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  1. tatsu91

    Romero And Carmack Live Stream

    I would also add someone lazy by carmacks standards is still damn pretty hardworking to the average person. Carmack had a Live and breathe work attitude and Romero had a different view of things.
  2. tatsu91

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    Romero is making a Doom 2 Wad this is intended as a 30th anniversary of Doom 1 thing i would not be surprised if his Doom 2 wad is the 30th anniversary of that.
  3. tatsu91

    Romero And Carmack Live Stream

    I really Really Hope Carmack stays on topic and does not try to bring up libeterian stuff as i have noticed alot of his podcasts style interviews or discussions in the last year or two he has repeatedly brought stuff like that up.
  4. tatsu91

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    Sigil 2 was never 32 levels. The 32 level megawad is a whole different wad he is working on.
  5. tatsu91

    [GZDoom] Four Rooms

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1965226893 Just Finished it and enjoyed feel it needs a little more health but i am also not super good at it lol
  6. tatsu91

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I just Purchased this last few weeks a laptop with a 4050 for 700$ off amazon Warehouse a phenomanal Deal. As i need something for on the go or when i dont feel like sitting at the desk.
  7. Did two more maps had taken a break for a small bit but here is First Map and second map. UAC HQ Does feel the one needing the most of a revamp The two i just did feel just right though maybe a little more ammo on the first one in the form of either rockets with boxes instead of single rockets and maybe a few boxes of bullets but otherwise those two are perfect.
  8. Doom is overall kinda niche in the grand scheme of things. And as some streamers found out if you don't play Doom the user base you build will go else where for that stream.
  9. Here is a new VOD for it I will likely do the two other maps in one go soon liked it simple but efficient design
  10. tatsu91

    Infernal Invasion: A Single Map Wad

    Here is the VOD For it pretty enjoyable
  11. tatsu91

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    If someone could help him fund the move i am sure it would be more econimical long term if that is what he wanted. Because of cost or just programs in general as Europe has far better programs to help those in need than here.
  12. tatsu91

    How many Doom WADs are there now?

    Including Wads not on the database on Here Zdoom forums and doomer boards plus the Region specific boards i would add quite a bit more as their are alot of good wads you can find not any archive. i would say 150k is possible.
  13. tatsu91

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    The issue for anyone to move especially someone in this situation is In America Renting is becoming difficult. They Demand proof of Employment/ You make three times the rent in one month/That you pay a security deposit, First Months rent and last months rent before moving in on top of Application fees etc. So moving in a cheap place could easily cost 2500-4000 USD unless you get lucky.
  14. tatsu91

    Most common topics in Doom General

    Thats not a problem to Doom world specifically. The same thing happens in any space centered around one subject be it a forum or a sub reddit.
  15. tatsu91

    What is the Hardest Map...

    This is up their because of the required attention and nature of it