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  1. explorix

    Microsoft bought Bethesda

    Y'all heard this? https://www.polygon.com/2020/9/21/21448884/microsoft-buys-bethesda-zenimax-xbox-game-studios-starfield-fallout-doom?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=entry&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3snm8PI4R9vQ5oFr-efGb6yzKQKNAiAQD3A72UakbJfgktcAOe4img8t0
  2. Its on Bethesda Launcher only. Confirmed on Twitter for all physical copies.
  3. I hope so, it will mean more good games will come to Steam, if they remain the most attractive store for devs and publishers. Thats just what Epic is trying now, instead of taking 30 percent, they take 12 percent. Lets see what EA did with Anthem once it releases, but given its EA, Id say its time to close down Bioware... Sure its not per se a bad thing, but for example the Epic Store has no rating system. Steam reviews and ratings are somewhat accurate Id say. Personal opinions always matter, but I can relate to most reviews and ratings so far. And thanks to them I also avoided some games I really wanted to play, like "The Dark Occult" (some oldschool First Person Horrorgame) and also "Underworld Ascendant" (The spiritual Successor of Ultima Underworld, developed by Ex Ion Storm Devs and Warren Spector himself, which ended up being a Kickstarter Scam just like Mighty No. 9). Well I didnt mean that they will overtake the market, but rather surprise a lot of people with good games. I really like Ion Maiden even if it hasnt seen a full release yet. (EDIT: Be sure to check out the lastest update, The House of Horror. What a cool level) Also that upcoming DOOM16-like game looks awesome (cant remember the name though). Well but Consoles are a) consoles... and b) the framerates will be capped. I dont think that they can ever give the same experience as on a PC. Even more on a Rig you proudly built yourself. Also, at least in my country, console games are always 20 to 30 dollars more expensive. Thats quite the turn off for me.
  4. Its definitely a very toxic place, but thats not the point I tried to make. Im more interested in seeing if it is really possible to force consumers to use another 2 launchers. Epic is getting a lot of exclusives, like the Division 2 besides Metro and at least Metro seems to be quite a popular game. If they really manage to make this work, I think 2 things are gonna happen: Bethesda will publish their games exclusively on bethesda.net and Valve will be forced in the near future to lower their 30 percent cut to something reasonable. I also wonder if this whole use-OUR-launcher-thing is the drop that finally brings this thing to overflow, just like Battlefront IIs lootboxes or the good old do-you-guys-not-have-phones? thing from Activision. Many AAA releases from major publishers have seen a steady decline in quality and originality and the change in the business models from creating good games to DLCs and finally to lootboxes havent done anything good in my opinion. My personal million dollar questions for 2019 are these: Will consumers finally get better games and terms of use instead of renting boring-mechanics-with-new-graphics games? Is the Rise of the Indies finally coming? We really live in interesting times :)
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/app/412020/discussions/0/1743358239849378663/ So Metro Exodus is going to be Epic Store exclusive. It remains to be seen if that store can become a new player, given the mostly negative reactions to that move. I do wonder what this means about Eternal. All signs point to a Bethesda exclusive, but I think this Epic Store thing is gonna decide whether thats gonna happen or not. Bethesda may not risk an outrage like this (if the people complaining on steam are actually not gonna buy the game, which is doubtful, given that videogames seem to be a very important part of many peoples live). On the other hand, EA have done it, Ubi have done it. Can Epic do it again and force people to buy on their own store? Will Bethesda force us as well? Oh man, February is gonna be exciting :)))) Also Metro Exodus will remain Epic Store exclusive til February 14th 2020 LOL
  6. explorix

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    How has nobody mentioned this piece of art? http://youtu.be/w4cUuJpc7b8
  7. explorix

    The greatest video game of this decade so far

    I tried that as well, it's cool and I'm also looking forward to Bannerlord. But I do wonder if we will see it next year, It's been delayed so many times now, that I stopped caring. I also stopped playing online games due to the ridiculous amount of cheaters. It's not funny anymore and you can never be sure to have a fair, skill-based experience. That's in terms of CSGO tough, but all new games seem to have cheaters, so I don't even try any new ones. Unless the devs come up with some new protection (VAC is a joke to be honest) or browser-only games, I refrain from frustrating myself any longer. For medieval fans there's also Mordhau coming up. That looks just as sick as Bannerlord and it seems to be a mixture of Bannerlord with the violence of KCD. But again, online only :(
  8. explorix

    The greatest video game of this decade so far

    For me, Kingdom Come Deliverance has been the game of the decade. As someone who's hasn't been playing any RPG's since The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, I can only recommend this title to you guys. It's a medieval RPG playing in Bohemia in 1403. No guns, no cars, just maces and swords :) It uses the simplest controls (WASD, that's it), has First-Person view and requires absolutely not much time to get into. These are the games I always preferred: as simple as possible so you can just jump right in after 4 weeks of not playing. Many people have named Batman Arkham Knight, but that game required me to learn sooooo many moves in stealth and combat, I neither have the time nor lust to learn all that. Which is why I also skipped the Witcher 3. Too much hassle for me, I like it simple. In this game you have the DOOM controls and that's it. This game was made by the original members of the Mafia dev team (not Mafia III!). The story is gripping, the combat satisfying, the graphics gorgeous and the characters are very memorable. Also the game has it's own humor and I haven't had this much fun playing since... years. Stealing is great in this game, you can rob just about everyone, your allies, enemies and even... monks ;) The downsides are that the game is badly optimized. You need some heavy hardware for this, more than for running DOOM16 (GTX1070, at least for high settings) Also there have been countless bugs and the game received about 13 Gb's of updates so that speaks for itself. It is stable now though after 7 updates. I found my favorite right here. If I were to name a second one, it would be Alan Wake. Third would be DOOM16.
  9. explorix

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    The higher the amount of thc, the higher the risk of a psychosis. This has been know for a long time now. I've "lost" 2 school-buddies of mine to that disorder and they have to take medication (neuroleptica) with ugly side effects (random spastic and parkinson-like limb and face movements, abnormal weight gain and feeling like living in a bubble, because neuroleptica dampens the emotional part of the brain) for the rest of their lives. And they're only a little older than 30... Schizophrenia is incurable, never forget this! Ugh, this is so sick, you Idiots are playing with your lives! Not everything you learn in school is of use, but drug advice for SURE is!
  10. explorix

    Diablo Immortal

    That's not what I meant. Let me explain: I felt strong sympathy with the attendees of Blizzcon, because DOOM16 and DE don't represent what I like(d) about DOOM in the first place. I used the word "insulting" because if I were at Quakecon I wouldn't have cheered together with the paid id employees but done the same thing as the guys at Blizzcon: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I feel insulted by lackluster enemy design, that DOOM hunter thing looks so boring, just like the other enemies as well. And what about that vampire-wingy-thing? WTF? I don't like boring, linear and cartoony cheesy looking cashgrabgames. That's what we have Fortnite for. And Fortnite sucks. I know that Bethe$da has to make money and that a game like DOOM is a risk in itself nowadays (which is why I believe we got no SP-DLC for DOOM16) but come on. Lame design and recycled content? Nah bruh! Maybe I'm butt hurt, but only because DOOM played a vital role in my gaming life as for most people here. But since this isn't a thread about DOOM, let's go back to topic: Have you guys seen the reason WillJPowers stated that people hate mobile gaming? It's because apparently only females play on mobile devices lol. What kind of explanation is that? Haha
  11. explorix

    Diablo Immortal

    Amen "Don't you guys have phones?" is almost as insulting as "Check out this new Arch Enemy of the Slayer, the Doom Hunter"... ROFL
  12. explorix

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    My all time favorites are The Ring (2002) and Blair Witch Project. For some good newer horror movies, I can only recommend "The Witch" from 2015 and "The Void" from 2016. These are awesome. The first is about a witch in the early time of the colonization of America and is scary as fuck, the latter about some strange things happening in a remote hospital while paying tribute to classic 80's horror movies. Oh and I forgot "The Autopsy of Jane Doe". Horrifying as well, UGH! Had to lower the volume quite some times... Jane Doe was definitely the scariest movie I watched in the past years. I could also use your guys help as well. In my youth I've seen a horror movie, most likely made in the 80's about some strange book from hell. The people were transported to some sick and twisted parallel universe with monsters in it. Sadly I don't remember any vivid details, only what it was about. I checked The Evil Dead Trilogy, but I'm not sure from the trailers if it's the one I meant. Have a nice day y'all
  13. explorix

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    But please tell me and the others who miss the dark and horror aspects, WHERE are those different aspects? I can't see them... I would like to know where you are seeing this?
  14. explorix

    New locations - concept art discussion

    The first and the third screenshot remind me of Dead Space 1-2. Not in terms of visuals but in the context. In DOOM 16 you get to know that the crucible is some sort of superweapon and most likely used to gather energy from hell. Then in DOOM Eternal you learn that a whole cult has been built around this thing or Hell in general and Hayden & Co. use it to transform helpless people into zombies and/or use humans as an energy source. Very similar to the story in Dead Space 1-2, where in the first one there's the artifact that turns people into necromorphs and in the second you encounter the whole cult which has been built around it. In the trailer you can hear the holographic woman say: My brothers and sisters: "Let's help to make our friends transition into their new world a comfortable one". It's at 8:30 and I think it's no coincidence that right there you encounter some possessed human zombies. The words "My brothers and sisters" indicates some sort of special group or more likely a cult.
  15. explorix

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    If somebody can provide footage of actual IDTech in action, I'll gladly appreciate it and may change my opinion on "complicated" dev and modding tools for new games. But that might not be necessary, because it seems that modders will get nothing with this game anyways: https://www.dsogaming.com/news/doom-eternal-will-not-feature-a-snapmap-editor-may-support-mods-in-the-future/ They seem to be very clear about this. And now that my question has been answered, I'll accept the reality that there will be no tools for my beloved DOOM games for a long time. It's alright though, I knew what was coming, but I had hopes like many others as well. But in the spirit of getting a new DOOM game soon, I wish y'all a nice day :)