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  1. Realm667 possibly contains viruses.
  2. Is there a place where I/anyone can get custom monsters, weapons, and textures without getting a virus on a certain pc?
  3. Is this going to put my pc at risk for a virus? I'm currently getting a warning for that.
  4. Do any of the downloads on realm667 contain any viruses? By the way does anybody still use ream667?
  5. The camera sprites are not appearing in the 3d mode, can somebody tell me whats happening?
  6. How do i change the music and the level name of a certain type of level with slade 3?
  7. large large large large
  8. Here's some footage of doom multiplayer somebody managed to get Btw I didnt record this
  9. One problem im having with multiplayer so far is the loadoutslarge I guess their trying to go with the quake live style
  10. I'm typing this on my phone right and I'm waiting to play doom right now and I'm excited
  11. Well have an idea to make a wad where you start off in this Uac mountain base and as soon as you get out you realize you have been hell....or are you
  12. Can you give me and example of what your talking about
  13. Can anybody give me some advice on making doom levels because most of my levels I try to create are either uninspired or linear because of how inexperienced I am
  14. Well quakecon is almost here and I'm excited, btw what do you guys think there gonna do besides have another quake live tournament and possibly so more doom
  15. according to quakecons Twitter page, they will be showing not only doom but fallout 4, what are your thoughts