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  1. Kappes Buur

    Map Template Idea

    While the idea of making templates of a map seems quite intriguing it has not borne out in the past. At first there was enthusiasm for the idea but fizzled out very quickly, only one or two templates were ever submitted. If one wanted a template of a map, then running Oblige_7.7 to quickly build a single map is a good option. However, prefabs for certain constructs is viable, for example doorways, staircases, waterfalls, etc.
  2. Kappes Buur

    Missing Textures in Doom Builder

    The Browse Flats window only appears in Sectors Mode, which, judging by your screenshot, you are in. By default you should see all flats, but if you clicked on Doors, Silver or Switches then you will see none. You would have to create new flat entries in the config file for the corresponding categories. Clicking on DOOM2.wad or All should show all flats, if it does not then you have a problem with the editor somewhere.
  3. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    Do you have Snap to Grid enabled?
  4. Kappes Buur

    I need help

    Check out the DECORATE pages on ZDoom WIKI, especially Improving original monsters with DECORATE.
  5. Kappes Buur

    Plane align function in Doom Hexan format

    It depends on the version of Doombuilder2 you have installed. The version r1553 from doombuilder.com only comes with a marginal plugin, BuilderModes.dll, which contains A plugin for some GZDoom effects, such as slopes, was added in a later revision, I do not remember which one. But, if you go to the DRDteam website, then you can download version r1715, which contains some GZDoomEditing plugins. However, these plugins do have some shortcomings which were fixed in later releases of GZDoom Builder, and again later in GZDoom Builder Bugfix. So, boris is quite correct in directing your attention to the latest iterations of the editor. GZDBBF r3097 Doom in Hexen format GZDBBF r3097 UDMF Another case for using UDMF is that many operations are now single click items, whereas in Doom in Hexen format those had to be done using ACS. But, of course, it's your choice as to which editor version to use. edit: Have a look here how the GUI of the editors differ.
  6. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    Something like this?
  7. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    Seriously, upgrade your editing software from DB2 to DBX, or better still to GZDBBF. Then you will have more options and a much better editor, with many bugfixes and lots of improvements.
  8. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    Make a door in Sector Mode by highlighting the sector, which is to be the door, and pressing Shift+D. This opens the Make a Door dialog. Doors, which you walk up to and press the use key, do not need a tag. Doors only need a tag if they are triggered remotely by crossing a linedef or using a switch or using (in the case of Doom in Hexen format or UDMF) thing actions. Make sure that the ceiling height of the door sector is at the same height as the floor height, and that the sides of the door are voids.
  9. Kappes Buur

    Eureka with OpenGL, please test

    What do these numbers represent?
  10. Kappes Buur

    Help With GZdoom/ZDL

    You have the file structure all mixed up. Engines on the left - IWADS on the right Settings Main Highlight DOOM2.WAD and then click Launch
  11. Kappes Buur

    GZDoom Builder, Alert Monster command

    If you want to go that route, then have a look at, for example, Scythe2 MAP01. But, since you are using Doom in Hexen format or UDMF, it would behoof you to use ACS, with mapspots and spawning monsters at will. See my example below Trites.7z
  12. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    Bind a key of your choice. If you were to use GZDB or GZDBBF, then you could print out the key bindings from the Help menu, as a handy reference.
  13. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder

    You can draw any which way you want, clockwise or counterclockwise. However, while it should not happen does not mean that it can, make sure, as you finish drawing a sector, that no line has the pointer point into the void.
  14. Kappes Buur

    Change HUD background (Vanilla)

    There are two ways to do that: 1. the old fashioned way Check out pwads like BTSX or Plutonia2 and look for the lump STBAR 2. the new way as pointed out by boris Check out a pwad like Blade of Agony and look for BoAStatusBar.txt in scripts and the images in graphics/hud Do a search for STATUSBAR to find more examples. edit: I just noticed this thread
  15. Kappes Buur

    How to add a Startup Message when launched

    You could use either print or hudmessage, with hudmessage being the more versatile option, where can you can also use a specific font and fontcolor. A simple example with hudmessage font_LIB.7z