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  1. Damn! You have only 1 DW post! See you on Thursday (on TNS).....

    1. omalefico32x


      lol when i first joined doomworld i was shy to post too

  2.   Got back from the vaccine......great April Fool's Day joke. OOOOOOOWWWWWW! My arm hurts where I got the vaccine!!  My arm never hurts from a needle!  OOOOOOWWWW!

    I want to post the card that they gave me, but the nurses said not to post any photos from the event.


  3. Well, looks like fun and games is over. I got my order for a COVID-19 vaccination today. It sounds like a rabies booster shot for a dog, but it's for me. This is a two-shot inoculation, so I have to go back and get the second one later.



  4. Man, what a burger dry spell!


    A note on that photo of the dumpster from a long time ago: That dumpster is paid for by town taxes that are paid by taxpayers of the town. I don't know if the county and the state are involved in that tax as well, it's just safe to say that it is payed for by Taxpayers; It's everyone's dumpster, not just mine. So, enjoy!



  5. capncrunch.jpg.363a85f22dbac020fe0e3a24059f0274.jpg

     It's been a while since I had me a ducky bowl of Cap'n Crunch. So, just what is Cap'n Crunch all about? Captain Crunch, the legendary hacker named himself from a free whistle toy inside of a box just like this one, hacked into the American Telephone System, and invented the "Blue Box" -- A electronic device for automating the process of hacking into the phone system.
     And Cap'n Crunch is a delicious breakfast cereal that's been around since probably before the 1980s. Kid have been getting "mouth beef" and digging for a free toy inside of this box for who knows how long.


     It tastes just like that -- awesome. It's exactly what it says it is; A sweetened oat cereal. It's an original flavor which is like that of most breakfast cereals you'll find on the shelf. The texture doesn't seem like something that would be out of the ordinary, but it produces this now legendary side-effect -- MOUTH BEEF!


    Well, this box didn't come with any toy inside, but I did get real MOUTH BEEF, so that's a plus. It's all the hacker body needs to start hacking in the morning. So, Pirates and Buccaneers! I'll swab the decks with 'ya if you don't know what kind of cereal you be needin' to get you ready for a hard day of piratin'!


  6. DW erased my profile! Now I have to write it again, which is redundant. I'll just include the important information of that here so I don't forget for later:


    About Me:


    The Short Story


    I hate American Pop Music. People who listen to American Pop Music sound like they Dissociative Identity Disorder or are Scizophrenic to me.

    I hate American Music and Movies. I don't like it even a little.

    I like American Heavy Metal Music. Russian Heavy Metal is awesome too. I like techno, disco, rap, etc.

    I don't do drugs of any kind. Not even crack cocaine.

    I use Linux more than I don't. It's more than just an experiment to me.

    I don't often have a girlfriend and appear cryptic the majority of women. I've never had a STD as a bonus.

    I once was in a doomworld IRC chat where I won a DOOM T-Shirt (which I never received). I eventually bought this T-Shirt, which is awesome.

    I have friends who are Christian.


    The Long Version


    I hate Pop Music.

       We're all men here. We don't have to ignore a person just because of his status or religion. Probably you ignore a person if you think he is crazy or a bully. You don't have to like something that you don't have to like, like annoying American Pop Music. We all have and are entitled to our own opinion.

       When to ignore someone: He is a bully who is name-calling and making obvious your flaws in a public way.

       When not to definitely condemn somebody: He likes Pop Music in a public way, or wears a ring or ear-ring (or both ear-rings at the same time) that you give to girl.

       Just because your religious leader (Pope, Rabbi, etc) says you have to, that's different. You don't have to believe in God or a denomination or a Synagogue or anything if you don't want to.


    I believe people should protest Chinese Prisoners of Conscience in China. People are imprisoned for something they believe and are blinded by a truth. What people say their government does is a terrible thing. It is an outrage and a violation of human rights. It could happen to someone you know.


  7. Outback Steakhouse COVID-19 Take-Home Burger

     Over at the Outback Steakhouse, you could order a limited menu of things that could be delivered to your car in the parking lot. The main restaurant is still closed at this point due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

    The patty itself is only a quarter pound, this burger is much fatter, so it must be bigger, like
     a 10 oz patty. It's a "big patty".
    The Outback burger tastes reminiscent of Salisbury Steak. The Outback Burger has no pickles at all,
     they can be found UNDER the burger (maybe the pickles are from DOWN UNDER?). The bun is not your
      regular hamburger bun at all, it's more like a 'Bulkie' style fresh bun.
     I think the Outback Burger would have been better with some Mayonnaise, but every burger is the
      same. It gives the burger a little character.
     If the Outback Burger doesn't come with any side, what kind of trip to the Outback Steakhouse
      doesn't have a Bloomin' Onion? So, after two dozen Bloomin' Onions, I can answer that is probably
       the kind of trip where you don't want to "pig out", i.e., a nice meal.



    Joe Burger, Round 2

     This is the "Light My Fire" burger from Joe's burger barn. It has Chipotle Mayo, cheese onions, lettuce, tomato, and some pickles on the side. The patty doesn't taste like Worcestershire or Barbecue Sauce at all, it is like they just grilled it in a kitchen without any spices at all. The bun is a regular hamburger bun.

      I've never tried chipotle before, and I couldn't say it added much to the flavor of the burger overall. It was pretty drowned out by the burgeryness of the burger experience. 



    Burger Stew

      Getting tired of regular Hamburger Sandwiches? Why not take those patties and turn them into Hamburger Stew? And instead of using ground beef to make the stew, just throw the patties in whole and cook up the good eatin'. Here, these patties are sausage patties and they're mixed up good with sausage, onions, and a tomatoey sauce, i.e. Sausage and Peppers with patties instead of fat sausages.

      Their patty shape makes it easy to throw it on some bread, and are just saucy enough for some cheese, if that's your thing.




    Rap Burger

    After listening to several intense rap/gangsta tracks, you want something to snack on. Why not two All-American beef patties for your High Beef? To that add bacon, lettuce, American white cheese, and serve it up on some 10 grain white bread.  Served on a ducky plate.



    Dinner Of Two

    Two cheese burgers, tomato and lettuce. One with ketchup, the other with some barbecue sauce on regular buns. Served on a ducky plate.


    1. Endless


      Oh come on man, its 3 am!

      That looks tasty.

    2. Chip


      the munchies shall follow. 

  8. The Joe Burger


    Here's one from Joe's Burger Barn, a local eatery. It's got all the things you would like in a nice burger; A thick patty, onions, fresh bun, fresh tomato. A real nice burger with fries and chicken strips.




      It tastes like a plain patty with no marinade or Worcestershire Sauce or anything. Uhm, "Classic". I like the Styrofoam presentation as well, and doesn't it look even better with the commercial napkins and handful of ketchup packets? Kind of like being at a rest stop on the highway.


    Mmmm…..Highway Burger.


  9. Two Burgers, One with American Cheese, the other with no cheese at all, both on regular hamburger buns with Mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, tomato and onion on a Ducky Plate.


    It's been my observation that there's been more Hamburgers so far this year.



  10. A couple of other Burger dates went by. I'll just post them for your jealousy. Here we have several configurations of two patties, some with bacon, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and real tomato on a ducky plate. The bread used is a real wholesome kind, wheat or 6 grain bread. Or how about a sweet potato roll?




    Mmmmm. Steamed hams.


  11. COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine - Episode 4 - TANG


      Looking for something to stay healthy with during the Coronavirus Quarantine? Try TANG!
     TANG is the drink the astronauts took with them to the MOON, which is remembered to every
      American child and potentially all people all over the world, making it one of the most
     impressive advertisings a drink has ever had. It might even be arguable if the American 
      moon landing was a TANG advertisement itself. Like Foreign wine or French candy; These
     kinds of ads are INFAMOUS. Did you hear SNAILS are popular French cuisine, or the Italians
      eat Calamari (SQUID!)? You know a Swedish dog will find you if you get stranded in the
     snow, and you can use the cask of Swedish liquor he has tied around his neck to help you
      get back on your feet. And in the same way, you know American astronauts are orbiting
     the moon and swigging their TANG waiting to touch down on the real moon.
       TANG is a nice drink to have when you get out of bed and are making breakfast, full of
      well-meaning nutrients (as opposed to real orange juice, which is full of vitamins). TANG
      is a great thing to put in your "BEER Hat" and walk around the house in your underwear
       sipping off of during this Quarantine. Turn the televised Coronavirus up and down a gallon
      of this and you'll feel fit as a waterlogged fiddle.


    tang-jar.jpg.9dd47242fbc422d86592961c33fbc2e4.jpg  A TANG jar


    What TANG looks like before you mix it into some water. It's a bright orange, silky smooth powder.



    You don't have to go to the MOON to enjoy TANG, you just have to be American.


      Stay Healthy!

  12. 4-29-2020

    2 cheeseburgers is enough to brighten anybody's day.



    It sure made mine a Heck of a lot better. Thanks for being here with Burger. I mean me. For being here with me.


  13. COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine - Episode 3 - The Mask

     Well, if you've been in a Coronavirus quarantine this long, chances are you probably have to wear your mask around town when you go out foraging. Make sure it's a good mask, like a bandanna or something. Or like this one that you can find where you find all of your favorite COVID-19 supplies.


    Make sure you put the mask on good and straight, don't want to get any water droplets through to the sensitive mouth and nose, now.


    Just one look at this thing makes you want to thank your lucky stars that this was as bad as it got. Could you imagine a REAL biological attack against society? I sure cant.


     Hang in there!

  14. COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine - Episode 2 - Really Old Stuff In The Closet
      So you’re real bored with nothing to do on this Quaratine of Coronavirus. Why not go throught that old utility closet and get rid of all the really non-essential things you’ll probably never come back to: printer cables you want to fix, crap for a flip phone you threw away, and other great stuff you never had the time for. Also, put those old devices in a box to take to the recycling center for when the Quarantine ends (that’s when the Quarantine will be over!).

      Don’t throw away really meaningful things that you’ll never really appreciate to the fullest, like this DOOM ][ SCREEN SAVER that might never be ported to an Operating System of the future.





  15. COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine - Episode 1 - The Burger Maker

      If you're bored in the middle of this quarantine that is going on for the next month, or longer, you could pull out the ground beef you're lucky you were able to even find at the grocery store. And if you're even luckier, you can use your own BURGER MAKER!
     Yes, instead of sloppily put together burgers, you can use this handy little Burger Maker kit to do the really hard part of making perfectly round burgers of any thickness you want.
     The kit is basically three parts: A burger press, A squasher to flatten the beef, and A lid to keep things tidy.



    The press has a number of discs to seperate burgers, so you can make ten burgers at a time. This really speeds up the process of making a lot of burgers.


    Don't be a chicken now, and put some chicken flesh on a Ducky Plate. Grind the chicken up in any kind of food processor, or blender. That, or get some ground chicken from the grocery store.


    Put the ground up chicken into the burger press. Put enough in for a nice and thick Burger.


    Next, flatten out the meat, making it nice and even with the Squasher hand tool. See all the juice in that meat? Delicious!


    Put the Lid on, and throw the whole shebang into the freezer or refridgerator. Chilling it helps the meat stay together. After a little while, take the Burger Press out, and put it on the table. Lift the Burger out by pulling on the white handles around the top of the rim of the Burger Press. All of the Burgers magically lift up!


    Throw that in your fry pan, and one thing led to another, and finally, your Burger is ready for a night on the Town.


    You can just imagine what kinds of marinades you can make for an endlessly creative Burger.


  16. First Burgers of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine

    covid19-burgers-01.jpg.c7c3c747344f12873cae44a445a13d28.jpg Quarter-Pound Cheeseburgers, hold the bacon.

    It's also Saint Patrick's Day today. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  17. Some People Call Them Hamburgers


    Here's something you don't see too often. I think I saw it in the school cafeteria the first time I saw it. A friend came over to the table and unloaded a handful of those big dime pretzels in front of everyone, and proceeded us invite us to 'it'.


    Just your basic pretzels, right? Well, using my friend Tom's new technology, you can transform them into this:


       Or not. If you've ever seen Stephen Spielberg's ( SpielBURGER! ) "Airplane", you can just see how delicious this sampling of "Hamburgers" is. Why, you'll probably want to put some out on Thanksgiving or a New Year's Eve party for all of your friends to savor.




  18. Concerning the upcoming holiday, I was gifted this years Candy Corn. This year, we have two kinds of wretched, gross tasting...candy. This year, we see the addition of other such traditional shapes that have been around for a very long time. Maybe as long as rock candy, which was a favorite of the pioneers, the people of the colonial era of our country, the United States of America. It still tastes gross, but the new shapes sure are fun. With REAL honey.






  19. I found a new place for that "Special Someone" in your life, that someone who seems to excel at making your life difficult, even at times where it would take someone who was severely brain damaged or retarded to accomplish this task. 



  20. Brrap Brrap Brap Brap Brap


  21. Happy New Year 2019. Hurray.

  22. How about a stack of frozen chicken patties for your burger?