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  1. Kappes Buur

    PNG transparency

    From the building in the background it looks like that you got 3D structures down pat. So, a 3D ladder should not be too difficult. Here is my take on the subject sincity3b.zip
  2. In vanilla D2 format you have to open the Texture1 Editor Scroll down to SKY1 and install the new patches
  3. Kappes Buur

    Is fully workable ladder possible in zdoom or not?

    Easily done with 3D rungs
  4. Kappes Buur

    Door creation. Help!

    A basic door in the simpest way
  5. Kappes Buur

    Why is my skybox not working?

    So, you have the six image for the skybox. Next you have to set up MAPINFO and GLDEFS.
  6. Kappes Buur

    Ending map after enemy is killed?

    For Slade3 you have to download ACC.exe separately and then link to the installation via Edit - Preferences... You may have to update zdefs.acs and zspecial.acs Then create a New Entry, name it SCRIPTS. Highlight SCRIPTS and select View As Text. Enter the scripts and compile. GZDoom Builder (DB2, DBX, GZDB, GZDBBF) already come with the compiler included. However, only the latest DBX and GZDBBF have the latest files for the compiler. For the other editor see above to update. To open the script editor use F10 (default). Enter the script(s) and compile.
  7. Kappes Buur

    How to use 3D models/voxels?

    Check out zdoom_vox.zip by DooMAD, to see how to use voxels.
  8. Have a look at the table in https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement under How to That pretty much tells you how to reverse map from pk3 folders to wad markers.
  9. Kappes Buur

    Ending map after enemy is killed?

    You can use script 1 or script "1", but you must also indicate the type of script, for example script 1 (void) // numbered script which is the traditional way, or script "1" (void) // named script but, using numbers in a named script is selfdefeating, since you should really use a name which makes sense, like script "opendoor1" (void) something which descibes what the script will do.
  10. The alignment of the control sector with the game sector is critical, which Dragonfly pointed out in his tutorial. Since you are mapping for UDMF ... However, as a map becomes more complex, it is more and more difficult to align the control sectors, especially when the alignment has to be done other than at 90 deg. For that, even for not so complex maps, I use boris's ThreeDFloorMode-v0.2.3.zip plugin. See the ZDoom Forum for info on how it works. An example pwad
  11. To me it looks more an alignment in height than an alignment with the grid. In any case, highlight the sector and use mousescroll to raise/lower the sector by 8 units each click, or ctrl+mousescroll to raise/lower the sector by 1 unit each click.
  12. Kappes Buur

    UDMF Opening doors by crossing Linedef?

    UH-OH. How did that happen? It's corrected now. Thank you.
  13. Kappes Buur

    UDMF Opening doors by crossing Linedef?

    Although written for the first Doombuilder, you might want to read this comprehensive guide to constructing maps.
  14. Kappes Buur

    How can i use both Doom wads?

    Look at https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/101367-infernew-a-community-project-now-accepting-secret-levels/ for some insperation on how to accomplish that.