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  1. Kappes Buur

    A question about muzzle flash and 3D guns

    Check out Enjay's Gene-Tech: Before the storm This is the gun right at the start For that matter, he used this muzzleflash for every gun with bullets.
  2. Kappes Buur

    DeHackEd Attacks

    If you If you absolutely must use vanilla DOOM, then this will teach you all about DeHackEd and its limitations. Else use GZDoom in software renderer (I assume you are averse to eyecandy) and DECORATE to create new actors.
  3. You have the right idea. Look at the DECORATE lumps for each weapon. However, since you are just starting out, I suggest that you take a look at two websites first https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_weapons and http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorials.html
  4. Load up Russian Overkill 2.5 into GZDoom (give all) and see how you can select several weapons for each weapon slot. Then load it into Slade3 and do a bit of sleuthing to see how they pulled this off. Have the ZDoom WIKI open at the same time
  5. Kappes Buur

    Sprites 16 rotations

    16 rotations is the maximum. Have a look at the graphic on the Sprite website which shows how the rotations are managed, from 1 to G.
  6. GZDoom already supports crouching. Got to Options and bind a key to the action, for example Rex's Paranoid.pk3 uses vents quite a lot
  7. Kappes Buur

    Doombuilder 2 visual mode "laggy" movement

    Totally immaterial. The timer will be reset in either case, but reboot is the safer option. Even when Foodles does that, DB2 will again start to be more imprecise as time goes on. The only logical solution is, as Edward850 already suggested, to use DBX, which does not cause that fault. Or, if one wants more editing features besides the GZDOOM features, GZDBBF.
  8. Kappes Buur

    Some questions about downloading the Zdoom wiki

  9. Kappes Buur

    ThingCountName doesn't check dead monsters.

    Nothing. From https://zdoom.org/wiki/ThingCountName ThingCountName will not count dead monsters, even though their things still exist and can be used, for instance, by SpawnSpot.
  10. Kappes Buur

    Which spawnID to start with whem making custom actors?

    You are probably thinking DoomEdNumber and not SpawnNumber https://zdoom.org/wiki/Standard_editor_numbers Using the 11000 range is good. I usually use the block from 15000 to 30000.
  11. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder 2 AddOn's

    plugins bundled with the editor: AutomapMode.dll BuilderEffects.dll BuilderModes.dll ColorPicker.dll CommentsPanel.dll NodesViewer.dll SoundPropagationMode.dll StairSectorBuilder.dll TagExplorer.dll TagRange.dll VisplaneExplorer.dll separate plugins: DrawText.dll HeightLevels.dll Lighting.dll MapBalancer.dll ThreeDFloorMode.dll With ThreeDFloorMode.dll the most important if you map with 3D structures in mind.
  12. Kappes Buur

    Polyobjects and Sound Sequences

    You need 3 parts, for example from a Test map: First off the sounds Second, a SNDINFO lump, where the sounds are tied to a DOOMname Third, a SNDSEQ lump, where the DOOMname is tied to sound actions and a sequence Notice that I tied the sound to sound number 64.
  13. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder 2 AddOn's

    Links to the editors are provided by clicking on the images in my tutorial :) For x32, some plugins can be found here . Some can be found at boris's github page . Also, scour the ZDOOM forum with an advanced search If you use the x64 version of GZDBBF, then use the 64ified versions of the plugins, also in the search. By the way, if you are interested, all my tutorials are linked in the Tutorials section
  14. Kappes Buur

    Doom Builder 2 AddOn's

    Indeed, yours is an ancient editor installation. Since then, this editor has been upgraded significantly . The editor was set up to incorporate a plugin system, and there are some plugins, which enhance the editing experience, not included with the public release. For example:
  15. Kappes Buur

    Custom texture/Base resource trouble with Slade 3

    Well, that is not entirely correct. For example, in DOOM2.WAD textures are made up from the images between P_START and P_END (P1_START to P1_END, P2_START to P2_END and P3_START to P3_END) and in some cases a patch is used multiple times to create a TEXTURE. So, to be able to use the actual TEXTURE, open Slade3 and then highlight the TEXTURE1 lump and open the Edit Textures editor. Highlight all textures in the righthand column and export to a folder of your choice. If you want to, you can select to have the textures converted to png (truecolor), which for GZDoom would be preferable, and place those in between TX_START and TX_END markers. Then, as Empyre already mentioned, the lumps TEXTURE1 and PNAMES are no longer needed.