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  1. DW erased my profile! Now I have to write it again, which is redundant. I'll just include the important information of that here so I don't forget for later:


    About Me:


    The Short Story


    I hate American Pop Music. People who listen to American Pop Music sound like they Dissociative Identity Disorder or are Scizophrenic to me.

    I hate American Music and Movies. I don't like it even a little.

    I like American Heavy Metal Music. Russian Heavy Metal is awesome too. I like techno, disco, rap, etc.

    I don't do drugs of any kind. Not even crack cocaine.

    I use Linux more than I don't. It's more than just an experiment to me.

    I don't often have a girlfriend and appear cryptic the majority of women. I've never had a STD as a bonus.

    I once was in a doomworld IRC chat where I won a DOOM T-Shirt (which I never received). I eventually bought this T-Shirt, which is awesome.

    I have friends who are Christian.


    The Long Version


    I hate Pop Music.

       We're all men here. We don't have to ignore a person just because of his status or religion. Probably you ignore a person if you think he is crazy or a bully. You don't have to like something that you don't have to like, like annoying American Pop Music. We all have and are entitled to our own opinion.

       When to ignore someone: He is a bully who is name-calling and making obvious your flaws in a public way.

       When not to definitely condemn somebody: He likes Pop Music in a public way, or wears a ring or ear-ring (or both ear-rings at the same time) that you give to girl.

       Just because your religious leader (Pope, Rabbi, etc) says you have to, that's different. You don't have to believe in God or a denomination or a Synagogue or anything if you don't want to.


    I believe people should protest Chinese Prisoners of Conscience in China. People are imprisoned for something they believe and are blinded by a truth. What people say their government does is a terrible thing. It is an outrage and a violation of human rights. It could happen to someone you know.