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  1. On 6 / 23 / 2022 at about roughly 4 pm, I began playing DOOM 64. I, just now, have defeated the game at 5:05 am, 7 / 18 / 2022. The version I was playing was the PC remaster version, not the original console version, which I haven't played yet.


    What I thought about it...I thought a lot of things about it, but basically, I thought it was another DOOM game, so I thought it was awesome. I recommend playing it, it was a good time.



  2. andybday05072022-4.jpg.f43b5091b2b82b6221304f3a751cc170.jpg





    To ANDY who has a Birthday this weekend:


     Moo and all your friends are having a big Birthday party right now in Salt-Below, ANDY!


    P.S. I couldn't eat the whole cake, and I have to come back and knock it out later! It's real chocolatey, and the Rocky Road ice cream I put with it is chocolatey too. I got you that wish and blew the candles out in one breath. I didn't get the Archie, though, but maybe next time......

  3. I finally saw Indiana Jones 4 (2005). I'm a fan of this movie franchise, so I don't really know what to say. It was an Indiana Jones movie. Since it was the first time I saw it, I guess I feel kind of numb overall. Mind = Blown. Watch it.


    Next I saw Cobra (198x) with Sylvester Stalone. I heard a lot about this movie not being that good, but I can't really say that it was a bad movie. It had a lot of action, and with no sequel...well, not too many unanswered questions here. Mind = Blown. Watch it.


    And also, I saw Blowing Up Spies - The Belgian Job. This movie is just French. It has English subtitles, but the whole idea is just French. The art was good, the sound was very nicely done, not much to complain about here; It didn't look cheap. It was like Ren and Stimpy or Looney Tunes with real people. WTF. Watch it.


  4. Hey everyone! It's me again with another wish for you and the entire DOOM community to have a great Saint Patrick's Day! DW is still here, and we're still Irish, so have a really awesome day - wearing green (even if you only wear one green sock), listing to Irish music, drinking beer; It's all about your pride in being Irish!


    Just like last year, and the year before that, here is a place to post your stories, limericks, and wishes for the DOOM community on this Saint Patrick's Day/week. Even post if you find this message a day late, just like me. Tell your interesting story about what happened to you this year, or last year, or whatever happened to you on a Saint Patrick's / Being Irish Day of the past. Post just to say that you are proud of your being Irish!


    Have a great year and see you next time!


  5. couscous2.jpg.0cc7c88cd290433409991d2e6b9108c1.jpg


    I've have never been to Turkey, but I'm told that couscous is a food that is seen in the middle east (places like Turkey). Again, I'm told but don't actually know that westerners might not even know what couscous is. This is the large grain couscous, there is a small grain variety, and maybe other varieties I have never tried before. Couscous is made from wheat, like bread. 


    Don't DDoS your plate, and try some couscous today!


    (I eat couscous all the time, It's great)


  6. I saw Max Payne with Mark Wahlburg. Max Payne is based on a video game by Rockstar games. It was a pretty good movie overall, but some of the plot was a little more twisted than your run of the mill thriller/suspense movies...Psychologically intense, that's it. It wasn't bad, or anything. The atmosphere was good...you could watch Disney movies if you want to lighten up a bit; An edgy cop thriller movie, Dark and Moody.


    Watch it.





  7. I saw the first "Smurfs" movie for the first time. Casting some Smurfs that you know and some Smurfs that you don't, Neil Patrick Harris plays a believable guy who lives in his believable world. Not to spoil what happens, but basically you either like the Smurfs or you don't.
     The casting is good, and the scenes look bright and modern. It makes a fine children's show; The mystery of what Mom and Dad do at work, etc. This film has a real positive story about good guys doing something good earns a reward.


    I'm a long-time fan of the original children's show, and I say watch it.

  8. BOOM-Sha-Ka-La-Ka,















  9.  I saw "Black Eagle" with Jean-Claude Van Damnmnemnnmnnmne...how do you spell that? Oh, right, Van Damme. Pretty Good. The ending is a real surprise for fans of Van Damme. It has pretty good fighting action, but not as much as you would expect from Van Damme movies like "Bloodsport". There are elements of romance, family, politics, and foreign espionage. Not too spoil too much of the hit, this movie has BOATS. It's a real good cold war classic. Who knew it would all come to the end, eh?


    If you like the Cold War, Spies, Van Damme, or light fighting, watch this one.


  10. Well, it's finally Halloween here at 12:00 am in 2021. I want everyone to have an awesome day and is only even more haunted, zombified, cursed by evil powers, and chased down by the demons of your own nightmares this year! Don't forget to eat too much candy and wear a costume today. I had an awesome time leading up to this point - I was gifted games and movies, the sharing we've done together all month, the special Halloween wads downloaded, it's all been great. I wasn't as haunted this year, but the spirits are rising up and possessing me today; It's all going to be another haunted house for me! Have a really awesome day with the people you love today!!


    Seriously, Have a Safe and Happy Halloween this year!


    Happy Halloween Doomworld Community!!, and Happy Halloween 2021!