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  1. Playing with portals! I just hope enemies play well with these...



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    2. Albertoni


      @MysteriousHaruko, I've been drawing and thinking on impossible architecture since fourth grade, four dimensional architecture is a huge part of me. I don't know of any engine that supports what I want to do, sadly, and even making one that does what I want presents some very interesting struggles. That said, I was planning on adding a similar effect in a circle in another part, inspired by M.C. Escher's Ascending and Descending.


      @Xyzzy01 My main problem was if enemies would fire at the right position, the height variation means they'd shoot at the ground.

    3. Dragonfly


      @Albertoni I assume this is GZDoom? If so, the enemies really don't play ball as you would hope. I was going to ABUSE this for the Confinement256 project, only to have my hopes crushed.


      The way my map was set up - the player was in a 256x256 box which then had a 'world drawn around it' via portals. This meant that all enemies weren't in the same location as the player, but in fact was actually thousands of map units away despite looking like they were in your face. The enemies couldn't hear or interact with me, unless they 'by chance' walked into the portal and entered my little 256x256 box.




      More relevant comments here ^



    4. Albertoni


      @Dragonfly Here they would be aware of you initially, and the exit of the portal is 64 map units behind the entry point (I could link the two areas physically if needed, too), so I'm moderately hopeful it will work.

      Worst case, I just drop some bars there when the trap starts and figure out some other sort of cover for the player.