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  1. Here is me playing my map. It is my best map visually and gameplay-wise, but my worst map by reception. It taught me to not fuck around with things too much, cause effort doesnt equal success. It is still an interesting piece, when I look at it retrospectively. PLEASE PLAY IN INTERNET EXPLORER, FIREFOX IS FUCKED UP TO 240p for some reason.
  2. "Epic dreaming about how awesome will your creation be, is shit. Get back to the earth, do the goddamn thing and figure out that your epic dreams were based just on your false expectation that some approach will work. Find it out as soon as possible. Start now."
  3. Invasion wads have a lot of those. I never played them but I like designs of some extra weapons. I like them to be already part of map pack. But there is some rule that everytime it has a lot of new cool weapons and enemies, the maps sucks arse. I have never seen anything that has good normal singleplayer maps AND good extra stuff. Valiant was closest to what I am looking for
  4. HexenMapper: You seem experienced in FL Studio. Will you help me one more time? I have one more problem with exporting midi with tempo changes. Tempo changes works on FL and on wav export, but in midi I get broken 7 hours midi where it doesnt work :D
  5. I mean those Ribbiks/Dobu Gabu Maru curves :D. Is there some shortcut in Doom Builder? Or better - is there a similar thing as 3D programs have - that I will make the editor area transparent and place some photo over that, and just draw over it? Would be cool. I wonder how some of you guys do it.
  6. Not exactly Doom, but Doom related - modelling maps for my game in 3D programs is very time-consuming and inefficent for me, so I ended up with idea of doing the blueprint in Doom Builder, then exporting obj, and then doing the rest in 3D program. This one will be first done that way.
  7. Afterglow: I like the last one, you could do some more holes in that. Or even better - make this animated so it will looks it opens and closes :D it would be trippy
  8. "Harvest" speedmap pack. My first serious slaughter one. Everything else than skill 1 is suicide, so far I have 3 maps done from max 6. My design aim is to not have any generic texture schemes in there.
  9. I am using FL studio too :D About setting up the project - I never create a project. I always open an existing midi and do it from that, because I also dont know how to set it up :D :D :D
  10. No speedrunners will max your maps when mapping in Zdoom. You will lose a lot of players in general since a lot of people has Boom.
  11. ...I just quickly checked it and damn, its working! And exactly as I imagined. Probably one of first things, that are just "working" and there is no "but only..."! You just saved whole months of inefficient 3D modelling for me, thx!
  12. Thanks, I will try that. Does it save even texture mapping coordinates and material info (which texture is where)?
  13. Hi, I was thinking about converting some of my Doom maps to any existing 3D model format! First thing I gonna ask is, if somebody already didnt make something like that! I take any non-obscure format like obj, 3ds, fbd, dae... PS: I am not interested in converted models of actual Doom maps, I am interested about the tool.
  14. My own game. Guess the reference :P
  15. Hello guys, I made a cool FPS with fun but challenge-oriented gameplay 1) Engine is pretty much done, now there lasts designing! 3 map beta will be out 1.7! What you think about it!? If interested, sub to my channel. There will be regular updates in English from now on. 2) I see there are many gamedevs on Doomworld. Any designer looking for project? I want mainly 3D mapper, cause I am inefficient in 3D modelling. If so, I could make the engine better/faster while you could do the maps.