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  1. Maybe 5th element, its a remake of Heavy Metal cartoon
  2. @qweqioweuo123If mapping and 3D modelling is your fav part, hit me up on PMs. I have same goal and I WOULD PAY for some .objs of maps. Programmer here btw :)
  3. I am not into Chillax but this looks slightly better than it. Some screenshots are 6.5/10 lets say.
  4. @DMPhobosThat door texture is cool
  5. Mg why would somebody do that? You shat yourself in the cinema! :D But I am closest when I like some song, I without problems run it 20x
  6. This feels random. Better idea is that somebody could invent app which would hear a melody and export a midi from it.
  7. Cool, I can totally imagine those in Doom maps
  8. Thrash/speed metal. Ideal for easy opening maps. The stuff:
  9. Mg I didnt know that neural network can UPSCALE image! Can you share the .exe? Btw transparency could be done by omitting all pixels that have color close to cyan by some metric...
  10. This was like those pics "find 10 differences" - some were easy but some took me 10 mins
  11. Map01 won. Zdoom 2.6, red bars after blue door wont open, I had to idclip. No other complains. Looks interesting and is hard as promised. I managed to skip red skull fight, but if its not intentional to be possible, put some health before...
  12. @Spectre01I missed this, screenshots looks worth. I download
  13. @Agent6Done already
  14. I use Doom as a tool to create visually interesting stuff. You move, you shoot, and you see nice architecture.
  15. Health powerups having negative addition, so they would hurt player