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  1. Hello, Doomers i'm new to this community and i decided to join because i thought it was interesting so i'm working on some maps right so it will be awhile before i post anything else.

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    2. Du Mhan Yhu
    3. dg93


      Welcome to Doomworld, I hope you enjoy your stay. I suggest you read the FAQ to know for the future on what/what not to post on the forums: http://www.doomworld.com/vbmisc/faq.php

      I also suggest that you email one of the moderators to change your name to something a little more creative because there already is someone who goes by the name of Doomkid.

      Also, avoid flamewars. Unfortunately, we occasionally get plenty of them in the everything else section. If you see posts regarding touchy subjects, it's probably best to not jump on the band wagon. There are plenty of good people as well as assholes on this site. So just be aware of that.

      If you want to see examples of what not to post on Doomworld, look through Post Hell: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post-hell/

    4. joe-ilya


      READ THE FAQ, FOR FUCKS SAKE! You already made dumb posts.