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  1. NinjaLiquidator

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Hello, great megawad, so far I have some notes (Zdoom 2.6.1): MAP01 (maxed) - cleanest layout and best looking one from Ep1 - nice idea with turning intertexts into whole Q1-intermission-like images - tasty textures all the theme MAP02 (maxed) - probably most fun from Ep1 - shorter maps than usual megawads have = good thing, it flows quickly MAP03 (maxed) - I wouldnt mark backpack as a secret (and generally you do this thing, item on a ledge simply isnt enough secret to be secret) - I like how you are being generous with plasma (including ammo) so we can enjoy it as normal weapon and dont have to save for big fights MAP04 (maxed) - also, thanks for not putting SSG in first 3 maps (I hate when mappers put SSG in MAP01, its OP!) - throne model <3 - best music so far (but all tracks are good) MAP05 (maxed) - dont nerf it - !!! after death exit, I am on 0% walking around in MAP06 and cant do anything MAP06 (maxed) - so far, best looking one from Ep2 (maybe cause its lighter and more colorful than others) MAP07 (maxed) - one of Chaingunners is stuck - I am seconding the opinion that you did good decision for not dickriding Dead Simple (I hate that mappers didnt get rid of this already) - fun part, when a lot of minor monsters open and you plasma em all MAP08 (died) - died 3 times, good monster placement (it starts to be hard) - techbase theme looks like Quake 2 without having a single pixel from Quake 2 (thats not a complain, its a neutral fact) MAP10 (not played) - looking forward for this, cool screenshot (nice curves, sudden switch to light white/blue, and also I am hyped cause everybody says its best one) MAP11 (died) - actor width of trees makes them disappear - maybe get rid of those camping Revenants, ruins fun without RL MAP16 (died) - interesting theme and layout MAP19 (not played) - seen on stream, detailing is awesome MAP21 (died) - this tower with chains looks good - fun map - I appreciate how you dont use too much Archies (even in harder maps, where 99% of other mappers would put like 10 of them) MAP23 (not played) - just to say the magenta looks MAD, interesting theme MAP25 (not played) - I like every hell map goes own way (some other themes dont have that variety), this one reminds me on one old Eternal map :D MAP26 (died) - second half of megawad is full of original themes, I havent seen Heaven since Eden and Hell Grounds - !!! LAGS brutally in some rotations (and my comp is good) - opening elevator - isnt the texture meant to be smooth transition from black to white? Looks like techbase style and doesnt fit MAP32 (not played) - seen on stream, again - detailing is mad
  2. NinjaLiquidator

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    This means it will be Zdoom compatible, not Prboom?
  3. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom lost popularity?

    When your identity is once cursed by obscurity, there is no way back. People didnt accept something about you and they started to ignore you FOREVER. It happens. But there is a fix. What you have to do is to create new identity (= new DW account) and make new wads under different nickname, with no connection to anything you have previously done. Dont do big project, just try to make one map and ask for feedback = people's interest should come back. You are on internet, so why not to take advantage of anonymity? Savescum identites until you dont find the working way to present stuff :) and chill 8-) You have as many tries as you want.
  4. NinjaLiquidator

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I play Fortnite :)
  5. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    Cryogenics Map04: www.twitch.tv/macin2
  6. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    More cryogenics: CZ/SK/EN (EN only when reply to someone :D ) www.twitch.tv/macin2
  7. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    Cryogenics: CZ/SK/EN (EN only when reply to someone :D ) www.twitch.tv/macin2
  8. NinjaLiquidator

    Why is nearly every surface a metal plate?

    Cause they introduced normal mapping and fancy specular shaders and they wanted to utilize them maximally
  9. NinjaLiquidator

    Endurance speedmapping

    12,5 hours of mapping is my top but this sounds like interesting challenge :) maybe I could do a megawad in 24h stream, if people will be interested
  10. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    - 7 maps - play on skill 1, everything else is a suicide - supposed to be played as a pack, not separate maps (no pistol starts) - consider plain surviving as a WIN, nobody has yet suceeded to uv-max This is just beta, I can do fixes when you mention something. Tested on Zdoom 2.6.1. I NEED TESTERS FOR PrBoom IF YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEM WITH MAP SOLUTIONS, PM ME - THEY ALL ARE POSSIBLE Screenz: Version 1 (dont play this): https://ulozto.net/!dkUqO9wq1O7P/harvest-betar1-zip Version 2 (dont play this): https://uloz.to/!sT23lIjgilYh/harvest-betar2-wad Version 3 (dont play this): https://uloz.to/!cBXXhGjZ7I67/harvest-betar3-rar Version 4 (dont play this): https://uloz.to/!IRbTKojAU63c/harvest-betar4-wad Final: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/harvestx
  11. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    They added it: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/harvestx
  12. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Now I am in "/newstuff" and in "doom2/levels/Ports/g-i" under name "harvestx.zip". Web page doesnt display me yet, but file is already where should be
  13. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    We are getting somewhere. I was moved to "emailed" and got confim email, on which I responded now. Not rejected anymore :)
  14. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    "Rejected harvestx.zip because: cc4-tex textures included, but cc4-text.wad itself is also embedded inside harvestx.wad, please remove the duplicate and reupload" Dont know what they want from me, but I removed unused ones and I will see
  15. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Rejected cause cc4tex. Removed unused textures, reuploaded, waiting again
  16. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    Hello I have maps, filled text file, zipped it, everything is ready to go. Downloaded FTP client. I connected on idgames FTP, found the incoming directory, OK. But when I tried to upload files, it threw error 553 - unable to upload. I tried it more times = same. Then I tried to reconnect, but I didnt have even the luck to be connected. Tried it in many day times, but was unable to connect. I guess there is too many clients at once. But then, when is that right time and what I am doing wrong? :D Btw I am doing it first time. If I wont solve the problem, I will send the .zip directly by mail to someone who takes care of this. Anyway I wonder why it doesnt work. Any ideas?
  17. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    Now it worked. I moved it right to incoming, zip and txt.
  18. NinjaLiquidator

    Harvest - on /idgames

    Uploaded on idgames and waiting for confirmation :)
  19. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    When is the right time? It almost never connects me lol
  20. NinjaLiquidator

    Problem uploading on idgames

    I am :( ...Maybe they have it broken :D
  21. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @TangoBlue chaingunners are great
  22. @tmorrowThis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7loLPrOYsA