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  1. Selections in Draw Settings are not retaining for the next editing session. To permanently start with a specific selection of flats or texture, for those using GZDB_r1610 or later or GZDBBF, this is easily done by making the choice in Configurations\Includes\Game_Doom.cfg. For example // Default textures defaultwalltexture = "-NOFLAT-"; defaultfloortexture = "-NOFLAT-"; defaultceilingtexture = "-NOFLAT-";
  2. Are you certain that the download was successful ? 2.86 MB Did you save the pdf file to your harddrive, then used Acrobat Reader to open it ?
  3. Read Doom Builder: An Illustrated Guide
  4. Canyon.wad is just a doodle on my harddrive. I ran GENE_TECH through WAD2UDMF with these results: First the original map loaded into GZDBBF 19940 vertices This is the map after conversion with Wad2UDMF 26606 vertices Now a comparison of the converted map between GZDBBF and Slade3: As you can see there are quite a few extra vertices with GZDBBF but these vertices do not show up in Slade3 Then I saved the map from Slade3 with a new name and opened it with GZDBBF. Slade3 did suppress the extra vertices. Now I don't know why the extra vertices show up originally in GZDBBF.
  5. Conversion to UDMF works. But, as in the previous versions, the vertex count increases significantly To get rid of those, one has to run the converted map through the Map Analysis (F4) tool in GZDB or GZDBBF.
  6. ZDoom and Doomsday are not compatible
  7. That flag has been named Ambush Players in GZDB, and hence GZDBBF, for several years. So you should be save to call it that too.
  8. In Tormentor's MAP01 of tnt3.wad is such a script for a sequence of two switches to be activated
  9. Slade3 uses fluidsynth and the chosen soundfont. Duplicate that in GZDoom.
  10. Configurations by Gez Download: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/doombuilder2/old/ZDoom-DB2-configs.zip Instructions: https://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4708&p=42876
  11. I still had it sitting in my Recyle Bin. BuilderX.7z I tried to duplicate the error several times with a new cfg file, without success. So, I really do not know how I managed to screw it up. I thought it was a key combination, but now .... My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64 edit: Good news. Pressing the ~ key restores the info panel and all is well. It does not, however, fix the cfg file. edit2: Mentioning the tilde key. In GZDB it was 'corrected' that the Tilde needed to be pressed only once instead of twice to have the screen change.
  12. Does Heretic even display partimes? All I see is elapsed time.
  13. That happened to me as well. I do not know how or why. The infopanel was completely blank. What I did to solve that problem was to delete the BuilderX.cfg file and let the editor generate a new one. Now I cannot duplicate the error. I could duplicate it. I clicked left and right mousebuttons at the same time. Had to delete BuilderX.cfg again.
  14. My goto test map is usually Enjay's Gene-Tech map01
  15. When you want to edit the text, which types onto the screen, then you have to create a new string with Whacked4. While you can add a string which is longer than the original one, I do not know if that would overwrite any following strings. Which version of Whacked4 are you using? Using version 1.2.1 caused no problems for me. Or, as already mentioned, if you map for G/ZDoom formats you could make use of MAPINFO. See here for some info.