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  1. @loveless I noted mentioned issues, thanks. Map3 textures will be fixed. But even through I am playing hard maps on Zdoom, I cant play a shit in PrBoom (even easy maps!). I always give it a chance, but I always ragequit that shit after few mins. It just doesnt feel right. The movement, the damage. Hits that are supposed to hit, are missing, and so. By "tested" I actually meant "IDDQDd through to make a check that it works". Btw, map3 and map4 are supposed to be unplayable. It is a new style of maps, that are meant to be only TASed. I consider it a surprise that there is a way to do them at least in Zdoom. Do you play on skill 1? For sure you must save all plasma for the final fight in map3, but I dont know the next step :D
  2. It is good but short. I did it quickly cause those are non-violent type of map that doesnt block your way forward when there is big fight. Also, there are some nice textures worth stealing.
  3. Spam actors and optimize till 60fps
  4. @KillPixel But I like your 3d-model skills. I would pay you for some monsters.
  5. Already making a slaughter game
  6. @KillPixel wait, you are doing this in Quake3 engine?
  7. How you done such big resolution of lightmap? I have 4096x4096 lightmap and its little for me. I guess I am missing something important...
  8. @Solarn a) First room teleporting doesnt happen in order of minutes in Zdoom. Can be caused by PrBoom compatibility shit with conveyor belts. I need to look at it, cause the closets are supposed to open in faster pace, like 30s after each other. My mistake. b) I am glad you like the second room, but in my opinion its the weakest place. Brings no new architecture, and also you can skip the battle by run through enemies right to yellow corridor (and do the same after return with yellow key) c) Yellow key room is suppossed to be the cherry on the top. Nicest detail and easier gameplay. Its a reward after fights before :D d) Nodebuilder errors arent in my competence so fuck them e) Thanks for detailed review and I hope you will play also the next maps. The first one was best, others are just speedmaps but nice. Please let me know how the other maps went ;-)
  9. Hey thanks for feedback. Btw, I actually played through all 4 maps on UV, so they are all possible ;)
  10. @Spectre01 But you look up and down so thats not valid max
  11. How is the best mapper in the world mapping
  12. I make them and nothing can substitute how good it looks
  13. Yes cause I am cute as hell 8)
  14. Youtube gaming. Twitch has fucked up verification emails, that dont come, so I ended with Twitch. Even if they fixed it, no reason to change now...