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  1. @Spectre01 But you look up and down so thats not valid max
  2. How is the best mapper in the world mapping
  3. I make them and nothing can substitute how good it looks
  4. Yes cause I am cute as hell 8)
  5. Youtube gaming. Twitch has fucked up verification emails, that dont come, so I ended with Twitch. Even if they fixed it, no reason to change now...
  6. I use boring WSAD but I know guy who uses RCYB. Dont get it
  7. Well they piss me off with the fact that people follow them cause of context of awesomeness they have build around themselves, not their programming skills. If they remained guys from basement who just make their games, nobody would care. Maybe there is still a gap to get their success, but not in game development. You would have to do something innovative, cause they were at the time...
  8. OK so here is a prove that all maps from my wad "Harvest" are possible to do, cause some guys cried


  9. Many things to say about it. I wanted to develop games long time, but never finished anything. Then I have read Masters of Doom and since that I copied their good traits into myself and now I have already 2 finished games out, working on 3rd :). That book is like a cocaine if you are a programmer.
  10. Mapping:
  11. I hope I will get this good one time...
  12. Bloom


    I turned on Quake3 recently for comparison and i am disapointed how many effects it already had in 99. It will be hard to beat its looks, but with my recently gained knowledge of stencil buffer, fbos, and version 3 opengl and glsl I could do it.

  13. Totally Ut2004 one
  14. I once wanted to be sucked by Pacman