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  1. From now on, all of my custom avatars will be ginger actresses, singers, etc. Because why the fuck not?
  2. Are we talking about Soundtracks or scores? There is a difference. My favorite "soundtrack" would be the one to my favorite movie: The Crow The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, Violent Femmes, and more! Fuckin' awesome
  3. Sounds like a great idea!
  4. I'm one of the few people who actually didn't like Duke Nukem 3d. To me the game was meh.
  5. I just stopped giving a shit. I learned (have been learning) how to simply live with myself. I've always had an overly sheltered life since I was pretty much born, and have had only a few friends at a time. So I've developed social anxiety (among the other mental problems I've developed), and have a hard time talking to people properly and projecting my voice, or being clear when I talk about something. So these days, nearing the age of being a legal adult I just learn how to live with myself and being better off by myself. If I make friends along the way, great. If I don't, oh well. I just learn to adapt. That being said, I dedicate this song as the theme for this thread:
  6. Currently: Managed an at least decent CP.
  7. Are we hinting at something there @40oz?
  8. Simple. I don't contribute to anything else.
  9. Meh, brown textures aren't a bad thing. And I was being sarcastic... And I think I managed to fuck up my post.
  10. Floating Candles, very original. Why? Because floating candles ain't original?
  11. I made the switch from Boom to Zdoom since it allows me to be more creative. So I've spruced up some of my original levels.
  12. Jesus Christ!
  13. Unreal Tournament 2004. Load this game up with as much custom crap as possible. I don't need other players. My bot friends will keep me company. Doom. Just like above. But this time I can make as much stuff as I want too. Spend all my life making TCs. Civilization V. Probably the most addicting game I've played. I would play it vanilla, but eventually would mod the shit out of it.
  14. I call bullshit. Maybe this is dependent on the player, but for someone like myself, it makes no difference. I can still see the fireball(s) the same regardless. I just find it a rather nice looking aesthetic