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Posts posted by Albertoni

  1. 2 hours ago, Redead-ITA said:

    Oh boy, i remember the way the dev cycle for Nova 3 went actually.

    we started on the way the other Nova's went, with new mappers joining in doing maps and stuff (i was reeeaally new back then, with my recent entries being joy of mapping 4 or 5) it went ok untill after a while the project just went... vaporwave, so then @Albertoni (who provided me my map with feedback) eventually relaunch the project(Or at least i think he was him), along with a discord and got to work from there


    Definitely not me, no

  2. I won't say anything about the quality of the compositions as so far the whole topic has been about precisely that.


    What I will say however, is that in technical aspects, at the very least in 1995 we already had games using full blown sample-based music in their soundtracks. For example, In Pursuit of Greed.


    Better sounding, worse sounding, you judge. The only thing I'll say is that at least it played the same in all sound cards that supported this sort of samples.



  3. Waaaait, textures I made? Well then, guess I'll have to play it to figure out where it is, because I really don't remember making, or at least posting, a lot of textures lol


    Edit: Oh right, the textures I created for level 3 of Shrooms 1. I legit loved those. Brigadinha pelo momento de nostalgia <3


    Edit 2: Oh, you forgot two midis named 33 and 34 inside the wad. Nice songs, though.

  4. On 12/3/2021 at 10:59 PM, Spawn said:

    Decorate (and ACS), on the other hand, is finished and thus stable


    Yes but no. They're backwards compatible, that is, what worked on GZDoom 2 should work on GZDoom 4, unless you were exploiting a bug or something similar.


    For example, Idle Doom only works on ZDoom 2.4 onwards, as this thingy named User Variables was added at that point, and Idle Doom only exists because of it. So nothing (other than Graf) stops someone from adding some new feature to those two languages.

  5. If this was Boom-only, you could jerry-rig something with raise / lower to nearest floor / ceiling actions, and grabbing the key moves a sector in such a way that only after grabbing the key there's a height difference to move to.


    Since you're not limited to that, use ACS. It's way cleaner if you need to change it later.

  6. Nah man. If I wanted Ghost Recon, I'd play Ghost Recon. Don't mess with my fast reloadless shooting while I run laps around fireballs.


    11 hours ago, DEATH762 said:

    When you can outrun enemy fire, you just end up strafing and speeding around like a slot car. The common method of increasing the difficulty here is simply adding more monsters, but that only elicits a false sense of difficulty; you resort to running backwards and shooting, or "door-fighting".

    This is easily fixed by level design. You go and play Saturnine Chapel (or just watch a gameplay I guess), then tell me how many times you died on those one-on-one fights against default monsters.

  7. 11 hours ago, Andromeda said:

    I'm gonna pitch in with a more loosely translated one: AGPC9000 (Arma Grande para Caralho).

    Now that's a proper localization. Good job.


    On 10/26/2021 at 3:12 PM, Lol 6 said:

    That would be the literal translation, but in Spanish it doesn't sound quite right.

    Fair enough, I only have book-knowledge of Spanish, so my knowledge of cussing and swearing is very small.

  8. 1 hour ago, Noiser said:


    Arma Grande Da Porra? Makes sense I guess. Now that I stop to think about it, translating the F is actually pretty hard.


    1 hour ago, Berzerker said:

    I thought PUTA meant (Whore) or (Bitch)

    Yes, but in Spanish (and Portuguese) it can be used to emphasize something, like "puta delicioso" -> "fucking delicious"

  9. Map first, try to find a music later.


    I do have a pair of great midis waiting the right opportunity and mindset to make a good map for them, but eh. Feels weird to try and focus your creativity towards the feelings of a music, instead of letting things roll free. That's just me though.

  10. I'd just like to remind y'all are discussion the story of a game series where Carmack said "Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but its not that important." I really don't think nobody really thought about anything else but the game they were making and it's direct prequel in deciding the story, and if they did, they abandoned that line.


    Doom 2 clearly follows Doom 1. RoE clearly follows Doom 3. Eternal follows 2016. Everything else is speculation at best, other than the multiverse thingy mentioned in Eternal, which helps explain things but doesn't really make a timeline possible.


    "Oh but this game references this thing so that must mean-" No it doesn't. I'd be willing to wager money that all instances of those were people trying to reference something as fan-service instead of creating story connections. Because if we take those things to mean story connections, then Max Payne, Hitman and Red Faction also are in the Doom universe, because Doom Eternal has a Dopefish and those games also have one. I mean, that'd be quite cool, don't get me wrong, but you also see what I'm getting at.

  11. 44 minutes ago, El juancho said:

    I dont get why Thatcher is/was so much hated


    It's a long story, but the main point as far as I know was that her (admittedly successful) attempts at controlling inflation led to interest rates going through the roof, which destroyed Britain's industry, caused mass unemployment, and led to many lower-class people losing their homes to the banks.


    She was also very conservative in social regards, fighting divorce laws, trying to suppress LGBT rights, etc. I did not check the numbers, but a few years back I've heard that she lowered the education budget so much that even after, what, four decades, it is still lower than before she was elected.

  12. 19 minutes ago, Scypek2 said:


    Now there's something I never thought of before! Now I'm wondering what are the statistics of other decorative monster corpses. The only one I can specifically remember is a dead cacodemon in a prison cell of MAP31, and of course all those dead lost souls that are invisible now.


    All the data is in the wiki, but it's per-level.