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  1. I can vouch for this. Apparently I was a noob for only having over 100 hours of played time on steam and was kicked from a server.
  2. The Chasm
  3. I disliked how that torch power up was essentially useless in game unless you turn brightness all the way down. It could have been used as a necessary item for progression, or at least made darkened areas much much easier to fight in and navigate, but all of the levels are lightened enough any way, so there's no point in using it.
    Fabulous design, detailing, and texture work. It may not be obvious at first glance, but essentially these are the same levels as the vanilla counter parts but only heavily updated visually, and much much larger to scale (to the point where my computer started to lag a tad bit in some locations). Great work on the architecture, tough the gameplay is nothing to write home about.
  4. Eh, it kinda gets obnoxious after a while.
  5. So I've been on a midnight horror movie spree since It's October, and since I've been having the craving for films to fill in some spare time. Last night I watched the low budget 1987 horror movie Dolls, which is something I've wanted to watch for a while, and quite frankly I enjoyed it. It was short and never seemed to drag out, and I liked the concept of the whole thing. Plus I just can't resist a horror movie with dolls or puppets and such, because of my pediophobia (fear of dolls). I just finished watching Evil Dead (2013) and my god I haven't twitched so bad in ages. I love this movie, it kept me hooked throughout the entire run time, and I never got bored. I like how there was a new twist on the Evil Dead plot, rather than being some cheap remake, and in all honesty despite being similar I would never compare the two. I wouldn't say one was better than the other, they were just different. And I like it when a movie can pull that off. On the other hand, I've watched half of the new IT movie, and to be honest, I got rather bored, and switched it for the Evil Dead movie. Now if only my brain would stop imagining the cuts, stabs, etc etc on my limbs... Next on my list I'm going to watch Se7en since I haven't seen that movie yet. And I've also got the first FEAR game which should be fun! Haven't played the first one, but I have the second. May God have mercy on my sleepless nightmare riddled soul.
  6. Sounds more like goth and metal are the ones that infiltrated pop music. So it looks like they are the winners.
  7. Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and The Cure are also get the same treatment. Though honestly The Cure kinda asked for it. But I find Evanescence to be legitimate in this regard.
  8. So I've been working with a lot of the advice given. I've been adding lots of tanrocks and mud pits, and I got rid of the grass. The mountains also have a bit of shading to them.
  9. Their earlier work was goth rock/metal. They did began a shift in sound. But their first two albums I would definitely consider goth, even though it's not the traditional sense of the genre.
  10. Haha oops. I'm pretty tired, so yes. I really don't like the idea of ceiling rocks for the cliffs, but I might make something small. As for added colors and details, I'm experimenting on that. There are open areas around the map, but not outdoors. There will be over ten or so levels following this one that will be completely outdoors anyway.
  11. The design was supposed to be an arid and baron mountain/hill side, which the level itself is built on the side of. I added the grass to give it a bit of color, but it was mostly meant to be lifeless. I didn't want to add too much detail since it is just a visual and not something that is accessible to the player (the level doesn't contain any actual outdoor locations) but I wasn't sure what other details I could put in to make it look a little less dull. In my head, I pictured a fortress built on/inside a mountain top.
  12. I've never played or even seen a legitimately "funny" wad.
  13. Been working on an outdoor mountainous viewing for one of my levels. It's not much to look at, but granted you're not supposed to be out there anyway. Any suggestions?
  14. That's some very lovely sci fi levels there Mr. Hall.