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  1. I tried opening the .deh myself but it kept crashing on me. Might be something wrong on my end? I have had numerous times where my stuff seemingly stops working, only to be fine if I redo everything in a new file. Could be worth a try?
  2. I'm pretty sure it has to do with a combination of melee range and skullattack. The skullattack puts the monster in melee range which then attempts to melee attack again, repeating the cycle without actually attacking. This is at least a problem I've run into before that might be the issue here.
  3. Btyb88

    POSSEST (Remake - Commercial)

    More commercial games made with gzdoom? Yes, please!
  4. Btyb88

    WackEd Damage Query

    For the most part, no. iirc the only thing in vanilla doom it would effect on a monster is the damage a Lost Soul does. Someone correct me if I'm missing something.
  5. While it does get a little repetitive, I do really like ideas like this (I actually have a map that starts similar to this!). One thing though:
  6. Out of curiosity, are you counting a pain elemental as 2 or 1?
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I suppose one of my issues when making maps is the difficulty balance. I always balance it around my own skill level and what I'm expecting out of the map, in this case UV that was very punishing but (imo) still enjoyable. From there I tweaked the lower difficulties just enough so that I was able to beat the map in fewer tries. I completely see where you are coming from though. My original thought was to completely re-work the fights for each difficulty so each one played differently, but I kind of gave up on that and went for the traditional "a little less monsters, a little more health" route.
  8. Hey everyone! Here's a little something I've been working on for the past week or so. It's a 1024 map with a lot of moving floors and a lot of close quarter, densely packed fights. I tried to squeeze as much variation and combat into this thing as I could without making it feel over-done. Port - Eternity Difficulty settings - Yes Uses OTEX exclusively (not included) Jumping not allowed Music - Blindmind.it by Quasian I hope this thing brings you as much joy as possible this holiday season! old - Quartzite Quarrel.rar new - Quartzite QuarrelV2.rar Screenshots
  9. Thanks for the review! Can you tell me what platforms ended up being broken? I thought I ironed all those out but I guess not. While I'm not the biggest Doom platformer either, I figured in a small map like this it was a decent way of squeezing more out of the geometry. But your comment is noted!
  10. So I just checked and it seems like the .wad works but the .pk doesn't. If you have the .wad I'd say try that. Sorry this is getting too confusing! I appreciate the efforts to play regardless.
  11. Sorry, I was always under the assumption that you shouldn't include the texture file to avoid having multiple copies. I'll update the OP to clarify.
  12. Did you play this in Eternity? I know if you try GZDoom it does end up looking janky like you said. The space in between the platforms should be just enough that you can't run straight over but almost always do-able when strafe-running. Maybe I just became use to jumping the gap because of how much I played it. Either way thanks for playing and the feedback!
  13. Some people have downloaded it, not sure if they have played it yet or not.
  14. To all my fans out there! Just updated the wad with a few fixes and tweaks. Feedback and demos are appreciated!
  15. Btyb88

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    "Quartzite Quarrel" A 1024 Eternity map with a lot of dense fights and moving floors. Every time I think I'm finished with it I end up tweaking something that ends up with me re-working the whole map.
  16. Btyb88

    When did you find the Map Markers useful?

    I don't know why I never thought of doing this. I very rarely used the markers for switches but this seems like an even better use.
  17. Btyb88

    [PRBoom-Compat] Unhallowed

    Really fun stuff here! Died a handful of times on UV. Each fight had just the right amount of challenge where if I did end up dying, I was able to beat it the next time going in.
  18. Btyb88

    I.H.N.I. Episode 1 (no - the other one)

    Just played the first level and very much enjoying it so far. Love the amount of effort that clearly went into this. Also I love how the intermission music is Damask_Rose.it. More mod files like that should be used in Doom.
  19. Btyb88

    Which way is it???

    Off topic but Doomguy has an earring?
  20. Btyb88

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Just started playing but I quickly got stuck behind the raising platform in front of the Baron wall close to the beginning. I sat there for a few minutes thinking it was a trap but I guess not. Otherwise fun so far!
  21. Btyb88

    Doomguy double (sort of) boss

    With the way MBF dehacked works they randomly "switch" between a few different attacks. Using gzdoom will definitely give a lot more freedom with what it sounds like you are looking for.
  22. Btyb88

    Doomguy double (sort of) boss

    As in just to try it? You should be able to just load with prboom+ or (g)zdoom to test it.
  23. Btyb88

    Doomguy double (sort of) boss

    Check out my CompPlayer file here. It's a dehacked "bot" that moves and fires at the same time and also uses different weapons.
  24. Btyb88

    What's the best megawad you've ever played and why?

    Valiant ends up being my number one due to, among everything else, the custom monsters. Not only does it have a lot of new ones, but each one feels like it really adds to the gameplay rather than just existing to fill the roster.
  25. Btyb88

    Pistol start/Quicksaves/Permadeath? How do you play?

    I tend to only play continuously on megawads that are designed for it. Otherwise I always pistol start. As for saving, I use to save as often as possible in the middle of big fights or whenever low on health. Now I try save as little as possible, if at all, for non slaughter maps but will save right before and after big fights for wads like Sunder.