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  1. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw 'Jurassic World 2 - The Lost World 2 - The Jurassic Lost World'....or whatever the title is. The new Jurassic Park movie that came out this year. I watched Jurassic Park like 10 times, and I saw Jurassic World like 3 times too, it was very, uhm, filled with Dinosaurs. Jurassic World 2 was the same way, it had very much Dino action. I thought it was Dinotastic, basically. It had some scary parts, like scary T-Rex parts, and a lot of action parts. It's a pretty good rhythm along to the Climactic end. Not too much psychological weird stuff here, the story is pretty easy to follow. It was a good continuation from the first Jurassic World. The only problem here is you might not get those links if you only watched 'Jurassic World 1' 5 times. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good action scene that isn't filled up with phone calls and text messages about people who are stalking you with a cookie file that was downloaded from an invisible gif when you went to a secret, black deathmatch last year.
  2. Billy Baron

    Music remakes & copyright questions

    Sorry if I come off as, uhm, an 'Annoying Person'. Is that 'Term' okay? Peace in Advance. Right, well, the license terms sound okay to me. I'm no lawyer, but as I can see you apparently are so interested in releasing "Something" you're just going to release it regardless of the terms. If I were a lawyer, it would be 'the Bar Exam', and it's been that way since when the Bar Exam was first used. That being said, I'm sure you have your own religious leaning. Wether it's Christ, Vishnu, Buddha, Rabbi, Mohammad or a 'Deity of your own Choosing', a lot of foreign countries don't let you choose which God. So, as you see, the answer is, sadly, "No, you may not release your material to the whole world". And he says these things even while it's between him and God, folks. (Just for starters) So maybe you create your own title anyway, now saddend that the Gods disagree. Which license sounds good to you? One you didn't author yourself that is about a different Denomination perhaps? Even there is the most official Church of Satan and break-off Satanism that has sprung up for the most important meaning of your Legal Work. And you'll feel more comfortable about Satan as DOOM is played out in Hell. Visual Information is similarly difficult to find these days, Isn't it? Even if 'Leonardo DaVinci's The Last Supper' was available as a public work, Again, to which countries would it be acceptable? Hope that helps. Good Luck with your artwork that is not about religion up until right now. Help us Obi-Wan Kinobi, You're our only Hope.
  3. Billy Baron


    Here's one that Somebody gifted to me: Halloween MoNSTeR Cereal! They're back from the 1970s....This year's box design is the same as last years, so you're not missing anything there. The back cover is the same 'find the ghosts' as last year, so no surprises there, unfortunately. Same great taste, and Same great Mouth Beef! I feel the Love, and I feel the Unity now that somebody else has recognized Halloween Time to me....Don't forget to tell the ones you Love about the Halloween Spirit, and spread the Joy of the Season.
  4. Billy Baron


    Don't forget the Candy Corn! We should start a competition: Who can eat the most Candy Corn. I think it would be good, anyway, since who could eat even 1/2 of this stuff without gagging? I could eat a small handful (about as much as you see in the bowl). I might be able to eat a little bit more than that if somebody wanted to put money on it. A lot of money! Mmmm!
  5. Billy Baron

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Why Christian's hate DOOM? How can a Christian 'see' him/her self? Is that maybe the underlying problem with this kind of question? But maybe there is a not-Christian way to answer your question. That isn't wrong, Right? So, I guess it's pretty obvious that this is just a rhetorical question. Meh
  6. Billy Baron


    Well, it seems another year has come and gone and here is that sacred day again. Halloween is a special time of year when we celebrate the dead, the ghastly, ghoulish, and, yes, we also celebrate DoomKid's wad collection. Some of us don fangs and praise the bloodthirsty in us, and others wear a rubber mask that we wore three years in a row and now it smells like pee. Halloween is the kid-gloves version of what this haunted existence would be like if we were ever haunted by real Demons. Does anybody else here have a haunting experience to share? Not to get too off topic, I am not even going to be gifted with handing out candy this year. Yes, I haven't been invited to even a single bash: The fun without me, yea right. I might just hang out in this graveyard [pic]. Help make memories of this scary night with someone you love. Happy Halloween, everyone.
  7. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw 'Death of Stalin'. The style was pretty good, and the flow of the movie was consistent (i.e., fairly predictable), but the audio in the version I watched was f**king terrible. I think I'll watch it again later, because I did too like several parts of it, and there were a couple parts I could actually hear leading me to believe there are other humorous parts. I picked this movie because I liked the concept. I was originally going to see the new Tomb Raider, but having already seen two Tomb Raiders, I felt like I wanted to see something original. It has Steve Buschemi in it, I remembered him from other movies like 'Airheads'. 'Death of Stalin' wasn't as dumb as Airheads, but was a good laugh. And a puzzling political commentary, too. I think you should watch it if you want something kind of fun and have two hours to blow away.
  8. I knew you were waiting to see that. (That's Me)


  9. Billy Baron

    What are you listening to?

    Wow, Rammstein is awesome. I love that song. I've been listening to Suicide Commando, they're like a techno thing. They have a website. 'See You In Hell' is one of my favorites hits so far, but also most of the 'Mindstrip' Album is awesome.
  10. Billy Baron

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw the Smurfs : The Lost Village. It was, uhm, Smurfy. I think any Smurf fan would have thought it was great, but maybe you wouldn't like it too much if you weren't yet introduced. I recommend it if your interests are Disney and Pixaresque films.
  11. Billy Baron

    Scooby Doom?

    It's DOOM. And Scooby Doo. Put together to form a more important idea. Do I think, maybe, that Scrappy Doo would be a good addition to this mix? Yes, certainly Scrappy Doo makes sense too. Also, I was thinking about how some of the other Creative Works that are not as good as Scooby Doo look more like an advertisement for a cellular phone company, or a television satellite dish. But this is different, it's like Zoinks! Scooby Doo in the role of DOOM guy. Cheers
  12. Happy 4th of July


  13.  Just like somebody leaving you some leftover hamburgers.

    DOOM Eternal was announced today.


  14. Here they are guys. A double pack of 85% lean burgers made from 100% beef. How do you like that? 8 beef patties, sure to tempt the appetite of even the already overstuffed bellies of the fattest food connoisseur. Come on, you have room for one more burger, don't you? Is that really the most burgers you have ever eaten?


    And, real SPAM! It turns my stomach just looking at it. Look out stomach, here comes SPAM!


    some burgers.JPG

    real spam.JPG

    1. Billy Baron
    2. Billy Baron

      Billy Baron

      You know when you're on Death Row, on Death Watch (Right before they take you to your execution), you can have anything you want as your last meal. Might as well choose a dozen double bacon cheese burgers with pickles before that firing squad, huh?

  15. They are all from a 12 bar blues chord and They don't even spit on your Jimmy.