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  1. Albertoni

    Rank Mapping Qualities in Order of Importance

    1. Gameplay 2. Atmosphere 3. Story (optional, but telling a story just with pure gameplay is amazing) 4. Geometry 5. Map Layout From here on down, those things by themselves can't make a good map, though they can ruin what would be a good one. 6. Music 7. Item Placement 8. Texturing 9. Difficulty 10. Map Size/Length (Technically you can salvage a meh map before it goes bad by cutting it short, but... Eh.) Don't tempt me; ... actually you have tempted me. I don't know where I'll find time but sure, I ****ing guess I can get it done by next April Fools. Implement a chess AI in ZScript while half-drunk over a Sunday, why not, that sounds like an amazing time, and I'm not even being sarcastic. Where's my AI book, I need to brush up on alpha pruning again... Eh, if you threw me a "museum" walking simulator map where cool graphic effects or scripting effects with things were the main attraction, I'd be very much amused and rank it very high on my list of favorite maps. Just because Doom has very few good ways to implement gameplay doesn't mean throwing them all out by the window and focusing on something else isn't possible.
  2. Albertoni

    Best joke WADs

    Mandril Ass Project and anything by its maker range from good to excellent. Grezzo 2 is... Something. Though it's better appreciated if you're Italian. But if you were, you'd probably have heard about the highest profile project coming out of your country already, I guess.
  3. Albertoni

    Doom Builder 2 Door Textures on Floors and Ceilings

    Then don't use that. If you know the name of the texture, you can type it in.
  4. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    @seed You were saying in your playthrough that MAP14's song reminds you of a Moonspell song. Well, it is lol Thanks for spotting the misaligned textures. I'm leaving them there though. What's done is done, let the failure of a man be a testament for the failure of men. @Suitepee You were asking yourself how the keys in MAP14 disappeared, you know, the one courtyard with two teleporters, each leading to a different version of the same courtyard? Well, there are triggers around each key that lower the other keys of the same color in the same map out of view.
  5. Not the shareware? Blame @Negostrike. I played E1 a lot as a kid, but he showed me multiplayer, wads, mods, etc. I did have a tiny career making (unpublished) maps before meeting him, but uh. Almost every single thing I remember makes me cringe. 14yo me definitely didn't know how to design maps.
  6. Albertoni

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    Hey, so uh, I'm not playing this but you're playing a pair of my maps (14 & 24), so I'm popping in to answer some questions but more importantly, thank you for the praise and thank you even more for the criticism. This thread made my day. Thank you, again. MAP14: Honestly, my original idea was a teleporter to the past and one to the future. But then, either the temple was overrun by plants and cleaned, or by demons and cleaned. Both are improbable. So it's more like a Schrödinger's Room where each teleporter leads to a possible future. Oh, and I lost a quote where someone said that the blue armor secret looked just like the one in Blood's E1M1. Guilty as charged. :D If you were to look deep into the thread you'd see that the early versions of this map, compared to the final got a HUGE boost of detail. My mother died when the map was like, 99% done. I couldn't sleep and needed something to do for a pair of days, so you can blame half of the map's detail to a sleepy-drunk state of mindlessness. I was in such a misty state of mind that I forgot the final outside room. After pretty much forgetting about the map and rereading the thread, I realized I forgot it. The grave in that room, well... I'm sure you all can add 2+2. The armor bonus is in there because I fully believe my mother would have wanted to gift all my friends who played my map with something, be it as small as it was. Oh, and please, don't feel sorry for me. Neither of us is in pain anymore. Just smile, nod and wish her a good rest. Sou do outro lado do oceano, acá onde se achava pau-brasil. :) Great band though. Love their song Opium, specially. Honestly, I don't quite think it's a very Doomy song, I put it there because the way it changes pace fits the level. It is quite a bit more rough, but I did release a 4-map set called Shrooms that you might enjoy more, as there is a bit of a story in it. There's also Shrooms 2, but that one is Mordeth'd. I do want to finish it someday, but don't count on it. Thank you for pointing it out. I don't quite have mastered the art of making a truly non-linear level. Or rather, I know the theory, but never put it to practice. That said, yeah, love having way too many secrets, specially if they excuse me to go wild with surreal vistas. UV, pistol start, no secrets. It's doable. It's not easy. Good luck. Or if you feel like you REALLY know the level, Nightmare. Because I do try and beat all my levels in Nightmare before saying they're done, limiting myself to one save every 50 monsters (at the start of the map). I do get the argument that my secrets make the map too easy. I cannot disagree. But you're having your world invaded by demons and you spent 15 minutes humping walls. Both sides are having a bit of a narrative disagreement. Still, my side is, you, for some reason found a part of my level hard? You can grab secrets to boost yourself through that part. I admit I add unfair traps here and there. I also add ways to clear them. Go without secrets, grab them at the end to boost yourself for the next level if mine is too easy. That said, damn. Almost everyone complains my levels are too hard. Congrats. I have good and bad news. My husband and my daughter are sleeping and snoring as I type this. Right now, they are my life, and the monthly run to check how Doomworld is, is an exception. That said, the notebook with sketches and ideas for maps is still slowly growing, and the urge to get more than a mention in the cacowards is as strong as it ever was. _________________________________________________________________ MAP24: I'm... Confused and happy you like this one more. I spent like, one third of the time in this one. I'm unhappy with the final battle. I'm unhappy with the rocket launcher room. I'm unhappy with so many more places and fights. Ah well. Thank you! I'll tell you one secret. From the starting room, face the two exit doors. Go through the one on the right. You'll see a turn to the left. Instead, examine the corner on the right. You'll see the mask being placed on the ship though the wall. Figuratively and surrealistically speaking, of course. Have you ever heard of, or played an RPG Maker game named Yume Nikki? It's about the dreams of the authoer, and the author tried to represent their dreams to as close of a degree as the engine allows, if one believes the author claims. Sometimes, over a month, I'll dream half a dozen times about the same room, or the same discussion, or the same situation. Never extremely unpleasant (something I want to master in my maps) but sometimes quite repetitive until I do the right things and everything just falls on the right places. So, welcome to my dreams. You're not getting out so easily. Bit of a spoiler here, but it has a message for a friend's birthday. He loves Halo. The first Halo game has an easter egg (called the Megg) that requires you to climb a random box in the first room so you can later access it. This BFG requires you to climb a box in the first room as well, or jump over it. I know, way too involved, which is why I didn't mark it as secret.
  7. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    You're patching breaking bugs. It's not like you're making the maps more enjoyable, you're making them playable. No-one is going to blame you for it. Please never remove those jokes. They humanize the map, remind the player that an actual person worked on this; They tell a story as big as the story the map wants to tell. Of course, work more on the map than on the jokes, jokewads are a bit passé by now, but still. Your method is good though, unless you're aiming for structural realism. Stops you from getting too bored with making this or that part of the level. As for map flow, it comes half with experience, half with knowing the monsters and where to use them.
  8. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    All reviews, again, on UV continuous. MAP13: Good start, very moody. Great use of darkness. The way the level intertwines on itself is nothing short of top quality as well. Love the easter egg. Seriously, congratulations. Best map so far, strong contender for best overall. MAP14: Good level, 10/10, would recommend :P MAP15: Jeez, what can I say other than good level? The puzzle for the secret exit is a bit hard, I guess. Also, I already posted about a relatively big bug with a teleporter. MAP31: Bit of a hard puzzle. I had to resort to a map editor to figure out how to get to IV. The secret exit was relatively easy to find in comparison. MAP32: I'd like to declare I am in a love / hate relationship with you now. Very hard level honestly but I cannot complain too much considering its slot. MAP16: Is that song an actual MIDI and not an MP3? Jeez. Excellent level overall, though the ending fell a bit short after the yellow key. MAP17: A start like that, after you shoot the button, is hard on the ticker, you made me think I was in a slaughtermap lol Anyway, it's great. Love the red-blue skull texture near the red and blue switches, that was a cool touch. I'd almost complain about two megaspheres in the secrets, but eh. Too much health in secrets isn't ever bad. MAP18: That start ain't cool. I don't quite know why, but nobody ever starts a level in a fight. Might be a remnant of when you were playing in a 386 and levels took half a minute to load, so a big fight out of the bat could've catched someone unaware. Do consider adding a small area where the players start and then go through a teleporter. Also, throwing monsters in the player's face all the time gets old after the fifth or so time. MAP19: Not a fan of it. Way too hard, and the traps got a bit repetitive. I guess I partially asked for it when I played on UV, but still. MAP20: Oh boy. Love the ending, love the secret within a secret, love the battles (except for the one with the horde of chaingunners and the two arch-viles). Great level. MAP21: Jerry died in one shotgun blast. I'm sorry. Also, great sector art. The first area is a bit bland (in gameplay, visually it's excellent), the following fight through the rooms a bit slow, but I guess that's okay for a first level in an episode. This might also be just hyper-detail-everything-me speaking, but all the rooms felt quite same-y. The last battle is a bit out of place. All other battles were pretty trivial, then suddenly an arena with little solid cover and two cyberdemons. All in all, 9/10 for an amateur map, 7/10 otherwise, lots of room for improvement.
  9. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Without, but my point is that you can kill all the enemies using the door as a chokepoint instead of everyone firing at you from all directions.
  10. Albertoni

    Demon + Demon

    The idea isn't bad, but here's one thing you must do, and two that might work well or might not: You NEED to vary the combat, the room, something. Facing a bunch of monsters head-on many times will quickly get boring. Maybe add some lava to the floor, maybe add some pillars to take cover, maybe teleport the player with the enemies surrounding him, maybe force the player to fight a few enemies with a berserk punch. The second thing is, with the weaker monsters, adding one or two doesn't change much. Changing from 1 to 2, then to 4, then to 8, that might be better (or not, but it's worth a quick try). On the opposite side, a fight against five arch-viles in a room like those in your screenshots isn't going to be fun. It might be possible, but certainly not fun. And in the end, a fun map is better than a hard map. Another idea is to have boss rooms every so often with a more elaborate fight. A good arena with snipers, tanks, damage dealers, etc. can be pretty refreshing from time to time, specially if you can make the room interesting. Work with verticality, with blocking paths, with opening paths, with pillars and walls...
  11. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Also, found a bug on MAP15. You can trigger the teleport in the hole just in front of the screenshot and get to the secret way more easily than supposed. And before you complain it's impossible to find it intentionally, I found it by accident, because some players love to mash action when walking around.
  12. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    All reviews are on UV continuous, tagging people whose maps have bugs: MAP01 is fine, I guess. Good opening map, nothing remarkable. @Tactical Stiffy MAP02 has a secret on the red key room that's reachable with infinitely tall actors off, just jump from the altar to the pillar things and then jump off the window. Also, the lava in the room with the yellow key doesn't hurt you. A touch more of HP in the final arena couldn't hurt. MAP03 went from a generic beginner map to something that I didn't even recognize until going to the outside part. No complaints. MAP04: Blood music? Unusual, not very doomy, but sure. A bit nostalgic for some. 5 and 6 lost to playing while drunk, sorry MAP07: lots of arenas, who are you, ribbiks? jokes aside, not bad, not bad, the first map that I really stopped and went "whoa, this is good." If I had to complain about something, it's that it lacks a Something. Not a certain something, but a Something in the sense of one memorable thing, some epic vista, or a building, or some sector art. Play the start of MAP10 and look through the window straight ahead from the beginning for a good example. MAP08: Still maybe too short on HP. Or did I complain it was short on shells the last time I playtested it? Because shells are fine now. Good map, maybe a bit too hard but eh. Can't judge too hard because my maps also were hard as hell. MAP09: Short, sweet, hard. Definitely need to poke at this with pistol start. Love pretty much everything of the detailing, but specially the exit room. MAP10: Good to see a less gimmicky map after your JPCP maps. Not that they weren't good, they were excellent. But making a good serious map is quite harder than a silly and good map. Things like the window at the start, letting you see a further part of the map, the darkened stalagmites and trees. Great arenas, great everything. @P1NKAC1D MAP11: Oh hey I played this one before. It's still good; Great, great start for the second section of maps. A bug to report though, you can trigger the fight against 4 arachnotrons behind the yellow door and escape back through it to cheese the fight. MAP12: The start might be a bit too much for a pistol start. Or not. I guess it's okay, I'm just not a big fan of it. The yellow key part has very pretty architecture, love it.
  13. This is great for gameplay planning / layouting. Like, really. Get the base shapes down, get the base gameplay down first and foremost. For detail... I'll get to it in a second. This isn't generally bad. Do vary the shape of the rooms, however, and from time to time, decide that an open doorway is better than a door. Anyway, as for detail. Have you ever heard the latin phrase horror vacui, the fear of the empty? To some degree, apply that. Too much empty? Think on something that would thematically fit. Some stone structures in hell or a cave, some computers on the ceiling on a techbase, some gentle height changes on the floor here and there... Throw random lamps on corners or in the middle of lines of pillars, even. The most important thing is to be aware of the original gameplay idea. Change it a bit, or avoid changing it, but be aware of what you're doing. Oh, and one thing that's small but makes a great effect? Chiaroscuro. Strong contrast between bright and dark. Draw lines from lamps illuminating a very dark area. Bonus points if the room is like, 75% bright but there is a tiny bit of dark everywhere where monsters can hide for a second or so while they take a pair of potshots at you. Of course, if you're doing so, don't use anything more powerful than a zombieman, an imp or a pinkie. Losing 20HP is a tiny dick move, but fair, but compared to a suprise 80 damage from a revenant? Yeah, that one isn't okay. And if mapping on Doom Builder? The curve line tool, set to 90 degrees and the checkbox that means something like "perfect circle" checked (sorry, haven't really mapped in a year, sadly) are great to make a square-ish room rounded, which works great with some textures. Also, specially if your battle plan for that area includes revenants, add a few pillars. Sure, make them a bit out of the way, or even make enemies spawn near them (great for cover from pesky BFG shots the player might fire!) but I personally find a good zig zag between pillars to clear chasing rockets to be the bee's knees. There is one thing that you need to be aware of, however. Insets on the wall might get players stuck. Things and pillars and everything that isn't a room made of rectangles? That's opportunity to get stuck. So when detailing, raised floors tall enough you can't climb them, impassable walls, corners (can't get stuck on a lamp that's on a corner, you'd be stuck on the corner anyway, so that's practically your fault) and so on are your best friends. Bit of a big rant. Sorry, if you got this far. If you ever want more clarification or examples on what I said, do quote me and, well, wait a month or so. Focusing my life on the wife and daughter right now, I hope you'll understand and forgive the slow reply, heheh
  14. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    I'm writing a map by map review, I'll probably post it when I finish each 10 maps so not to spam too much. That said, the text before MAP07 got a typo, hinderance instead of hindrance.
  15. Albertoni

    hate it, like it. I dont care. WORK IN PROGRESS

    Honestly? I made enough maps to fill half a megawad before I was 20. I made about the same number of maps between being 20 and 30. The first half sucks. The second half kinda sucks but it has some good ideas. That's what you have to aim for. Do your best, it's going to not be cacoward material, but it'll put those half a dozen good ideas out there.
  16. Albertoni

    The worst doom joke

    An imp walks into a bar and asks for a beer. It drinks the beer, then asks for a second one. It drinks it, then asks for a third glass of beer. The bartender starts staring at the imp with an amused smile. The imp asks "What's up, have you never seen an imp before?" The bartender replies "I have, but I'm wondering where you're keeping the money to pay for the beers."
  17. Mmmm, love those. Though the front of that ship might be a tad too square lol
  18. Go for it, I started mine 5 hours early. It's more about the experience than the rules
  19. Albertoni

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    .wad is a classic file format, the one that the original engine supported. It contains levels, sprites, textures, music, sounds... Maybe a few more things. I don't remember the exact list. .deh are files for DeHacked, a program that was used to edit code in the original engine, allowing for custom weapons, custom enemy actions, and a bunch of other tiny details. Look for that name in the wiki I linked you in the other post if you want to know everything it could do. .pk3 are a new format that is only supported by the Zdoom port and its derivatives. I'm not 100% sure, but I'd bet that no Android port supports it, other than maybe that one paid one that's only available in the Amazon app store or something. Don't know its name though, sorry.
  20. Albertoni

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    You want stuff called "total conversions." This is a good list to start: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Category:Total_conversions
  21. Albertoni

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm trying to find a map that I think was in some Zdoom forums project, and it was by someone a bit famous, but I can't remember who. Basically, the map was almost fully plain ground, but as you walked, it would build rooms out of nowhere. I think it was a map31 or 32 since it was so experimental. Any ideas, guys? Edit: Zpack, E3M0, thanks @Negrostrike
  22. Do sign me up as well. Probably only for one map, but oh well. At least it'll be something.
  23. Albertoni

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    @Scotty Sorry for disappearing. I rebalanced the amount of ammo and a few battles in El Dorado. It should be more or less done after this. The last battle is still a bit hellish, but I removed most revenants, one archvile and the other arch-vile is somewhere where it cannot revive monsters. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13rrmdKEpJM2SsRReT2Sl3_VsOSwykJwu Any ideas as for when this is going to get released? How many maps are we still waiting for?
  24. Albertoni

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Well, if I was waiting for what is a condensed review, and you give me more than the condensed review... I guess that makes it more than enough consolation. Thanks! Edit: BTW, thanks for the praise. Always good to see someone liking something a bit more experimental, even if, in your own words, it's only a proof of concept. Silly fun fact, wanna know how much time I spent balancing the game? Zero. I put some initial thought into the numbers, like, the money monsters give when they die is monster HP / 10, and the weapons were a bit based on damage per hit, but... Other than that, it was just "double the previous value, round to a number that's a big higher, include some 666's for funsies."
  25. Albertoni

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    I take offense from that, I'm still waiting for idledoom.wad to be reviewed