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  1. They sleep in/on top of/around anything
  2. Nothing like foggy morning misery.
  3. Well my current project has been in development for two years so... I guess over two years and counting.
  4. Like these? Something I haven't touched in over a year.
  5. Saw this on my twitter feed a while ago... While I missed his livestream, he did post it to youtube! Unfortunately it's not a full playthrough, only going up to map 09, but it's still a funfull video to watch.
  6. Big fucking whoop. Until they make another Quake 1 style game, I won't care.
  7. I'm currently working on a project for my small circle of gaming friends called Castle Austinsteed, simply as reference to all of our injokes and buffoonery. While it isn't a mod, it's like a semi TC as it replaces most of the textures, adds new levels, and sounds and shit. Also and I'm not bothering to use DHacked. First and foremost, it heavily references and parodies other games, movies, the internet in general, etc, and probably only the Swooce SquadTM would get all of them. So starting with the items, health comes down to various sizes of mountain dew, the health bonus being a mtn dew potion, stim pack being a can, medkit being a pack, and the soulsphere is a keg. Armor is replaced with various deathmasks, with a Rattle Me Bones and a M'lady mask for intensifying tippingTM, small bags of Doritos also serve as armor bonuses. There will also be a magical cloaking cloak courtesy of Jerma. Weapons still function the same as doom's but have different sprites; The pistol will now be a sniper rifle of epic proportions, the chainsaw will be a circular saw, and the fists a katana. I wanted a crossbow in the game but wasn't sure what slot to put it in for the ammo to make sense so the SSG is now a self loading "double barreled" crossbow shotgun. And the BFG is now a flintlock pistol. Due to the fists being a katana, the Berserk pack is now lotion, a box of tissues, and a stack of hentai mags to make your "swings" stronger. The enemies are mostly shitely drawn in ms paint or stolen from some where else. Imps are replaced with lazer gun wielding demonic humanoid rabbits. The pinky is replaced with a pie throwing clown. The former humans are all wizards with there being the green sniper wizard, the blue shotgun wizard, the rambo wizard, and the archvile is a red staff wielding red wizard. Hell knights, Revenants, mancubi, and arachnotrons are all replaced by anime girls who flashes fireballs from their breasts. Hank Hill makes a cameo appearance as The Flying Hank, who spits out lobs of Pro Pain and Pro Pain accessories. And Alex Jones is the evil spider master mind who turns the fricken frogs gay. The six levels each have a theme to them, the first is based off of Castle Griffithsteed. The second is based of our Pathfinder games (it's a pen an paper rpg). The third makes fun of scooby doo and other cartoons, albeit in a demonic fashion. The fourth is based off Space Station 13. The fifth level is weeabo central, heavily populated with the questionably aged fire ball breasted babes. And the final level is pirate themed slaughter level that will be impossible to beat. Every map ends with a "To Be Continued ->". What I've described is only the tip of the iceberg that sunk the titenic.
  8. You're on bucko! I'm ready to re test my skills in the arena and prove that I AM a worthy adversary to all. This will be fun.
  9. Hell yeah boi!!!
  10. Like baiting are ya now, @CzechMate29200?
  11. Whelp, more room for me :)
  12. I don't what year duck and cover, and acid got popular.
  13. The Unreal Series The Deus Ex Series The Left 4 Dead series The Half Life Series The Civilization Games The Heretic/Hexen Series (if this counts as non Id) Call of Duty: 1, 2, The Modern Warfare series, and the Black Ops series Blood Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Payday 2 Fist Full of Frags Space Station 13 Rising Storm/Red Orchestra when the damn thing will run Minecraft for about about a week every month Some of the older Battlefield games with my friends every now and then Super Street Fighter 2 and the Alpha series and the rare nes or snes game like Duck Tales, or Ninja Warriors again Or even rarer Mame32 game, like Mappy or the two to four player beat 'em up games like The Simpsons, TMNT, or The Punisher for examples. Also, while not video games. I enjoy pen and paper RPGs with my friends, including but not limited to; PathFinder Dark Heresy World of Darkness
  14. Nothing. In hell, there is nothing. Just torment. That's my take on it. I also can't help but hear Fredric Chopin's Funeral March playing in reverse whenever I think of hell, and vice versa.
  15. No, but actually I've been thinking a lot about forming a team. Me and a couple of my gaming friends are all interested (to some extents) to game design. So maybe in the future the three or four of us would create something of our own.