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  1. Hello, I just got random idea - and now I am fine even with Zdoom compatibility, not just PrBoom.

    There is a max health you can obtain by medkit, max health you can obtain by supercharge, max armor you can obtain by green and blue armors.

    Is there a way how to modify those limits ingame? I want to split every damage you take into healable and non-healable one. You have 100 health, and you get 10 damage? Then 5 will be healable and 5 not (medkit will heal only to 95 from that time). Any way to do that?

  2. Best is going out and get a girl IRL. If you need a dating sites, then the best is Twitch. The webcammed channels.


    -You can see the real personality and real reactions on situations.

    -Go after those which have low viewers. Those are normal casual people that will reply most likely

    -Stream with webcam yourself so some girls can come. Dont expect that much, but what you get (if you will) is way more real than Tinder and other "dating" sites.

    -Careful with clips. Try to not rage.

    -Careful with fakes. No other follow than you = usually a fake made to troll you

  3. Hello, how to BATCH convert imported images, to appear as floors? I have imported 256 of them and I want it all to batch convert. There is no problem with walls. They work, appear as textures and I can use them. But floors dont appear at all. I was doing it before in XWE, but it does bullshit since I have different comp. Fuck XWE. It for some reason doesnt save when I change patch to floor.

    In Slade3, for change, I dont see any menu like "save as flat" or something. I am stuck like 30 mins on this. Please help or I will tear my dick off.

  4. FOR THOSE WHO THINK MAP05 IS HARD - skip to 15:16 (improved UV Max of whole Ep1):



    I think even Dragonfly doesnt know that we can rape the map this way. Route is now pimped to the limit, I did 20:11 with no missed monster, theoretical possible min is 19:17, but I will leave it to local MLGs and move on other eps.

  5. Played through Ep3 (so far no speedrun). My fav there is Map15 cause it actually looks like a medieval castle, not like some abstract orthogonal shit with medieval textures (99% "castle" maps suffer from this). I have found a glitch there. You can turn on purple switch, then run forward and use the lowering switch as a ramp and jump thru window to central place, but there is no way out.

  6. I forgot on this - Ep2 run:



    So far I vote Ep2 for most fun and Ep4 for nicest visuals.

    Btw. Am I the only one who thinks Ep1-2 have best gameplay? Ep3456 starts to switch on usual kind of gameplay with too long maps, too much ssg and too much tank monsters, but Ep12 has play smooth as Doom1 and its something you dont see in usual high quality megawads

  7. Maxed Episode 1 in 26:something. I dont waste time with cowards so some mons are missing in Map02 LOL:




    Right now, I am compiling video of Episode 2 (maxed in 30 minutes with 2 missing mons total). I found place in Map09 where you can be stuck. It is after second blue door, then you go forward downstairs. On those stairs, try to fall between the column - there are invisible impassable lines, fix it please. If not clear, where it is, I will mark it in my video when it will be uploaded.


    Map16. Rl baron pit is too OP. Replace stimpacks with stacks of 10 health bonuses please.

    Map17. I would love to have like 20 more rockets. You spam monsters but I have to SSG them all which is boring.