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  1. NinjaLiquidator

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I play Fortnite :)
  2. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    Cryogenics Map04: www.twitch.tv/macin2
  3. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    More cryogenics: CZ/SK/EN (EN only when reply to someone :D ) www.twitch.tv/macin2
  4. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    Cryogenics: CZ/SK/EN (EN only when reply to someone :D ) www.twitch.tv/macin2
  5. NinjaLiquidator

    Why is nearly every surface a metal plate?

    Cause they introduced normal mapping and fancy specular shaders and they wanted to utilize them maximally
  6. NinjaLiquidator

    Endurance speedmapping

    12,5 hours of mapping is my top but this sounds like interesting challenge :) maybe I could do a megawad in 24h stream, if people will be interested
  7. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    They added it: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/harvestx
  8. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Now I am in "/newstuff" and in "doom2/levels/Ports/g-i" under name "harvestx.zip". Web page doesnt display me yet, but file is already where should be
  9. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    We are getting somewhere. I was moved to "emailed" and got confim email, on which I responded now. Not rejected anymore :)
  10. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    "Rejected harvestx.zip because: cc4-tex textures included, but cc4-text.wad itself is also embedded inside harvestx.wad, please remove the duplicate and reupload" Dont know what they want from me, but I removed unused ones and I will see
  11. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Rejected cause cc4tex. Removed unused textures, reuploaded, waiting again
  12. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    Now it worked. I moved it right to incoming, zip and txt.
  13. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Uploaded on idgames and waiting for confirmation :)
  14. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    When is the right time? It almost never connects me lol
  15. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    I am :( ...Maybe they have it broken :D