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  1. Btyb88


    I played at 5 and I totally intend to have my daughter play as soon as she's able, so maybe like at 3???
  2. You have the 4 fire bullets, play sound, and gunflash all playing separately. You'll need to have something like A 0 fire bullets A 0 play sound A 4 gunflash B 0 fire bullets B 0 play sound B 4 gunflash That way the first to 0 frames happen at the same time as the 4 frame.
  3. Btyb88

    (WIP) Untitled Rogue-Lite Doom Game

    Not as much as I'd like but I chip away at it every once and a while. My biggest problem is I keep reworking things and get sucked down the rabbit hole of learning more ACS and ZScript.
  4. Funny enough that's the same thing I did; an SSG sound.
  5. Best you can do from what I can tell is set the fire frame of the gun to 0 tics. Then have another sound play after firepistol (or firecgun) with a sound-specific action and set that to the appropriate tics. Replace whatever sound the new action plays with your new weapon sound. This should effectively override the old pistol sound with whatever your new sound is.
  6. Btyb88

    DeHackEd question

    Yes you can. All of the doom 2 frames / actions are available to use in udoom, you just have to apply them somewhere since the things and sprites themselves DONT exist.
  7. Btyb88

    Dehacked Assistance

    Open a dehacked file (in whacked4) and go to the plasma rifle in the states window. You'll see there is a frame with the refire action on it. That frame is 20 tics. Change it's duration to 0 tics and you'll have a non stop firing plasma rifle. This is without me on my computer to double check but I'm pretty sure that should be all right. As for the fire rate, the frame before should be the one with the fireplasma action. Change it's duration to something smaller, like 2. I don't know how fast the quake plasma rifle fires but you can only make the doom plasma rifle so fast.
  8. If you wanted to have things be vanilla compatible, yes. But otherwise, yeah you can use code in GZDoom to do it. You would have to make a custom player class and use the Player.Face property. I'm not to familiar with it unfortunately so that's the best I can give you.
  9. New status bar, new map, and some borrowed text
  10. Btyb88

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    As soon as the shareware came out, my dad got a copy and we played together. I was just about to turn 5 at the time. I would use the keyboard and he would use the mouse. After he died I didn't play too much but got back into it in the late 90s / early 2000s once I realized doom95 and doomworld we're a thing.
  11. Doom definitely helped me get into thrash metal, but now I'm more into prog / fusion / djent metal
  12. Btyb88

    Do you guys shop in places where you used to work?

    I used to work at the state (NH) liquor store, then Vitamin Shoppe. I don't really drink so I never go to the liquor store and all my vitamins and whatnot I get online now...or at GNC.
  13. Btyb88

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Progress on the demo map for Heresy
  14. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but its because fireplasma randomly alternates between two different flash frames, and since one of the frames (frame 18) has weaponready, your inadvertently "stalling" the pistol. My first thought is just make frame 18 mirror frame 17, so even though they are still alternating, there is no difference. Edit - Or just remove the flash frames all together
  15. If you post the file we can take a look at it