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  1. I just came back from a long work trip. I am a PLC programmer which means that I program machines/whole factories. I was programming a transport of materiál in a toast bakery. Unfortunately, I hadnt much time to make some tasty videos from that (but I hope I will do when I get there later - its not the total end).

    Anyway, the satisfaction of success (and nicest payday I ever had) and long pause of game development left me thinking of game programming as a blind road - as something that I tried and it failed. So I watched some vids of guys from Youtube and after that I watched mine.

    But what I seen left me in cocky grin. They really succeed with this?

    I was considering stopping, but NO WAY! I am talented mofo, so much better than them. Actually, I would be crazy IF I STOPPED. I already have a cool game. Maybe its has not that shining sparkling coat, but name me somebody else who has decent non-linear levels with 150+ enemies?

    (yes I am bit drunk but translate this as: I was long time off, but I am back)