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  1. Here they are guys. A double pack of 85% lean burgers made from 100% beef. How do you like that? 8 beef patties, sure to tempt the appetite of even the already overstuffed bellies of the fattest food connoisseur. Come on, you have room for one more burger, don't you? Is that really the most burgers you have ever eaten?


    And, real SPAM! It turns my stomach just looking at it. Look out stomach, here comes SPAM!


    some burgers.JPG


    real spam.JPG

    1. Billy Baron
    2. Billy Baron

      Billy Baron

      You know when you're on Death Row, on Death Watch (Right before they take you to your execution), you can have anything you want as your last meal. Might as well choose a dozen double bacon cheese burgers with pickles before that firing squad, huh?