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  1. barehoes

    Would you play this shit??

    I had quite the fun time joining a random zandronum server the other day. I was bored so I scrolled to the bottom of doomseeker and joined a random coop Ultimate Doom server, on Hell Beneath. It had 1 PWAD and it was called biggun.wad. I have never heard of it so I used the direct link and downloaded it to join. Nobody was on. It was just E4M1 and it looked like nobody even played it yet(all the monsters were in their spawn positions). Everything looked vanilla. After about 4 seconds of spawning I was so wrong(look at the video, i started recording after playing for about 2 minutes). Okay so clearly this is a WAD that changes the monsters a bit to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the difficulty. The only weapon I noticed that was different was the regular shotgun but every monster was changed! Not visually but gameplay wise. Shotgun guys were shooting rails, Imps shot bigger fireballs which seemed to be 1 hit kills(they gibbed me almost every time), the demons/spectres were running at like triple times the normal speed and attacked faster, and the Barons were shooting their green balls, which also shot RAILS!! Like seriously the unknown author of this WAD must of been on some crazy dope when making this. But it was pretty funny nonetheless. Would I replay Doom 1 or Doom 2 with this mod implemented? Maybe not, cause it's just too damn hard. I could not imagine beating this game in single player without the aid of infinite respawns. So tell me forum, would you play this shit??
  2. Ok so you know how sometimes you enter a seemingly empty room and after walking over a linedef a monster instantly teleports? Yeah I'm trying to do that but I ran into some problems. Firstly I am not talking about using the "peephole" method as I do know how to do that. I am referring to cases where there are dummy sectors that are not attached to the playable portion of the map which hold the monster, then raising the floor for the monster to walk over and teleport. See 1Monster map 18 Knightmire. A Hell knight teleports onto the circle blood fountain thingy instantly after triggering a linedef. I looked at the map in Doom builder and I see that the monster sector and the sector he teleports in are connected(they both highlight yellow when i hover the mouse over 1 of them in sector mode). How are they connected when the monster sector is literally not anywhere close to the room or even the map? The lines do not visually connect sector to sector yet they are the same. How do I do this?
  3. Thank you all for your help and insightful replies! It works great!
  4. barehoes

    DOOM II NM-Speed in 24:09

    that silent BFG trick on map17 doe :)
  5. barehoes

    How does the BFG9000 work?

    Ok relax if this has been answered before but I cannot find any good tutorials on the way the BFG9000 works(in original doom). I understand it fires a green ball, and at the point of the ball being shot your players position is kept track of by the game. When the ball hits something it does a ton of initial damage, and 40 invisible tracers are also shot. This is where it gets confusing for me. Supposedly these tracers actually do more damage then the ball itself. Where are these tracers shot? I've seen people on youtube shoot the BFG before entering a teleporter, then after using the teleporter the enemies infront of the player upon entering the teleporter die by those tracers? Wtf?
  6. does anyone know who designed these maps?
  7. barehoes

    Some Skulltag server issues?

    you probably need to port forward your server
  8. barehoes

    Love for Doom GBA

    the GBA port was great, really showed off the impressive power of the GBA! the game ran smooth as silk for the most part, and almost all levels were included. it had more then the 32x port. the doom 2 port on the GBA was also great, because it had all 32 levels and all the enemies too. only thing i hated about it was there was no level skip cheat. so if i wanted to play map 16, i had to go through 15 maps first.
  9. When I was younger years ago there was a show on teletoon that came on usually around 9:30pm i think. It had these 4 big muscular superhero guys who were like crazy big. There was 1 black guy and 3 white guys i think and 1 kid who was like retarded or some shit. There was 1 episode where they fought a monster who was made of them and uses friction by rubbing his hands. That's all I really remember, any ideas? It's bugging the crap outta me.
  10. barehoes

    Do you remember this Teletoon show?

    oh my god thank you guys this is the damn show i was talking about! oh shit i even found the episode i was talking about! hoilee pure nostalgia overload rn fam!
  11. barehoes

    Crouching Animation?

    im pretty sure that the vanilla doomguy skin has a crouch animation on any zdoom source port (including zandronum i think) . if all players use that skin then yeah im sure already there is a crouch animation present EDIT: Yeah so definitely it does. I just loaded zandronum without any wads and was using the base 1 skin and crouched with an animation
  12. I used to be the biggest WWE fan of life before it took the turn for the worst and became a PG piece of shit. To this day I check up on it to see how it has evolved and it's only getting worse. So last night was the biggest event Wrestlemania 31 (holy shit) and they put John Cena in a UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP match(which he won). Anyone who knows a little bit of WWE knows that John Cena is the face of the company and deserves no less then world championship. Is he going down in the company? I don't really know, maybe someone could clear up why he is in a fu***** united states championship match.
  13. barehoes

    Doom: Episode Zero

    add some screenshots my dude
  14. If you've played Brutal Doom (and chances are you have) you probably know about the metal remixes that the soundtrack has. A lot of people actually make covers of Doom's old music, and for the most part they sound good! The best ones I've heard come from elguitartom on youtube. He's covered almost every song by now I think, so go give his channel a look. He has also covered a few Pantera songs with doom enemies as the singer, and it's pretty damn cool. Check it out
  15. definitely those chaingun assholes and revenants
  16. barehoes

    John Romero talks Doom on CNN

    this is indeed a very interesting thread but i have to say here is the greatest thread on this site
  17. barehoes

    The Best Doom Metal remixes you will ever hear!

    not self advertising though. i dont even know this guy, i just like his music and feel like other doomers should know about his work
  18. barehoes

    Super Demon

    looks pretty cool, definitely reminds me of the old gamemode "Terminator"
  19. barehoes

    Doom 2 Real Metal music mod!

    Hello doomworld. Today I present to you the wad that has taken over 5 hours of my time to create (I know it is not much). I have created a music mod that replaces the original Doom 2 MIDIs with real life metal songs! The bands included range from Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Megadeth, and Lamb Of God so yes it's the good metal! These songs are also all in MIDI format, so don't expect them to sound great. These were kept in traditional MIDI format to not only keep the file size small, but also to maintain the original vanilla doom feeling when playing. Even if you do not like metal or the bands included, a try wouldn't hurt. It is very fun to kill demons of hell along to some good ol' metal! Songs included: Megadeth - Hangar 18 Lamb Of God - As The Palaces Burn Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls Slayer - Angel of Death Metallica - Sad But True Lamb Of God - Redneck Slayer - South Of Heaven Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction Metallica - Seek and Destroy Metallica - Master Of Puppets Pantera - This Love Slayer - Dead Skin Mask Slayer - Postmortem Slayer - Raining Blood (PROBLEM WITH THIS IS IT REPEATS GUITAR ONLY) Pantera - I'm Broken Metallica - Fade to Black BONUS SONGS: Pantera - Cemetery Gates Metallica - Creeping Death Metallica - Some Kind of Monster(Intro) Pantera - Regular People (Intermission) Lamb Of God - Remorse is for the Dead (Text screen) If some of your favourite songs or ones you feel should be included are left out, trust me I thought about adding it. The process I did to get MIDIs for these songs is not very effective. Basically I had guitar pro tabs for these songs in which I would then export as MIDI. Musicians will understand what I mean but basically some songs were not in the correct format as my version of guitar pro and thus I couldn't add songs like Peace sells, holy wars, walk, alot of lamb of god songs etc. But I still think this is a great list! DOWNLOAD LINK
  20. barehoes

    Doom 2 Real Metal music mod!

    dammit, here i was thinking i was doing something original. >_> to be fair, I looked through his song list and I would say more then 70% of it are those crazy death metal bands that have guitars tuned as low as a bass. they just don't sound good with doom since most of doom's music was in E standard. In my list, the lowest a song goes is Im Broken and thats only D flat. These songs sound really cool when you play the game.
  21. barehoes

    Maps for joe-ilya's birthday

    yours my friend :)
  22. barehoes

    Maps for joe-ilya's birthday

    despite the stupid reason for why it was made, it is actually such a sick map. i had so much fun playing lol great job man
  23. barehoes

    DooM Arena Wad.

    looks pretty sick, but jheez every 2nd doom video i see on youtube has that damn doom3 theme song