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  1. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP01: Bolt Hole Kills: 100% Secrets: 100% The first map perfectly show how brutal this Wad is going to be. The map flows beautifully with all passages linking up, my only criticism is the invisible walls stopping me from dropping down. It has screwed me over several times while fleeing from revenant rockets. Though after every map I feel like I have to go away and do something else as it is kind of draining when maps can take a good 30 mins to complete (especially as I can't bear missing secrets XD). MAP02: Marshmarrow Kills: 100% Secrets: 66% With an noticeable increase in revenants and hitscanners....the plutonia feel is really there. While there were quite a few moments where I was forced to hide and take potshots, there was enough in the map to keep the pace up. More closets but as already mentioned not as surprising as the first map but still the closetception caught me off guard the first couple of times. The rocket launcher is definitely your best friend throughout this map although best kept for the end.
  2. driftyloon

    Your favorite secret type.

    I think that the best secrets are the ones that as aforementioned just require a sharp eye and have slight visual cues or have some unique indication on the map. Candles are how most people handle it in their maps. Consoles are also a pretty interesting way as they also keep you guessing and checking. But I really hate wall spam secrets. Also extremely convoluted solutions bug me as I prefer it not to break the flow game play too much. While on the subject, maps with more than 10 secrets are annoying like refuelling base.
  3. driftyloon

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    The first few maps of 2002 A Doom Odyssey. Starting a new series of vids :)
  4. driftyloon

    What kind of liquid does health bonus contain?

    It could be liquid syptic as it is normally a blue color and it is a painkiller. However due to the size of the bottles the amount doomguy is taking would do more harm then good. But then again it is the goddamn doomguy XD. The amount he takes would take away the pain of a bullet wound maybe... He should just find some morphine.
  5. Map 03: Chemical Facility Kills: 100% Secrets: 100% Finally starting to feel alive and also this map has a ton of secrets and enemies. A lot of imps, I not a fan of that bit lone imps are in the stacks of boxes as it breaks the flow of play if you gotta kill em’ all. The secrets give access to some more new toys and with ammo for both of them strewn across the level quite charitability it can make some of the otherwise more frantic moments of the level a tad easy. Otherwise a fun level filled me closets and quite a bit of toxic waste.
  6. I played the first few of THT when it was first released but then I stopped for some reason so I should remember secrets on the first levels Playing on UV continuous MAP 01 : Eirene Kills: 100% Secrets: 100% Decent first map with a great midi track. The map flows well and combat is swift though a little bit easy. Nothing really hits you (both physically and design wise XD). However it is a decent all round! Map 02: Rockage Kills: 100% Secrets: 100% The second map gets thing going and there quite a few more higher tier enemies to watch out but nothing too difficult though sometimes navigating through the water section can be a pain. Took a little while to figure out how to get the backpack secret but got there in the end :)
  7. driftyloon

    Memento Mori 3, question about E2M7

    The game has a brilliant fluidity but there are very few videos on YouTube which show that off. The weapons have nice feel (mmm super shotgun :)) and all the weapon mods work very well, except the scope for the heavy assault rifle as that feel kind of odd. but this how not to play courtesy of Polygon: here (though they are using a controller XD)
  8. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    MAP10 – Chambers Of War Secrets: 1/1 Kills: 111/111 An interesting design but definitely had one to many doors. Hedge maze was quirky but did not add anything for me. Once again I find myself having to plough through waves of barons, HKs and mancubi. Next map’s a slaughterfest by the looks of it. Yay….maybe?
  9. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    Getting a bit behind... MAP09 – Knockout Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 334/334 Nice concept but poorly executed. A level where you go on the rampage with the berserk sounds great but after playing this level I can understand it’s infamy. As Joe said it is extremely tedious just getting invulnerability then punching everything. Strangely enough when I looked at the HMP version, they give you a plasma rifle and tons of ammo which really kind of defeats the point of the level XD.
  10. driftyloon

    E1M1 - Acid Processor

    I think that this is a solid map. It flows very nicely and a nice array of heights and use of lifts,doors,etc. I agree with scifista that it does need combat not just straight infront of the player. Try adding in some suprises like monster closets, best time is when the player is lulled into a false sense of security. Also the berserk secret was a bit too secret as I had to hump all the walls to find that. Candles is how a lot of people mark secrets without being too obvious or misaligned textures. Otherwise it's a very nice map, good job :). My run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNNcjgMv2p0&feature=youtu.be
  11. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    MAP08 – The Jail Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 145/145 Just glancing at the title it is easy to tell what the gimmick of this level is going to be. There is a lot of enemies behind bars. This is nice in moderation but for the whole level it overstays its welcome. Once again there are quite a few barons and pain elemental(gave me heart attack seeing two emerge at the end) and from pistol start, ammo is not in good supply.
  12. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    MAP07 – Arachnophobia Secrets: 2/2 Kills: 47/47 Worst Dead Simple “Homage” I’ve seen! The level is shaped like a spider (sort of…) and contains 46 Arachnotrons and a Mastermind. It is extremely tedious to get through all the Arachnotrons from pistol start. Even carrying on from the previous map it still takes a long time. Also there are two secrets which are the mandibles and contains nothing. A large step down in quality from the last map.
  13. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    MAP06 – The Round Crossroads Secrets: 2/2 Kills: 125/125 This one is definitely a more competent map but I do think that the large amount of barons does kind make this level longer than it ought to be. In my opinion, crushing ceilings are rather odd and have not seen anything really utilize them properly except in traps ( or ultimate doom e2m2). However the one in this map is just annoying and serves no real purpose. Again the soulsphere secret has no indication so it was pure luck that I humped that wall…
  14. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    MAP05 – Core Infection Secrets: 1/1 Kills: 95/95 A little bit more action but at the same time the monster placement is kind a dickish. That plasma gun is a pain to collect. It’s nice that there are windows into other bits of the level. But it is still kind of irritating that there a few windows, that if they were a step lower, they would be passthroughable (not a real word but eh). Also secret was not very secret :).
  15. driftyloon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed

    Map04 – The Garden Terminal Secrets: 1/1 Kills: 77/77 I agree it is nice to be outside, however the design is even more linear. It doesn’t help that I have played Jenesis only about 3 weeks prior to this so I can’t help but think of the sequel to this level. The enemies or the lack there of is the main thing which irritates me. The BFG tease was somewhat mean but meh. Having the exit as a secret was a bit weird but Cynical’s comment clarified the reasoning.