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  1. Cybersexdemon

    Trolling QuakeCon

    ,,The game would be better if you could use iron sights''.
  2. Cybersexdemon

    Share some wierd, yet amazing Doom ports you know.

    Still better than BFG edition.
  3. Cybersexdemon

    What you think about death?

    I would like to be immortal because I'm curious how world will look like in the far future. I don't believe in afterlife and think this belief shows how arrogant our species is ,,oh we are so special we will go to another dimension when we die because there is no way universe can manage without us''.
  4. Cybersexdemon

    Things Doom 4 is doing right

    Weapon mods. I love when games let me uprgade my weapon and they also give player a good reason to explore the maps.
  5. Cybersexdemon

    Doom Board Game

    I found it more enjoyable than Doom 3.
  6. Cybersexdemon

    Ideas for new enemies.

    Puppeteer - A rare ghost like creature. Looking at him would result in blurred vision and marine slowly going towards him. He would also create illusions which deal more dmg the longer Puppeteer is alive. Plaguelord - Infects nearby zombies which causes them to run at the player with increased movement speed and explode. Upon explosion corpses would relase a cloud which rapidly drains health. He would also have a projectile attack which deals damage over time. Adolf Hitler - final boss.
  7. Cybersexdemon

    It seems we don't really exist.

    ,,Get back to TES 6'' you know you see a fucking retard when he doesn't even know what game he is waiting for.
  8. Cybersexdemon

    What if Doom 4 Guy is Doom 4 Girl?

    If marine is a female so what? She won't talk anyway so she hardly will be a memorable character. Besides videogame designers like to show off how ,,progressive'' they are like Bioware when they talked about gay marriage in some Dragon Age game like it's a crucial gameplay element so I doubt ID will hold it secret.
  9. Cybersexdemon

    Let's talk about Hell...

    We saw only one hell level so far so not all hope is lost. That said I don't know why people being kiled is ok but satanic imaginery always causes butthurt. Is their faith so weak they somehow feel tempted when they see a pentagram or hear the word ,,demon''? The argument I sometimes hear is ,,but da childrun'' and it's the same idiotic fucking argument people use against tits and curse words in entertainment industry. The guy just assasinated someone but emerghed he said the F word and banged his girlfriend quickly call the press! They are twisting the minds of our kids who will encounter foul language and tits in their life anyway!
  10. Cybersexdemon

    Doom Themed Restaurant

    Restaurant should be run by Goredoom ,,this is so fucking raw an Arch-vile mistook it for his patient!'' Ramsay.
  11. Cybersexdemon

    What are your favorite non Doom related hobbies?

    You hurt muh feelingz plz stop.
  12. Cybersexdemon

    What are your favorite non Doom related hobbies?

    I like to watch camwhores and jack off when some dumbfuck pays that cunt to take off her bra.
  13. Cybersexdemon

    It seems we don't really exist.

    I bet he is one of these cunts who played only Fallout 3 but have the most to say about how great this franchise is.
  14. Cybersexdemon

    So that one recolored screenshot that everyone likes...

    They should just make one big rainbow map and replace monsters with teddy bears so it will be colorful enough for LSD enthusiasts that we call Doom fans.
  15. Cybersexdemon

    Lets talk about the story

    Really? They have access to plasma rifles but someone decided to buy a chainsaw? The explanation from Doom 3 was better.