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  1. I shall start off by saying: Hi.

    Anyways, I wanted to tell a little story about me and a friend joining In on a Vinesauce stream, If you know Vinesauce, then there's people In the chatroom starting memes.

    Me and a friend were one of them.

    Dramatic? Yes, I WANT IT TO BE. So, Vinny (the streamer) started off by making jokes about Paul Blart, my friend says "Blart Paul Call Mop" or something of the sorts, heh. I said some jokes as well and then, bam. EVERYONE started doing It. And It legitmately was to the point of Vinny to tell everyone to stop, and well, we did. Oh, and Vinny was asking about Chewbacca's Son. My friend then says "Cumstain The Wookie", then Vinny says "Cu-" then laughs. So those were golden moments that Vinny pretty much noticed us.

    So, that was a story about memes I guess. Oh yeah, and I'm making an anxiety-themed WAD as well with TraceofSpades, probably be a two map WAD.