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  1. The interpic frog is only one that found a way to camp in this maps
  2. @Dragonfly It is extra hard to code destructible maps like that, cause you determine all the intersections of surfaces and retriangulate everything, and consider even the limit cases like point identic to point, line identic to line and so. Then there is a texture coordinate update, lightmap coordinate update, space partition update. And all that must run real time. Not to mention the problem that potentially visible sets will break when you will shoot tunnel from one room to other, so map will become more open and this will start to demand you to compute pvss on run. Nowadays it is done by voxels, which is much easier and better than triangles for this, but I haven seen it in any recent games, which is shame. Vrage2 engine is capable of that, but its a shame that so far is that engine used just for meek non-fps games.
  3. 3D pickable items, more floors over themselves, and xy-move illusion can be also done that way. Things you cannot do is to have custom map interconnection and custom monsters/weapons/items without replacing iwad ones.
  4. Could be 6x extended then, or 6x better looking (even if ldef count doesnt equal good looks)
  5. Holy Hell was whole ugly and the mappers didnt even show capability to make something nice. It was a low-effort shit. THAT was the reason it had no detail. And I bet it even didnt have over 10k linedefs, so it could have been detailed. But it is anyway just a jokewad, it wasnt meant seriously
  6. Impossible cause with his detail he would beat the linedef 65536 limit before he would reach 10% of size. Maybe if he done it in raw Italo style, he could make it
  7. Also, if you make the landship stationary and switch the texture of outdoors to scrolling and voodoo-doll unlock the mechanisms that will cause instant death after crossing the lines around landship and maybe add some jump moving scenery around, then you will get the getting onboard part and landship move part in one map. Also, after that it could even stop and you would unboard, while the cave exit where you came from would be closed and the new one would open. So whole landship thing would appear in the middle of map. This would require a lot of fucking around with voodoos but its possible. Also, if you are doing it for gzdoom, it would be a lot easier
  8. I have a lot of these on disk. If anybody has a high-effort map where this would match, contact me! My only circumstance is to be credited in your wad by name (not as "many others").
  9. Law of strongest would be only "society of hell". Seems logical and also explains infights.
  10. Actually Ribbiks inspired me to make slaughtermap pack "that is even more bitchin than Stardate20x7". Finished 3 maps and I have enough, no nerves to playtest :D
  11. Here is effect I made for unfinished map year ago:
  12. This looks like cool and high-effort stuff. Every map is different. All those custom textures, unusual themes and non-Doom shapes remind me on Eternal's maps. Which is cool, cause Eternal is not mapping anymore so we got a replacement. Will definitely play this!
  13. Everybody is true
  14. I have solid colors. Changing them from time to time, I started on cyan, then was green, then yellow, orange, and now is red. Everybody says I am mad. But it will get much worse, cause next is pink.
  15. @Voros I had that idea with smiles too, but I ended on interpuction characters