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  1. You can do 3 things: 1. Load DOOM.wad as the IWAD when opening with GZDoom: Doom2 (UDMF). You'll get some errors about missing sprites from DOOM2.wad. 2. Load DOOM2.wad as the IWAD and DOOM.wad as a resource, or vice versa. Just be aware that there is a slight difference between those wads. 3. Create a specific configuration for DOOM Ultimate
  2. Check out https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_music for the midi titles played by the levels and 1. for all map formats simply rename your files accordingly. 2. for GZDOOM set up which music plays for which level in MAPINFO https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definitionhttps://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition 3. For EDGE or ETERNITY specifically, someone else could tell you what to do.
  3. I made a tutorial about creating basic Intermission Text. Maybe that will help https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=53649
  4. Import the image into your pwad with Slade3. Then rightclick on the image name, select Graphic = Convert to - select the file format As in the screenshot, if you use ZDoom or GZDoom Doom(UDMF) or Doom(in Hexen) formats simply place the image between TX_ markers. You can leave the image in png format. However, if you prefer, there is nothing to stop you from converting the image format. If you use the vanilla DOOM/2 format you will have to import the new image between P_ markers and after conversion, include the converted texture in TEXTURE1/PNAMES. For that see this tutorial http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=How-to-Import-Textures
  5. Concerning items 1 and 5, there has been quite a bit of interest recently being able to include models and how to texture them properly. If you would make those tutorials first, that would help a lot of mappers, including myself.
  6. If you want the smallest size music file then, I believe, you should use midis. I don't know if FL Studio can generate midis, an excellent program is Sekaiju .
  7. If I may make a recommendation: You made your pwad in the WAD file format. With as many resources as you included, maintenance will become quite unwieldy. I recommend that you convert to the pk3 file format. That will involve a bit of work to accomplish, but in the end it will have been worthwhile. If you want a guide of how to do this, then have a look at Enjay's pwad Gene-Tech: Before the Storm . Every resource has a niche which is easy to keep track of and maintain or update.
  8. Zandronum: A couple of odd behaviours when loading/starting the files: 1a. loading the files by dragging them over the engine icon starts the game. 1b. loading the files by means of a batch file chokes the engine with a MODELDEF error. 2a. when played with Zandronum the map starts here 2b. when played with GZDoom the map starts here
  9. Although the map is like a slideshow on my computer I must say that I love the looks of this map. Cudos to all involved. I took me a while flying over the city but found that park eventually. This is what it looks like on my screen: with GZDoom 3.3pre-403, loading all 3 pk3's.
  10. You may be a bit condused of what each editor does. Doombuilder2, is a map editor and as such does not deal with inserting or replacing custom lumps. However, Slade3 is a lump editor, as well as a map editor, which you use to insert custom lumps. Once you have inserted custom lumps into your pwad with Slade3, then you can use Doombuilder2 to place those custom lumps (textures, flats, actors, etc) into your map. To replace the DoomGuy's face in the statusbar, have a look at DOOM2.WAD with Slade3 and check the graphics beginning with STF for the names of the graphics and what they look like. Those you would have to replace with your own graphics using the same names as the originals. While looking at the graphics in Slade3 notice the size of the graphics. Replacing statusbar items for use in your own pwad is done with Slade3, not Doombuilder2. As to how to make the new graphics you can use a graphics program such as Gimp, Paint.Net, Microsoft Paint, etc. in png format and later convert with Slade3 to the Doom format.
  11. I don't see why you could not do this. After all, the textures for the sky are just, ... well, textures. For example: However I would suggest to place the 'sky' into a narrow, rounded sector to simulate depth.
  12. Which map editor are you using? Could you upload the map for analysis?
  13. Basically the conversion is a two step process: 1. convert the pwad in DOOM2 format to the Doom in Hexen format with Zwadconv.exe 2. convert the pwad in Doom in Hexen format pwad to UDMF See the tutorial linked to
  14. What do you mean by exactly as you said? Did you enter this into your batch file? These file names are just placeholders. Use your own names.
  15. Since you want to convert to FLATS I assume that you use the DOOM format, in which case you should be aware that those images should be 64 x64. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Flat If you are thinking of using one of the ports, such as GZDOOM, you can use just about any size and png. Simply stick the images between TX_ markers. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Flat https://zdoom.org/wiki/TX_START