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  1. Kappes Buur

    How Do I Make Custom Things?

    You can do this with either the old DECORATE or the new ZSCRIPT. See Realm667 Repository for examples.
  2. Kappes Buur

    How do I auto-load lights.pk3?

    You have obviously only one IWAD which means that you do not see the menu to choose a game IWAD and/or options. What you can do is download and copy the FreeDoom IWADS (freedoom1.wad and freedoom2.wad) into your GZDoom folder to then be able to select Lights. Old GZDoom version New menu in Options
  3. Kappes Buur

    Need some help for UDB.

    I always install Ultimate Doom Builder from Archive (64-bit) not the Installer, so your Avast may go into overdrive. It shows me the same message. It is a false positive indication, just click the X to close Avast. I download UDB into a dedicated folder for every new version, for example drive:\Editors\UDB\UltimateDoomBuilder-r4184-x64\UltimateDoomBuilder-r4184-x64.7z and unzip it there When first opened, Windows 10 may show a message like this, click an Run anyway and you are good to go. Ultimate Doom Builder is safe to use.
  4. Kappes Buur

    How do I add new textures?

    For GZDoom (Doom2 UDF), I guess that is what you are using for your maps, it is very simple. Add the textures (in png format) between TX_ markers (TX_START, TX_END). Unlike with vanilla maps there is no restriction in using odd sized textures, plus, they can be used on walls as well as floors and ceilings. But preferrably power of 2. They should be tiled in both directions to make them appear seamlessly.
  5. Kappes Buur

    How do I add custom weapons to custom maps?

    To import monsters, weapons, decorations´╗┐, powerups. etc. from premade Realm667 files (actors) is a fairly simple procedure. Download the actor you want and unzip it into a specific folder of your choice. Unzip each actor which results in a wad file. For example the Plasma Beam Open your map and the wad file in Slade3. Then copy/paste the actor/s into your map at the bottom of your map namespace. For easier reading I usually add a separating marker ======== Make sure that the actor definition has a unique DoomED number. Save your new map. The unique DoomED number is important if you want to add actors into your map with a map editor (UDB or such). The situation, where your want to add several new actors (4 to 8), then using DECORATE with the #include method can be used. See my example. If you want to use even more actors then use the pk3 file structure to make it much easier on yourself. Then you can use folders and subfolders for each actor. For an extreme case see https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46718 Note: Some of the newer actors from Realm667 may have lumps like OLDCODE and ZSCRIFT. OLDCODE refers to DECORATE, if you want to use that, then rename OLDCODE to DECORATE and follow the above and either rename ZSCRIPT to NEWCODE or delete it. If you want to use ZSCRIPT, then leave all as is and check for a lump MAPINFO to see/add a section called DoomEdNums.
  6. Kappes Buur

    Making a BIGFONT and a SMALLFONT

    I never liked the small texts with Print, it is just too small to read. So I turn to HudMessage. I import new fonts into my maps (GZDoom DiHF or UDMF) by finding TTF fonts I like and use BagHeadSpideys DOOMCRAP FontGenerator which is a frontend for ZDoom's Imagetool, see my little tutorial Also, see Jimmyfonts! If you are stuck with the above then Bitmap Font Writer may be of use.
  7. Kappes Buur

    Evilution's map31 arachnotron invisible walls

    0 height, yes. But, the sector is at c10/f10, which sort of "anchors" the missing texture, and thus shows the missing texture, as the sector is raise, as a "ghost" texture. It's a DOOM thing. However, setting the sector to c0/f0 will display the HOM.
  8. Kappes Buur

    Reject table editing

  9. Kappes Buur

    Ultimate doom builder: how to make a sky?

    As you know, there are 3 patches in DOOM2 (rsky1, rsky2, rsky3) which are used to display in either floor or ceiling when used with F_SKY1 (sky1, sky2, sky3). There is nothing stopping you to also display those images on a wall, you just have to copy such patch and import it into the map with Slade to add it to Texture1/PNAMES. In general it is simple. The original sky textures are 256x128 and tiled horizontally. When you create a new sky of the same size then import that image into your map as RSKY1 ... 3 depending on which sequence of maps it is to be rendered. If that image is a different size then add it to Texture1/2/PNAMES and adjust in the TextureEditor, as SKY1...3. As can be seen in PLUTONIA.WAD (Finak Doom), sky images can be larger (256, 512, 1024 x128). The whole thing with skies was made a lot easier with the advent of ZDoom. All you need to do is create a MAPINFO in your map (I used UDB GZDoom UDMF) and set the sky thusly between TX_ markers with Slade:
  10. Kappes Buur

    Anyone have any tips on drawing custom sprites and textures?

    For textures on walls it is fairly simple, make sure that the size is correct, namely power-of-two (64, 128, 256) and not an odd size. Any map editor (DB2, UDB, Slade, Eureka) will show the size. Make the texture with a graphics app (Paint.net, Gimp, Krita, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop) as a png file. If need be then Slade3 can convert the file format. Import the new texture into your map with Slade. https://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=Tutorials For Flats just make a texture of size 64x64 and import between F_ markers with Slade. For GZDoom this process is a lot simpler, just place the texture between TX_ markers with Slade, no need for Texture1/2/Pnames. For sprites it can be quite tricky. A simple decoration is easy enough but animations need 2 to eight frames depending on the actor state. IIRC, Eriance uses Sculptris for his work. See various weblinks: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/105942-hell-forged-episode-i-v111-released/?tab=comments#comment-1983625 https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=73013 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/131945-hell-forged-episode-ii-resources-released-project-on-hold/?tab=comments#comment-2557898 https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=60965&p=1059405#p1059405
  11. Kappes Buur

    Weird map bug

    I played your pwad with GZDoom 4.8.2 and could not see anything as posted in your op screenshot. ._DoomGuyInferno.wad is unplayable since it contains all 0s. DoomGuyInferno.wad maps 01 to 04, excellent maps, imo.
  12. Kappes Buur

    Vertex mapping... any faster method?

    I assume you want to create some terrain. There are two methods to speed things up which I can think of: 1a. paint the vertices in question in Vertex Mode 1b. increase the height of the selected vertices in Visual Mode 2. use @jval 's terrain generator DD_Terrain https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/118563-terrain-generator-dd_terrain-for-gzdoomk8vavoomrad-updated-jan-3-2022/?tab=comments#comment-2229082
  13. Kappes Buur

    Breaking Glass

    A collection of a few more examples for breaking glass https://www.mediafire.com/file/d1akzujctd9e5dp/Break_Glass.7z/file For floors it is a bit more awkward. You could create a lot of small sectors which drop down a few mus with a changing texture, with perhaps a quake. Or, as was done similarly in Redux (Reduxb.wad) with a wall texture, overlaying a transparent 3d floor with an appropriate texture a few mus (0.25, 0.5, etc) above the actual floor.
  14. Kappes Buur

    Adding unique tags to multiple sectors at once.

    It is not a new feature since it is included in every released version of the editor starting from way back with Doombuilder2, accessible from Help or from the directory, open to find all kinds of useful information, for example
  15. Kappes Buur

    Pointers for a new mapper

    Looking at your screenshots I cannot help but think of a plain box. Some people may like the looks of maps like this but even the original DOOM maps are more interesting to look at. A few years back somebody posted this screenshot and asked what could be done to 'improve' the looks of it I posted this screenshot in reply. I do not remember how well it was received, but for me, making maps is always about to provide at least some variety in a map architecture. Even just using a new texture pack (OTEX, 2mbrown, avp2tex, Nightmare Texture Pack, etc) can make all the difference. Variety is the spice of life. You are mapping for GZDoom (Doom2 UDMF) where you have so many options to allow your imagination to soar.