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  1. Looked like Wolfenstein. Everything orthogonal. Concepts were drawn on grid paper and I still have that exercise book at my parents place. It was part of wad that had few levels. 1) Had red bricks and blue floor and 1 key I think 2) GRAY1, 3 keys, bigger 3) cobblestone texture, BSTONE I think and I remember there was a fireplace with fire texture 4) realistic map of our flat - wasnt made by me but by my dad. Looked good for 1997 map 5) I tried to make big stairs in open space and got visplane overflow. Didnt understand it at the moment :D ...I didnt even finished that one, I was 7 or something. There were more maps drawn in exercise book, like 8 total I think.
  2. Single map takes 4 to 20 hours
  3. I was always the embarrasing guy who drunk himself totally, and now I just drink lemonade even when everybody drinks beer. Cool to be under control :)
  4. Their marketing guy must be good, but I would stick the rest of team to the pocket
  5. Texturing of new map done. ;)


    1. Ichor


      It looks like one of those arcade games where you need to use a bat or something to hit a ball into one of those buttons, with that star button in the center being the jackpot.

    2. NinjaLiquidator

      Hm, I could put a shootable button in some of them...

    3. YukiRaven


      Some of the textures remind me of PO'ed, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    4. NinjaLiquidator

      Maybe cause its the same shade of green

    5. YukiRaven


      I was thinking the corrugated silver texture, in which similar textures appear in PO'ed in places.

    6. NinjaLiquidator

      It is in fact image of side of aluminium tray from kitchen (has wavy decorative surface) with mirrored repeat, and x-scale. One of my first textures. I overuse it. Matches to Vrack environments.

  6. I turned it on again:

    I will do texturing of my new 3D map :)

  7. The western 2 switches seem to do nothing - anyway the puzzle is non-mandatory, right? All puzzles I had to do was the arrow one, the raising platforms one, and the teleporting maze one to make raise bridge to central island. There was puzzle with looking for symbols and pass the portals, and after that you pass the guilottine and go to next map. Looks cool but dont know what I am supposed to do here. Is it the end?
  8. Some of those guys already have fancy jobs, and some of them dont want their hobby to become work. Some of them, however, would accept. I know that cause I spammed like 30 Doomers with my own offer.
  9. Mutiny :) not able to react on chat, cause I have one monitor...
  10. Main mistake is that you arent comfy with yourself. You must enjoy being only with yourself and entertain yourself. Nobody will come. You cannot force friendship. I was sad from that before, but then I realized I dont need friends and its way cooler just to do what you like, dont beg anybody for friendship, dont bend yourself to fit somewhere, and be proud of your accomplishments (whatever it means for you). As you will develop this way of thinking, you will grow independent and realize that its fun to reject invitations for parties, shamelessly say nasty honest things to people, be cocky, and so :D just do it like that and it will be fun.
  11. Hey, I have done engine like that from scratch. Not open-source, but one of my goals is to increase it to Doom-level modability. You sound like type of guy who would enjoy doing maps, and thats what I am looking for now...
  12. @KillPixel So you are designer? I am looking for one, PM if interested
  13. Mapping:
  14. This