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  1. nax

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    would you not rather be judged by the things you did instead of how you looked?
  2. nax

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    that's a pretty disappointing way to take "don't judge a book by its cover".
  3. nax

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    if you think people will flay you because of an opinion on a cross over just attempting to socialize with someone then i believe you're hyperfocusing on peoples' opinions and not focusing at all at their actions. opinions are usually a pretty bad indicator of the content of someone's character versus their actions as we are seeing with the amount of predators being unmasked today.
  4. nax

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    "risking interaction" i don't understand this notion. you're not risking anything by casually interacting with someone who may have outlandish worldviews. you're not trying to interact with jason voorhees or anything. if the interaction finds that this person truly isn't worth interacting with, then the only thing you've possibly lost is a bit of time socializing, but i'd argue that's just part of interacting with anyone. there's an older woman i work with who is possibly the most crass woman i've ever met in my life. she weighs people up in about 2 seconds of meeting them and has no problem calling people out (loudly) on their bullshit. she has some extremely colorful language, and by that I mean any time she's even a little upset you're gonna taste the motherfucking rainbow. she absolutely has opinions that would get her flayed alive on social media. and yet I never would have found out by not giving her a chance that she gives nearly all of her income and time to charity, she has adopted orphans and raised the older ones to be successful people, and routinely houses dumped animals until shelter can be arranged for them. she is a net benefit on the community around her as a result of her actions. you'd find some genuine diamonds in the rough if you actually gave people you thought you'd never get along with a chance. i don't mean to go too off topic here, but the point as related to this thread is try not to write people off solely on having not very well regarded opinions on things.
  5. it's only joyless because instead of "hey maybe i should work on why im being singled out" you're like "wow this is stupid, e-sports are lame". if you instead actually learned the mechanics of the game and tried to incorporate them into your gameplay you'd have a lot more fun. with 50 matches you haven't even learned how to play yet. mechwarrior online's gameplay is pretty good and well-tuned to the point where gameplay mechanics are more important than the vast majority of variables in that game. i can make a new account on it and do just as well with trial mechs as with my self-made builds on various chassis. to complain about this is self-defeating because the problem isn't the game or the other players or "competitive mindset", it's you, and you don't admit it. you're not getting depressed because you're losing, you're getting depressed because you think you should be winning and you're not. you still have an ego and you need to accept that first and foremost, and then you need to shove your ego because you don't deserve to have one with so little time played. this goes for basically any game you ever play online in which you play versus other humans. for some people it may take only a few hundred hours to become proficient at a specific game. others, it might take alot longer. we as people get mini epiphanies on our mistakes and how to improve our own gameplay, so these little jumps in skill are just sort of sporadic and vary wildly from person to person. some people are just more naturally suited to certain games where they learn them more quickly. whatever the case though, the skill level you want is within your reach, it just may take longer depending on what kind of person you are. but the first step for any game that you play against other people is to beat it into your head: you do not deserve to win a game. ever. you've never deserved any of your wins, you don't deserve any win you get right now, and for the entirety of your life you will never deserve a win. understanding this on a personal level will mean defeats stop dealing so much pain to you. your defeat causing anger or depression is merely a fight against your own ego.
  6. nax

    Any good map packs for Demonsteele?

    I agree, demonsteele is horrible. It is the sort of game Hitler himself would play (particularly as Hitler would have been a large fan of the anime). Doom is not meant to be tampered with and the creator of that mod has clearly stepped over his bounds. I suppose the relevant quote is "[they were] so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." The overuse of the 'metal' motifs also detracts from Doom as is the "over the top" use of blood. Also this odd idea of a sword cutting demons in half is patently ridiculous. I've trained with my own katana for many years now and I can tell you that cutting things in half is strictly for pieces of fruit. Anyway, I'll not derail this anymore. After seeing Winged_Warrior's post I just felt I had to chime in.
  7. have you not seen the complete mess that entire section of the game industry is in? where a quarter are glorified paid advertisers, a quarter are sycophants, a quarter hate on anything that isnt a/b/c, and finally the rest possibly being levelheaded? there's already a great deal of information overload involving games, and this necessitates even more of it with paid mods. if you have an idea that you think can make you and the IP holders money, you would go to that publisher or dev and show them your product / idea. if your idea lacked merit or they didn't feel like it could be to the standards of quality that they want to represent their company with, well, you'd go back to it as a hobby or use it as a learning experience. this is exactly the problem we're facing with steam greenlight as people have brought up. there's too many games on greenlight, and there are way too many mods on skyrim for something like this to not be a huge mess.