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  1. 31 Nightmare PC Completed Currently trying a minimalist run on Nightmare.
  2. Btyb88

    Marauder In (Almost) Vanilla Doom!

    So it would require MBF dehacked, but you can have the Marauder continually spawn an invisible actor that is only slightly larger than the Marauder itself, that acts as it's shield. Then when it attacks with its swing just don't have the shield spawn.
  3. Btyb88

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    I was about to go play some more Eternal, but then map19 happened.
  4. Been messing around with dehacked lately and thought I'd throw a few of them on here for people to use, take inspiration from, or tell me it's old news! MBFCompPlayer.rar - An example of a moving/attacking monsters (or bot) that uses appropriate movement frames. It's also a pretty useful bot to practice against. Tested in PrBoom+ complevel 11. MultipleRez.rar - A proof of concept that shows multiple monsters being able to resurrect like the Archvile. The animation isn't great but I'm sure it could be cleaned up. It would also work even better if both monsters that resurrect shared similar sprites, for example, the Archvile and Diabolist. Tested in PrBoom+ complevel 2. Inspired by this topic. BrainSpitAttack.rar - Turns the BrainSpit into a new attack. In this case, the new Archvile (replacing the SpiderDemon) fires out multiple explosive cubes that drop fire along their path. Pretty sure I got some or all inspiration from this topic. Either way credit to them for thinking of it. This can just be a reminder that it's possible to do. Tested in PrBoom+ complevel 2 and 11. Complevel 2 seems to work just fine but without the fire spawning under the cubes. Hopefully these are in someway helpful to anyone looking to use more dehacked options.
  5. As much as I love to play around with Dehacked, some of the things that it won't allow you to do frustrate me to no end. I think I had played around with the SkullAttack/Stop combo before, testing in ZDoom, only to have it not work in PrBoom.
  6. Enter in the stationary shield idea!
  7. My guess is it would only target the closest player? Presumably the monsters intended target. Otherwise this method would probably be better for singleplayer. The other benefit to this is it shouldn't affect monsters so they won't get hurt unnecessarily.
  8. It should work as long as the gas isn't a projectile and has starts with one (or two?) Look frames. This basically makes it a stationary monster that deals melee damage over the determined amount of tics, minus the first Look frames.
  9. Have you tried using scratch instead of detonate on the gas? I find it works better since you can set Scratch to exactly how much damage you want it to cause.
  10. Yeah that's the one I'm referring to. When it comes to the "health as ammo" type of weapon I feel like it should be doing more damage to the player imo.
  11. Really nice! You beat me to the punch with a few ideas, like the gas that releases from the one green projectile. One thing I found is for shielded monsters like the Hell Warrior, you can spawn an in an invisible actor 1 unit wider than the spawning actor to create a shield effect if that's of interest to you at all. The only thing I would look at is the BFG type gun. I felt like it wasn't doing enough damage to me, but just my 2 cents!
  12. Like stated before the problem doesn't come from the SSG being overpowered, but the shotgun being underpowered. With a bump to 8 pellets and an increased fire rate, I would use the shotgun a lot more often.
  13. Never thought to do that, but then again I usually stick with MBF-dehacked as I'm a sucker for extra frames and actions.
  14. With dehacked, when the arachnotron dies it has a 50/50 chance of jumping to a different death state, which calls the spawn function to spawn an acrachnorb. I haven't looked at it in while but pretty sure that's what it is.
  15. If better suited over there then yeah. How do I go about getting it over there?
  16. It's always fun to play around with dehacked and figure out new ways of using everything. Like I mentioned over here I'd love to see more comprehensive mods available like minicharge for people to use. Megawads like Valiant and Eviternity are made great partially by their custom monsters IMO.
  17. I've been messing around with dehacked a lot lately and realized using refire and look can be really useful for forcing monsters back to their respective walk states rather than to a specific frame.
  18. Turns out it is possible to have multiple monsters resurrect. Using any Refire and Look code pointer you can have the resurrect differentiate between whos using it. Heres a test map where the FormerHuman can also resurrect. The animation (or lack thereof) isn't ideal but it shows it's possible and could probably be refined to look better, especially is both monsters share a similar sprite. MultipleRez.rar
  19. I've been working on multiple dehacked weapon/monster mods for a bit now as a resource for people to use, along the lines of minicharge. Problem is I'm terrible at actually finishing things. Either way I'd love to see more dehacked work out there for people to use as a base for their wads.
  20. Btyb88

    MBF Dehacked Bot

    Ok, uploaded a fixed version tested in Prboom. It should be all good now.
  21. Btyb88

    MBF Dehacked Bot

    Hi all! I recently made a dehacked "Computer Player" for MBF in what I believe is a novel way which allows the Bot to move and attack with accurate sprites. Instead of using a single defined 'Walk' and 'Attack' state, I set up multiple undefined states that rely on 'SpidRefire' (or any Refire really) and 'RandomJump' to check whether or not the bot can see the Player as well as when to attack and which attack to use. The end result is a pretty convincing Bot when you consider it's all dehacked. I've searched around to see if anyone has done this before, but if not the same method could be used to make other types of move-attack monsters or monsters that have different behavior based on if they see the player or not. I've also tested a vanilla Doom version which works, albeit with a single constant attack because of the lack of 'RandomJump'. Here is the .bex as well as a test map. MBFCompPlayerFix.rar Edit: Credit for the attacking marine sprites goes to Mark Quinn and Anthony Cole???
  22. Btyb88

    MBF Dehacked Bot

    I was afraid of that. I had originally tested with the Look frames in PrBoom but didn't think to do that this time as this is a cleaned up version. Thanks for the test! Will upload a fixed version soon.
  23. Btyb88

    MBF Dehacked Bot

    I had never seen those sprites outside of Brutal Doom so I kind of just assumed. Edited the OP to credit Mark Quinn and Anthony Cole.
  24. Btyb88

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    An Ancient Aliens style level I have been sitting on for WAY too long, adding bits and pieces every now and again.