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  1. In a nutshell:
  2. I had been playing GMDX (a Deus Ex mod) non stop until a couple nights ago when the game kept black screening when the gas station level ended. Oh well, fuck. So now I'm playing the hell on earth starter pack. Cool as hell. I also have some unfinished playthroughs of various games that I need to end. Lots to do ;)
  3. This has been stuck in my head all friggin' day
  4. Trace actually wanted to leave. He didn't have any interest on staying on this site. He ghosted for a little while, and now I guess he's completely gone. CzechMate, who was supposed to assist me after Trace's departure, was banned for his behavior (I think).
  5. What @danielhday said is true. I have been busy with other things and, after two people who were helping with/lead the project were banned also, I kinda lost interest. I've been a bit lazy with this one and haven't contacted the mapping team. My original map for this wad is now part of my Cursed project (map 08), as well as an unreleased deathmatch map which I was planning to edit for this project as well (now part of map 07). I do not plan on contributing to his wad.
  6. Didn't Duke rip off the boss monster's head from episode 2 and literally shit down its neck?
  7. Dress up as the police ;)
  8. You know in all honestly Halloween is just another day for me; dressing up in bizarre clothing, scaring children, stealing candy from other people's houses, and howling at the moon. Life's great man!
  9. The bot customization was much much better in UT99, and this was the only disappointing thing I found about UT2k4. I still use the same "characters" my dad created back when he first played the game, or at least when I was an infant. Each of them had a purpose, ranging from the team sniper, to agile and fast assault type character. I even created a backstory to go with them. Back on topic, while I don't know why probably because I was still a kid, I always saw the combat styles as an extra difficulty factor for bot customization and never took actual play style into account.
  10. ^I wanted to use that concept for the Doom 2 Redux level of Map 08. I never finished it though.
  11. Accidental Hall of mirrors gibbing
  12. I would say Unreal Tournament 2004. To my knowledge UT99 to 2k4 essentially have the same skill set (I don't know about UT3) but in 2004 there are more mechanics due to the different game modes as well as movement. Also I've noticed in UT2k4 bots, and teams for singleplayer, have three "play styles"; Offensive, Defensive, and All-Round. This is more noticeable in deathmatch, but also effects team play in way making either your offense or defense better particularly in Bombing Run. The three Godlike tier teams and their leader also have one of the three play styles. I haven't noticed this in UT99 if it's present.
  13. huh. Manson never came to mind for me
  14. The goggles was a part of the hat... which I bought at goodwill.
  15. Here's my totally "creative" steam punk costume