to spoil anything, but there is plenty to see here, so make sure you watch the whole movie, even if you don't like being called 'old' halfway through the movie and get the cold shoulder from the fam-damily in the middle. Watch it.
  2. TNS is back at 'ya with some more!
  3. Billy Baron

    Halloween 2023 w/ Billy Baron

    Great guys, I hope you all had a super time this year. My stomach is so filled with chocolate! I know you all ate a ton too! DOOMers already have the deadest atmosphere, so it was creepy. As we walk through the graveyards this year, and see the corpses where we see those (corpses are, right guys? I said RIGHT GUYS?), and wherever we are haunted by the undeniable phantasmas and spirits that possess our bones - there's another Doomworld haunted Halloween coming! Ordon: A ghost so sad! Rudolph: a real grouch of a ghost! Hebonky: That's the spirit! Mr Masker: Imps claw at your slimey bones! TheMagicMushroomMan: Who wouldn't sell his soul to that demonic temptress, hunh? Lila & OpenRift: Great idea! OniriA: Your prose is uplifiting! openroadracer: You and your grouch pal Rudolph make quite the match! How TeRriBle tO be hAuNTeD bY this DuO!! we're scared! Come back next year!
  4. Billy Baron

    Halloween 2023 w/ Billy Baron

    Hey everyone, It's me again. It's about 10am in New York now, and there isn't anybody who has even said Happy Halloween so far. I thought I would just get the ball rolling and add a big Happy Halloween to everyone here at Doomworld! TNS and FNS on ZDaemon and Zandronum has been really awesome this last whole year, I think everyone should come and play! Halloween was a really awesome time this year, as it always is! If you didn't see it, check HexademusRex. Our Halloween game brought many chuckles and dead imps. Doomworld has been great, though I haven't been posting as much this year. I appreciate all the community effort and excitement. It really is an awesome scene. If anyone else wants to shout out to anybody, say Happy Halloween, or open up about Halloween, just go right ahead and reply! See previous years if you need ideas of what to post...scary photos, a video link, etc. Tell what you did, how your Halloween is. Did you watch movies? Play games? Give Halloween gifts? Alright, so reply! Happy Halloween 2023!!
  5. Billy Baron

    Weird Dreams?

    Dreams are important. You know the funny thing is I had a weird dream only two nights ago. Color and other sensations come through are some of the weirdest, I think. Imagine the way that mosquito man must have tasted -- amazing! I think I saw a popular TV advertiser one time, advertising a TV. "Your dreams are in color", or something. Heh. I actually wrote a song about a dream I had one time. I awoke so interested in the idea, the way a dream does, and so I wrote some lyrics. If you pester me, I may share them, as I haven't uploaded them to Soundcloud at all or yet. Not only is the song about the dream, but also about the concepts that are in the dream - how they make less sense or are unrealistic - The waking world reacts. In the dream, a woman who has short hair is at my house. I am interested in her in such a romantic way, and everyone (my friends, none of whom are friends here in this world) is there too. She stands up, mad as chaos, and stabs my father in the back with a kitchen knife. So we stand around, unsure of what to do. Half of my friends are now gone (don't know where they went). After a moment, we are racing to leave, to not get caught. Lust filled fantasy goes awry. I remember this clearly as the lyrics begin "I will not forget", or something. Heh. I have tried, but am mostly unsuccessful in "Lucid Dreaming", controlling a dream while you are having it. It's worth a go. Give it a try. They say you should keep a journal about dreams near your bed, to make Lucid Dreaming possible. I dreamed I wrote a book, Heh. :)
  6. Back lookin' fo' a lil' B.O.C., and I think you know what I mean. Well we got it for 'ya! So, enjoy, and check back next week fo' more!
  7. Billy Baron

    Have a good Patriot Day

    Hey everyone, Just me, reminding everyone to be eternally vigilant on this Patriot Day. I remember living through September 11th, 2001 and I'm from New York, so 9/11 sticks out in my mind as a pretty unforgettable day. Terrorism can kind of catch you off-guard, you "might not know it even exists" until it hurts you in a bad way. Here's some thing to keep in mind: Terrorism is not cool We need to talk about terrorism Never forget; Always be Eternally Vigilant There are probably other things about it that I don't think I said. Hit reply and talk about it. I guess I don't really know, but some threats can get pretty heated in multiplayer. I need to watch my mouth more -- we're playing a game! Politics can get out of line sometimes. I think we've all experienced that over years of online play. One of the sad things that I see since the Ukraine thing started is some very public hatred towards Russia. I just want to say Peace to that, not words of anger. And speaking of peace, the civil unrest in this country (the USA, but it happens all over) rips us apart, blinds us...makes it impossible to see terrorism. I see people joining protests in hooliganry -- it's dangerous, stay out. I talked a lot about it last Patriot Day (or a Patriot Day before that)...still add your recollections from the day, or anything you want to say about Patriot Day. Well, have a good year, and stay out of the fights you don't belong in and Thanks for voting in the poll.
  8. Here is even more salt you salivating dogs can't get enough of!
  9. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I rewatched Fire In The Sky. The saw this movie for the first time a long time ago. I was pretty young, so I was scared by the scary parts. I found out (by watching the credits), those parts were actually done by ILM (it looks like ILM too, and is well done special effect goodness). I wasn't as scared this time, but it was still fun. This movie has a lot of powerful dramatic elements, plus real looking characters. That is to say, it is a pretty good story. Fire In The Sky is actually based on a true story, I don't know exactly how good the adaptation is. The truth of the story is that Travis Walden is abducted by extraterrestrials, and his friends witness his abduction, adding to the truth of the fact that he was picked up by a UFO in the middle of the night. I remember seeing Travis Walden interviewed on a tv show, and it sounded kind of different than this director's point of view. It's easy to spark controversy here because the actual abduction event happened in the 1970s, and the movie itself came about in the 1990s -- both before the Internet was even popular. I know some people on the Internet look like extraterrestrials for an old, down home, honest to goodness alien abduction in the backyard. Not to drag you along as long as a cigarette, I just prefer this kind of movie. I say watch it.
  10. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched the first Evil Dead movie, which I had never seen it before. I saw the reboot of Evil Dead a while ago so it gave me an idea of what to expect. It was not exactly the same as the reboot, but the reboot did give some insight into the direction that was taken in the first one. All in all, the movie was worth watching. One of the things I loved about the reboot of Evil Dead and this movie is that is has an artistic direction that is not-so-specific; It's open to your own interpretation instead of other movies cramming the idea down your popcorn blocked throat. Another thing about Evil Dead (the first one, anyway) is the atmospheric sound. It's very unique. If you like blood and horror and fright, watch Evil Dead or the reboot of Evil Dead. They're both a bloody good time.
  11. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I rewatched Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. I never watched it all the first time, but this time around, I saw the entire thing. It was kind of like the show "Beavis and Butt-Head", but longer and less music. If you don't know who Beavis and Butt-Head are, you need to watch this movie. I'm a big fan of these kinds of antics, so I see it as a kind of necessary experience. I simply say "Watch It".
  12. Here is some new salt for the Salt Collection.
  13. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw The Apparition. It had a good and modern look, good audio, and a kind of not-too-flamboyant gothic feel. I don't recognize any of the names, but they're talented enough for a few watches. It tells a real good story, and by the end I kind of want to wear a tin-foil helmet so the ghosts won't get me. Not so dark that you need to join a secret cult....but the ghosts may be real. I say watch it.
  14. Wow! 200! I remember playing episode 10 or 20 a couple years ago. It was DOOM ][, and we played until like 3 in the morning. What a blast! I came back many times to play this again and again. It is always a fun time, and there often is a crowd of people, so there are plenty of meatshields to go around. What's really cool about FNS is that it is played on ZDaemon or Zandronium -- here you get the best of both worlds. Also, it's always a top-rated wad. All great reasons to keep showing up! Congratulations on reaching this milestone, and congratulations to the DOOM community on the whole for making this session possible. Without the support of the community, this probably wouldn't be possible. The players deserve a big round of applause for doing the community right. This kind of thing doesn't just happen all by itself! Let's all lose our minds fragging to Episode 300! Happy 200th Episode FNS!!!