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  1. ZZYZX

    Ultimate Doom Builder takes too long to check iWad

    Theoretically fixed that in the latest Git commit. But if not, just try to kill UDB and re-add the archive. It should not happen a lot of times in a row. It's also not a critical action (and not a long one); it should at most run for 10 seconds, that's why the window is disabled for the time.
  2. Win XP is the topmost version of Windows it can run on. The reason is that RADCAD is a Win16 application (i.e. 16-bit GUI app) and 16-bit subsystem was removed after XP You can however easily run RADCAD in DOSBox running Win3.1, that's what I did to avoid setting up an entire VM like VirtualBox :) It's painful to use it like that though. Also: are mission briefings planned?
  3. I edited the maps later. I couldn't properly understand how their offsets work. Also, that's OGL renderer (GZDoom port) In software, I think you could try rotating the end picture (kind of like the tilt in Duke Nukem 3D). Not sure if that makes a lot of sense though.
  4. Hey. Great that someone is finally doing a more complete port of Radix :D Just tried to play, works for me, feels quite close to original — though dynlights IMO are better to be disabled by default.. The only two thing that doesn't seem to be present, are explosion and fog effects. Otherwise, best port I've seen so far! Separately, in case someone is interested in the context of GZDoom: My Radix to Unity project (Rhodix) is rather useless and abandoned, however, I also made a converter from Radix levels to UDMF (without scripts and IIRC without rotations/correct offsets on slopes), which is not on GitHub: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aw7la2ww5cid6hj/RadixScripts.zip/file And all converted levels: http://www.mediafire.com/file/msk4i41muc2gtog/RadixStuff.zip/file There was another guy (Lewisk3) who implemented monsters, weapons and pickups on GZDoom. The joint effort looked like this, but then I also abandoned it ;) However, because of this, GZDoom also has walls with health now :D
  5. I personally fully believe Torm's response as there is a difference between copying whole location (Rheingold) and copying small rooms & connecting them differently. Also, think his current statement about Rheingold (and Epic) does not contradict the old one. I would guess that since Tormentor is known for his copy+paste mapping he could/should have a flow like described (which is actually also a nice idea/advice for mappers who otherwise don't finish a project -- not copying pieces of other maps, but drawing incomplete pieces and assembling them together later in a large map)
  6. We're here to make drama, only Tormentor can address the issue by replying & not doing it ever again
  7. It seems this is a typical case of Mac being horribly broken and refusing to support OpenGL correctly because "derp we have metal hurr"
  8. One bad thing I found so far: Pyrosuccubus basically oneshoots me up close, takes two SSG shots to die, and is really fast. And with hard mode, there are 4 or 5 of them that spawn right around me without any way to escape. The first thing to think of here is hiding in a defensive position quickly, but thing here is that when I tried hiding multiple times, they always killed me instead. So somehow only the most unobvious decision of ignoring them and running around wildly worked. Not sure if it's THAT bad though, since overall it looks like this map is just actually being hard when I click "hard" :P
  9. This looks awesome, but could you please use some SetHudSize >_> It's really hard to read text messages at 1:1 size at 1920x1080... Too smol Otherwise I'm literally going to show this level to everyone and say "this is how you map for GZDoom" :P btw: I suggest adding "turning on music is recommended" in the first post. I usually turn it off due to D_RUNNIN overdose, but in this specific wad I liked it a lot (and good thing I accidentally didn't have music turned off)
  10. ZZYZX

    Doom with PBR materials

    As for a proof of concept map, there's this actual project by some Russian ppl going on that has heavy use of the new material system in GZDoom, called Doom Slayer Chronicles: From what I understand it's still in alpha/beta state, so all bugs and weird English seen in the video will probably get fixed in the release :P (btw: Doomworld fix font sizes when? Had to scale page down to 70%...)
  11. ZZYZX

    KBDoom Questions

    I demand screenshots. Even if they are "so much different than PrBoom+". (for example, you can screenshot your powerful console :P) Note that I'm not really asking for anything I wouldn't do myself. When I post a thread, I provide either code or a video. If too lazy to record, I at least put in a screenshot, here? Nothing! Looks like vaporware.
  12. ZZYZX

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    My display is regular 1920x1080. It's just that the page is zoomed out to 75% so that the fonts arent that large. And yes, after disabling the max-width rule it looks pretty nice :D http://i.imgur.com/1CfkpCC.png
  13. ZZYZX

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Can we please have 100% width pages again? And preferably a bit smaller in size. At least as an optional theme if whoever loves their font being at 150%?.. Just saying, for me personally, comfortable size would be this: Seriously for f-s sake, don't go the Microsoft way and try to make one style work with both phones and desktops. It simply aint going to work. Right now this font size is so uncomfortable that I'm considering it an actual bug, not a preference. P.S. How do I disable the WYSIWYG editor? First, it's WHITE. Second, I don't like WYSIWYG personally. Third, it's broken (my picture link got replaced with image, and my text cursor won't move from above the image to below the image when I press down arrow...). Fourth, it takes two seconds of page freeze to load. P.P.S. Sorry if my post is like "you made this specifically for me and I disapprove" — I've noticed some people read my posts like that. It's just the writing style. P.P.P.S. Other than these, the new style is awesome!
  14. ZZYZX

    Why put brown stuff in maps?

    I'm sometimes mapping in gray/red as well. And yea, it's mainly related to the fact that Doom palette is biased towards brownish colors (I count red and yellow as well here), and it's blue and green colors are generally unusable for anything except FWATER and marbles which doesn't really suit techbases. Occasionally there is some texturing genius who manages to make fresh-looking textures under Doom palette, but that's more of an exception. Plus, there's also this thing that not only stock palette, but also stock textures are generally either brown, ugly or not varying enough.
  15. ZZYZX

    Alter life of objects and monsters?

    I think SLADE has this feature: It will open DB2/GZDB with this map, provide it the containing resource automatically to include in resource list, and watch for map changes to archive them back into the initial wad. The only downside to this is that DBS won't persist from what I know.
  16. ZZYZX

    Alter life of objects and monsters?

    To get SLADE: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads Also, it really depends on what port you are targeting. If it's GZDoom, then use DECORATE and/or ZScript. If it's Eternity, then use EDF. If it's anything else or you want to cover as many ports as possible, then use Dehacked.
  17. ZZYZX

    Idea: METADATA lump for Slade and Doom Builder

    Just saying that implementing a parser of anything non-esoteric in GZDB is quite simple and straightforward, so you can decide on the format based on SLADE.
  18. ZZYZX

    Vinesauce Mapping Contest

    Well I apologize for that, it's just that I watched only the first (or second?) stream where this map was, was instantly amazed, then scrolled through the other maps and they were meh. + a lot of maps had vinesauce logos in them and associated stuff that I don't even understand, because people relied on IRL/outside stuff that isn't even Doom. Exactly, you aren't supposed to feel bad, because I don't even know if I saw your map or not :) Most likely not, because I'd remember the name. Anyway, edited my previous post so that it's more obvious what I meant.
  19. ZZYZX

    Idea: METADATA lump for Slade and Doom Builder

    Just encode lump's name into the hash (but make sure to always make it 8 byte wide, otherwise lump M with contents AP01 would be the same as empty lump MAP01). Or simply provide no hash for the markers, since it's not like it's needed there anyway. Having two markers with the same name — who the hell would do that and why?
  20. ZZYZX

    Vinesauce Mapping Contest

    Whoever was plodding enough to watch the full 50+ hours of gameplay, has there been anything comparable in epicness to this level? Because I looked at few streams and the maps [that I've seen] were memes and utter trash, no offense to the people involved intended.
  21. ZZYZX

    Idea: METADATA lump for Slade and Doom Builder

    I don't think it's reasonable to have to put duplicate METADATA information for all lumps that make up a map. Besides, the format can be changed (UDMF->Hexen, etc). So perhaps for maps, it should point to the map marker only. Also, there can easily be duplicate lump names in different namespaces (one example being, again, maps). You can even have duplicate lump names in single namespace (like multiple DECORATE lumps, and not only in WAD, but also in PK3). See Project Brutality, which is a PK3 that has two lumps both called DECORATE. (I remembered about this because it's something I was going to fix in GZDB...) How is this handled? Also, do we log lump deletion into METADATA or just delete the record? If we log it, how? If we don't, then after deleting and recreating a lump (instead of replace, which SLADE actually can't do IIRC, if you want to replace a lump, you need to delete old and import new) the record will be lost. As for GZDB, not sure if I want to even try to support this thing, the lump will grow to massive proportions, especially if each new GZDB revision gets added. Additionally, GZDB has this fancy overcomplicated script editor which will have to also update METADATA for when you are editing DECORATE lumps, etc... (and every new revision of GZDB will be a separate editor version). All this just makes me want to go and suicide.
  22. ZZYZX

    Question For Experienced Mappers

    I'm the weird kind of a mapper here who doesn't play others' levels, only makes their own :) Well of course I did play some singleplayer/coop maps, but I generally do that once in few months and spend most of my Doom time playing either CTF or Duel on Zandronum. The only exception to this being dbzone.wad, which I played every day for quite a good while in 2011. Now, on topic, I knew the general direction I want to map in ever since I started (and that's like 2010), and mostly developed in that direction. I might've learned some neat lighting solutions, or drawing textures, or modeling, but the general direction hasn't changed and people generally like my screenshots when I post them :P And when I say "direction", I don't mean the map theme or whatever. It's how I use the monsters, or how I detail my maps, or how I draw terrain, not specifics, but the basic principles used. All this stacks up and constitutes the "direction". Can be techbases, urban or hellish cities, but all that will be produced using the same workflow and be similar in these aspects. Never really tried to view my maps as technical compositions consisting of concepts and tricks and stuff, I'm generally drawing them like a 3D picture. Guess that's why I don't have many released maps too :P
  23. ZZYZX

    Introducing ZokumBSP

    Why so much drama over the 00 header? GZDoom is not vanilla-compatible already. It shouldn't be vanilla compatible. It's completely ok if it breaks with vanilla maps. And it ignores such blockmaps and as such doesn't break anyway. Either way, I'm pretty sure there are other weird vanilla tricks that won't work on newer ports, and there's absolutely no point to blame the authors of these tricks or make 5 page drama about it. u mad brah? /me hides
  24. Continually running a script does not cause any performance degradation on any PC that's more recent than 1996. I've done performance benchmarks by running 10000 instances of a script at once, and it only started to lag if I tried to do anything to actors in the level (like SetActorPosition). ThingCount in a single global script won't lag.