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  1. Good map, I was myself thinking that yellow-white combination would be cool but I never made map with it. You were fair with health and ammo, it was not over-difficult and fun to play. Negative things are a) you still repeat trap cliche after switches and b) your map requires external texture pack but better would be if used textures were already part of your wad.
  2. Avoozl: As I have written, rotation-less sprites would be just a bit more difficult than textures. Cylindric distortion of texture = column sprite? But complex objects are impossible without 3D models or manual drawing.
  3. Sprites are done from 3D model scans usually. Theoretically possible is a program that can do a model from intersect of silhouettes from different angles, but the amount of 3D geometry is too hardcore. The development would probably be goddamn long. Then there would be just applied projective texture mapping (I have already written a simple one from 4 ortho angles except the top and bottom). Anything non-convex would cause missing texture coordinates, and would lead to writing complicated workaround (or maybe those would have to be filled by some flood algorhytm based on shortest route between closest textured triangles?) or manual fix. Textures for the mapping would be taken from scans directly. As an input you would probably need sprites for angles 0,90,180,270 and output would be 45,135,225,315. Theoretically maybe just input 0,135,225 and output 5 other? Material masks, ambience, specularity and all this stuff would need to exist for every input sprite. Also you would have to do this for every frame like walking, shooting and so on. The obstacle sprites would be a lot easier. Probably totally same algorhytm as I use for textures.
  4. Post Hell has been moved to Post Hell
  5. Premade texture, but not seamless. A mirrored one is enough. Btw the METAL-like stuff is simple, cause it has only one "material". Originally I wanted to start with TEKWALL-like stuff, so there was different materiál for wall, different for components, pipes etc. Technically it worked, but first attempt made a very weak TEKWALL. Too blank. Just for fun: When you talk about generating materiál textures myself, I can think of it being possible by entering some set of rules to some random generator, but actual photos are always best for this cause they dont look artificial. The more local pixel difference, the better looks you will get.
  6. Dragonfly: I dont doubt, you probably do the same thing in Photoshop what I do in C++. Here is what the relief input looks like, this is the only hand-drawn part:
  7. 42PrecentHealth: Because it is more real, more human-like, and mainly more entertaining. I consider myself an angry banshee too and sometimes I regret the fact I am not playing any popular game so I could just be myself and profit :)
  8. Dragonfly, Jon: Thanks for reply, guys! Its not a software, its technically just a very little part of a software. Im developing a FPS game, and wrote the texture mixer function for generating some actually nice textures, not just random selections of photos mirrored on both axes. Now after I see your interest, I could extend it into standalone software, give it some Win form and add some extra features. Tex mixer is technically not complicated. It has just like 200-300 lines in C++. I use Photoshop convolution mask to generate shadows - if I have added this to program, it would be next 200 lines. Not very big deal, really. When there will be some extra time, I will perhaps try to clean the tex program up and upload it there.
  9. Metal texture I did with my texture mixer. Not derived from any Doom texture. When you know what you are doing, you can have texture like that in 15 mins. Btw I was looking for this forum and couldnt find it, so I posted one more texture (green/cyan) in Post your Doom picture :D
  10. Yesterday I have written texture generator. Input data are material mask, images of materials, rules for specularity/shadowing, shadow map and height map. Program is still raw and a lot of things are hardcoded, but this was first time I was satisfied with my own texture. Now I can make a nice original texture in approx 15-20 minutes (with reserve). Here is an example:
  11. Raging is good when you stream. It increases views.
  12. I like the style of this, its like you were capturing someones dream. STEPx midtextures are looking good there. The renames/ change of UI, the fact that you left slots for middle key and weapons except 246 blank is also cool. Also bookcases falling down in map2 remembered me on bug in my own fps game that also happened on map1-map2 transition, when I deleted the static map model but elevators were left there so they kept going down in blank space :D I doubt it was your intention, but the similiarity was striking for me.
  13. My one has fallen into obscurity, even through it was nice: [/img]
  14. Thanks guys, I will try it
  15. By the way, 24:56