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Status Updates posted by NinjaLiquidator

  1. 7kB of shader for virtually infinite detail. Not my work, but this guy's: http://rrrola.wz.cz/downloads.html

    GPU raytraced engines are the future


  2. Bloom


    I turned on Quake3 recently for comparison and i am disapointed how many effects it already had in 99. It will be hard to beat its looks, but with my recently gained knowledge of stencil buffer, fbos, and version 3 opengl and glsl I could do it.

  3. Generated a Mandelbrot fractal and got it as my desktop image. Next step is to extend into 3D.




  4. Got mirror reflections working


  5. Harvest, better quality gameplay UV proof:


  6. I just came back from a long work trip. I am a PLC programmer which means that I program machines/whole factories. I was programming a transport of materiál in a toast bakery. Unfortunately, I hadnt much time to make some tasty videos from that (but I hope I will do when I get there later - its not the total end).

    Anyway, the satisfaction of success (and nicest payday I ever had) and long pause of game development left me thinking of game programming as a blind road - as something that I tried and it failed. So I watched some vids of guys from Youtube and after that I watched mine.

    But what I seen left me in cocky grin. They really succeed with this?

    I was considering stopping, but NO WAY! I am talented mofo, so much better than them. Actually, I would be crazy IF I STOPPED. I already have a cool game. Maybe its has not that shining sparkling coat, but name me somebody else who has decent non-linear levels with 150+ enemies?

    (yes I am bit drunk but translate this as: I was long time off, but I am back)

  7. I just discovered this:




    I should definitely do some next hardcore slaughter reviews cause it seems I have fanboys :P

  8. I turned it on again:


    I will do texturing of my new 3D map :)

  9. OK so here is a prove that all maps from my wad "Harvest" are possible to do, cause some guys cried


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      So, how likely do you think is it to beat your entire map saveless? Because that's what actually matters. Brute forcing through a map by way of save/load is borderlining TAS, in some sense. So, unless you beat that map saveless, non-TAS, you didn't rellay make a point, I'd say.

    2. NinjaLiquidator


      First and second one are easier than sd20x7 so definitely possible. I am not that sure about 3rd and 4th...

  10. Texturing of new map done. ;)


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NinjaLiquidator


      Maybe cause its the same shade of green

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I was thinking the corrugated silver texture, in which similar textures appear in PO'ed in places.

    4. NinjaLiquidator


      It is in fact image of side of aluminium tray from kitchen (has wavy decorative surface) with mirrored repeat, and x-scale. One of my first textures. I overuse it. Matches to Vrack environments.

  11. There was problém with plane clipping of mirrors that I fixed. Now I can say that graphics-wise I have something like first Unreal. Looking forward to add more effects...


  12. I have discovered that Nicki Minaj's arse is fake :(

    1. Memfis


      I believe it when I see it!

  13. It is fun when you create supposedly-impossible map and then you find a way to beat it.

  14. My screenshots are liked but my maps are barely downloaded