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  1. Kappes Buur

    How to make custom Endooms?

  2. Kappes Buur

    Custom Status Bar

    A pwad, short for patchwad, is any wad file made by you or other mappers. To make a new map use a map editor, like DoombuilderX, Ultimate Doom Builder, Eureka or Slade. To add/edit lumps use a lump editor like Slade. Open Slade, type st in Filter, to see all lumps used in a status bar Some examples https://imgur.com/a/PfqwKzN
  3. Kappes Buur

    What is a good thing editor?

    Yes, Slade3 is perfect for something like this. I should have mentioned before that you also need to give the new actor a unique DoomED number, something in the range of 15000 to 30000 is good Actor NewBOH : BaronOfHell 15000 { make changes here }
  4. Kappes Buur

    Is it possible to make maps in Doom 64?

    I tried all kinds of combination of available Doom64 editors and ports, all came up with one problem or another. The only combination which allows me to edit a map is Doom64 from Steam as the port and DoomBuilder64_kovic-fork_1.6.4_win32 as the editor and then successfully play that map. But, on the other hand, one could just use UDB UDMF for Zandronum or GZDoom and get all the features of DOOM64 and more, as can be seen with Brutal Doom 64.
  5. Kappes Buur

    How to put godmode on when testing?

    That certainly will work for an editing session, but sometime it comes in handy during a play session. Then you can add an alias in the autoexec.cfg, such as and bind it to an unuse key
  6. Kappes Buur

    What is a good thing editor?

    See https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:BaronOfHell Make a new DECORATE actor Actor NewBOH : BaronOfHell { make changes here } the rest is inherited
  7. Kappes Buur

    What is a good thing editor?

    Those creations (actors) are for pwads made for GZDoom. They were made with DECORATE or ZSCRIPT and are new actors which are added to a GZDoom format pwad. That is what DECORATE and/or ZSCRIPT were made for. Making sprites for a 5 headed monster can be done, it's not easy but is doable. Howver, to control each head is more difficult but could also be done. For an example see Harbinger by LilWhiteMous where each section is controled by a different DECORATE. You could also make a multiheaded baron for vanilla DOOM by replacing the sprites with unused sprites and updating the behaviour of the baron with WhackEd4. For an example see ALL_HELL breaks loose for the new sprites and the deh file.
  8. Kappes Buur

    Question about music in custom levels

    The rule of thumb is that any publishing of music in any format, which is not created by you, can be considered warez. The modifier to this rule is that you must obtain permission from the original composer, only then may you add the music to your own pwad and give credit in written form. However, there is nothing to stop you to enjoy any music while you are playing a pwad.
  9. Kappes Buur

    Exporting/Compiling Doom Maps for Blender?

  10. The only reference I have is Joe Pantuso's book DOOM Game Editol, as on page 13 maybe that gives some insight
  11. Kappes Buur

    What is your best tip for beginners?

    Play as many pwads, of all map formats, as you find and figure out which ones you like best, then try to emulate that style and format. For example, most pwads of the Doomer Board Project are in Doom/Boom format. Pwads like Putrifier, Waterlab, Paranoid, Corrupted Cistern are in GZDoom Hexen format or UDMF. Once you know what you like, learn the tools that help you make a map.
  12. When opening a pwad with Slade3, the lumps in the mapnamespace will tell you the map format, for example
  13. Kappes Buur

    Around what size should vanilla maps be?

    To add to @SMG_Man 's post Keep your map centered on or close to the midpoint of the editing area.
  14. Kappes Buur

    The philosophy that goes into making a good map

    Three things: 1. Know the tools 2. Give your imagination free rein 3. Have fun
  15. Kappes Buur

    How does group select work? UDB

    It is rather easy to use Let's say you have a group of things you like to use often, for example a gun and ammo or multiple monsters, lightd, etc which you want to copy several times. Highlight those things and in the Edit form you choose Add Selection to Group and click on the group. To recall that group to be copied choose Select Group and click on the group. And when the group is no longer needed then select Clear Group