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  1. Well, since no one said that yet: I'm pretty sure that the WAD is this. But it's for EDGE, so in PrBoom-based ports it will only be possible to make it look like the screenshot, not play it with all the intended features. Edit: If the point is what weapon mods can work there in general and not what WAD is shown in the screenshot, then I'd recommend at least these: The .deh files should also be loaded, in case there will be questions... Also in the former mod only one of the two patches should be used.
  2. Dgemie

    What are you playing now?

    Got to MAP23 of Interception. To put it short - overall it's my cup of tea, at least because certain maps (and songs) do have a fairly strong mood. Something tells me that none of the remaining maps will be like that, but probably I will play them too.
  3. Dgemie

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    I personally really like the first episode of Turok 3 with its feel of true melancholy. Not so sure about the rest, though... I think that it's not so much the release of UT itself as the reception of Unreal is. Like, most of those who played Unreal in 1998 appreciated it for technical stuff ("first time a non-id engine surpassed id's!", AI, etc.), and those indeed moved on to Half-Life, UT and such; those who appreciated Unreal for the visions stick to it to this day. I did play through most of Kreed and think that it does at least partially deserve its infamy (didn't you yourself make fun of it in 2004?). Yes, there was at least one talented mapper in the team (I think about the "Tiglaary ship" maps), but otherwise it's rather bland in almost every aspect. And, besides responding to other posts, I guess that I have to repeat what I said in another forum: many budget shooters are underrated IMO, especially Marine Sharpshooter (and Navy Seals), Vietnam 2: Special Assignment and most games by the team now known as Silden - and, since recently, I would add Soldier of Fortune: Payback. At the very least, all of those have got their own style... [Oh well, one more time writing a comment with a negative tone became a burden for me on the following day. I guess that this is how opinions change!..]
  4. Dgemie

    How did you guys learn how to map?

    Well, I kinda couldn't resist. I guess that, having released 5 proper maps, of which one I'm somewhat pleased with [in a "something good" and not "something playable" way, at least], I can have a point. I too belong into the category of designers who come up with areas already containing details and only then implement them into a map. I used to really like drawing isometric stuff in classes and I think that mapping is like that - I imagine an area in my head and see it come to life as I draw it in an editor, and that feeling is probably the thing that I enjoy the most about mapping. And some of my favorite maps stuck with me for having a proper mood, and I think that it's not really possible to follow that if you return to areas that you have already done. I have done a "gameplay-oriented" map once, and it ended up being covered at more than a half in STARTAN and lacked height variation almost completely, yet I never felt like fully overhauling it as I was afraid that the balance that was essentially a happy accident for me would be ruined.
  5. I guess that I'm neither mainstream nor hipster, but sorta anti-mainstream, because I have fairly strong preferences (or I want to think so - I'm 16, after all, maybe they will change) which hardly match the common ones, and therefore my own "mainstream" consists mostly of mappers (and, since recently, musicians) which are less than famous. Does that make most of my posts since a few months ago more understandable?

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      Careful how you phrase such things.

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      You seem awfully familiar.

      ROFL, that wasn't even an insult.

  6. Dgemie

    Trying to do reviews

    I know, but the point is that I want to give attention to old WADs.
  7. Dgemie

    Trying to do reviews

    So I still desperately search for a kindred spirit (read: attention), and I thought that the best thing I can do for the community is reviews, so let's go. And I decided to start with a WAD that I always especially wanted to review (properly, at least - my comment doesn't count). The Secret Path
  8. Dgemie

    So what are we going to do with the maps?

    Well, for me even stuff like "fighting monsters in cramped corridors" is not a big problem if I can get immersed into the environment. I indeed will be annoyed somewhat but will try to beat the map regardless, and will be satisfied after finishing it. And my playthrough of MAP13 actually turned out like that!
  9. Dgemie

    So what are we going to do with the maps?

    Well, the entire point is that I'd rather play maps rejected for "sacrificing gameplay for the sake of realism" than maps that will replace them. And well, maybe it's not important for the team, but it was important for me to post about it, heh!..
  10. Dgemie

    So what are we going to do with the maps?

    I guess I didn't phrase the OP correctly, so let's add to it so that it will make more sense. Basically, it seems to me that there are 4 problems with maps: 1) not having all maps; 2) having pointless maps (I mostly mean the likes of MAP14); 3) having vanilla-incompatible maps; 4) having maps with gameplay "sacrificed for the sake of realism" or otherwise experimental (read here or here). Yes, my post was supposed to be about the latter. IMO, "sacrificing gameplay for the sake of realism" is not really a valid complaint (that's the "acquired taste" part). Maybe it was not a good idea to bring it up before the vanillafying and the "Aquatex mapping experiment" are finished, but I wanted to think that it can as well be for the better.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Catoptromancy, Amarande and wesleyjohnson (and maybe others) hate to think that maps they put heart and soul into might end up rotting in the attic or something like that. So do I, because I prefer mappers who design maps for themselves (if you haven't guessed already). But quite a few regulars to this forum don't think so, and for them, removing maps by all three authors is only a matter of time. Maybe I can understand them too: such acquired taste maps are probably not the best addition to an IWAD. But still: how about finding a point of agreement?
  12. Dgemie

    Music pack as a separate wad

    I tend to do the opposite because I prefer to load music packs after WADs with no new music or not all music replaced.
  13. Dgemie

    I'm now a fanboy of maps by Pinchy

    I do know about Based and even managed to barely get past the "beginner" half. Maybe I will play the whole thing sooner or later.
  14. It's included in this, I believe: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/evil_1
  15. Dgemie

    I'm now a fanboy of maps by Pinchy

    I guess I like the sense of place factor. If I thought that his maps are mainstream enough, I possibly wouldn't make this thread!