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Status Updates posted by Albertoni

  1. Making textures out of acne-covered backs, tralala~



    1. Albertoni


      Preliminary versions, still need editing, resize, palette adaptation, blahblah



    2. Armaetus


      Would be better if it was optimized for 256x256 or 512x512 in a high res version.

    3. Albertoni


      See where I said "still need editing, resize, palette adaptation, blahblah"


      Don't worry, I'll make these look supergross in 512x512, even if the 256x256 version is gonna lose some detail.

  2. Portals, take 2



    Current mapping mood: Hawksmoor


    "And so let us beginne; and, as the Fabrick takes its Shape in front of you, alwaies keep the Structure intirely in Mind as you inscribe it. First, you must measure out or cast the Area in as exact a Manner as can be, and then you must draw the Plot and make the Scale. I have imparted to you the Principles of Terrour and Magnificence, for these you must represent in the due placing of Parts and Ornaments as well as in the Proportion of the several Orders: you see how I take my Pen? And here, on another Sheet, calculate the positions and influences of the Celestiall Bodies and the Heavenly Orbs, so that you are not at a Loss on which Dayes to begin or leave off your Labours. The Designe of the Worke, together with every several Partition and Opening, is to be drawne by straight-edge and compass: as the Worke varies in rising, you must show how its Lines necessarily beare upon one another, like the Web which the Spider spins in a Closet."

  3. My mod was featured on Rock Paper Shotgun!




    Does this mean I can hang with the cool boys like Ling and skillsaw?

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    2. Albertoni


      Oh look, it got into Hungarian IGN too, nice: http://hu.ign.com/doom-classic-collection/26637/news/idle-doom-egy-igazan-vicces-mod-a-doom-2-hoz

      Yeah, yeah, IGN, but I'm not complaining since I didn't have to pay someone to get a positive review. :P


      @R1ck Thanks, man. Means a lot to me, knowing I'm not a failed comedian. :)

    3. KVELLER


      Lol this is awesome! I'll have to play it someday.

    4. CzechMate29200
  4. Forgot to bring my WIP maps to my vacation.

    Oh well, let's see if I can crank a 2-week speedmap.

  5. Playing with portals! I just hope enemies play well with these...



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    2. Albertoni


      @MysteriousHaruko, I've been drawing and thinking on impossible architecture since fourth grade, four dimensional architecture is a huge part of me. I don't know of any engine that supports what I want to do, sadly, and even making one that does what I want presents some very interesting struggles. That said, I was planning on adding a similar effect in a circle in another part, inspired by M.C. Escher's Ascending and Descending.


      @Xyzzy01 My main problem was if enemies would fire at the right position, the height variation means they'd shoot at the ground.

    3. Dragonfly


      @Albertoni I assume this is GZDoom? If so, the enemies really don't play ball as you would hope. I was going to ABUSE this for the Confinement256 project, only to have my hopes crushed.


      The way my map was set up - the player was in a 256x256 box which then had a 'world drawn around it' via portals. This meant that all enemies weren't in the same location as the player, but in fact was actually thousands of map units away despite looking like they were in your face. The enemies couldn't hear or interact with me, unless they 'by chance' walked into the portal and entered my little 256x256 box.




      More relevant comments here ^



    4. Albertoni


      @Dragonfly Here they would be aware of you initially, and the exit of the portal is 64 map units behind the entry point (I could link the two areas physically if needed, too), so I'm moderately hopeful it will work.

      Worst case, I just drop some bars there when the trap starts and figure out some other sort of cover for the player.

  6. I really, really need to stop doing 90° angles and 128-wide hallways. Looking good otherwise, what do you think?







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    2. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Some neat looking ideas in those screenshots! Your layout looks pretty good, so if you want a little more non-orthogonal stuff, you could just cut the tips off of some of those 90-degree turns and make them 45-degree diagonals.

      Where did you get that wall texture with the faces all over it? That looks neat.

    3. Albertoni


      Serious thanks Ichor, that would be so insanely useful if the map wasn't already so packed.


      @Not Jabba From htic2.wad, textures WAD for Quake: https://www.quaddicted.com/files/wads/


      Lots of interesting texture packs in that link, I'm using ikblue.wad a lot in this map as well; Great fantasy set and blue is a rare color.

      kp_full has some great modern-city bricks and praevus.wad has some niiiiiiice stuff that'd fit with Heretic like a glove.

      ogro and ogro2 got some great hell stuff.


      The rest, either it was meh or I didn't get around to check it out.

    4. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Wow, thanks! Lots of good stuff in there.

      If I were you, I'd also check out knave.wad. It's one of the ones that doesn't have a preview image, and I haven't actually opened up the wad yet, but it's the texture pack that the Quoth resource mod is based on, so there should be a ton of awesome textures in there.

  7. Let me frame myself into a line. Let me fit myself in the design. Drive me, draw me, plot me. A part of structure, clean-cut.

  8. Mapping, listening to music, when suddenly:


    "Jesus lives in the mind, the soul and the heart:

    You can die of love

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is alive

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is alive"



    Pretty good song. Pretty good coincidence.

    1. Negostrike
    2. Phade102


      I'm not much of a religious person, but I can see how it'd fit into doom mapping.

    3. Albertoni


      It was more of a "here I am, designing my own hell, la la la SUDDENLY JESUS" moment

  9. "When flatworms go to space, they grow two heads." This would make for an interesting WAD story, somehow.



    1. Dragonfly


      Ew, reading that made me itchy for some reason!

  10. Hey man, you want me to give a quick graphical tune-up to your map for Nova 3? It's pretty good, but it could use some work on details and lights.


    I'll just add some visual stuff, the gameplay will still be 100% yours. And hey, you might be able to learn some tricks out of what I'll do.

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    2. Redead-ITA


      I am gonna wait untill the recources are gonna be updated once it did i will post it with your credit, if its ok with you

    3. Albertoni


      Personally, I'd post it and say "hey, this depends on the forcefield texture being animated, don't forget to fix it!"


      Thanks for the opportunity though, it was fun.

    4. Redead-ITA


      you are welcome

  11. Just censored my level with a black bar.


    It's actually hiding a walkway that you're not supposed to see from this angle, heh... Easier than open and close a giant door as necessary.

  12. Congrats on 666 posts and getting the rank of Evil Member, heh

    1. Nevander


      15 more posts and I'll be there myself.

  13. Doing this kind of trim on the blue carpet texture looks hella good, specially on the borders of the room, mmm-hm



  14. Ah, that joyful feeling of debugging the last snags of your project... Oh right, forgot to test if the Decorate still works with Brootal Dum.


    This is gonna be painful.

    1. Albertoni


      Nevermind, it uh, kinda works fine. Runs at around 5FPS, but it works. Yay.

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      TBH if I were you I would test if the DECORATE did not work with Brewtal Duum. I do like to troll people, so that might be a bit wrong. :]

  15. Finally assumed your identity of Walter Confettioneri, I see

    1. Walter confetti
    2. Tristan


      The next step is Walter Confectionary.