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Status Updates posted by nxGangrel

  1. I hear Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor are buddies again and might collab in the future.



    Also, heaven upside down was awesome!

    1. Doomkid


      I would love to hear a collab between those two, it's been far too long

    2. geo


      I read that too... I didn't even know they stopped being buddies, but it sounds like it stemmed from Nothing Records dissolving.


      I've heard Trent's last 2 EPs. Both felt forgettable. I'm amazed they did so well on the charts. Maybe they'll grow on me, but after 10 or so listens they haven't.

    3. nxGangrel


      The first ep was probably my least favorite NIN release. Excluding remix albums and what not. The second was actually really good imo. My only questions is if Trent (and Atticus) is working on three EPs in an around six months separation from each other... Why not just make them one full album?


      glad to see both bands aren't just utter shite now, and still hold their own. Especially Manson. I think he/they're doing better than NIN now.

  2. So apparently map 04 and 05 for Cursed got corrupted or something. I have no idea why, probably because I never finished updating them from Boom to Zdoom format. Oh well.



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    2. Yugiboy85


      Glad it worked. Hence why these .backup files are life savers ;) 


      (Says the guy who deletes them as soon as they are made :p)

    3. nxGangrel


      @Xyzzy01I already posted pics of an area of that map.

    4. Xyzzy01


      I know, I just found it funny that someone else had a similar problem I had a while back and wanted to share it.

  3. Are there any sprite artists that are available at the moment.

    I could use some additional work on my STF (player face) sprites. I'm not entirely satisfied with the current results, or my sprite making ability.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      The ZDoom forums would probably be a better place to ask, lots of artists there. :]

    2. 40oz


      try asking Impie. if im remembering correctly, he did some alt status face graphics, some of them were women. Maybe he could send you a modified one for your character

    3. nxGangrel


      @bzzrak Darn, I have to make a Zdoom forums account now, haha.

      @40oz Sure, I'll probably do that. Thanks

  4. After fucking around with the files for Blood to get them to work on my Dosbox again all friggin' day, I finally got both Blood and Cryptic Passage to work once again on my computer!

    I am so fraggin' happy right now (after hours of disappointment and frustration). 

    1. MrDeAD1313


      Cryptic Passage is so good! Think I'm gonna have to do the same :D

    2. KVELLER


      Have you tried to use BloodGDX?

  5. After telling a friend of mine I've been making levels for Doom, WXR, and other Doomy things I was able to convince her to check out and get Doom, and she is interested in playing some of my levels and other community made levels as well. I feel so accomplished! :D

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      I had a friend in college who first introduced me to Doom -- to this day, he doesn't know what he started! :-P


      Nowadays, whenever I tell someone "Hey, do you ever play Doom?", they're like, "Doom? Oh, yeah, I played it once... Have you ever played SKYRIM??" (Or Portal, or Minecraft, or <insert popular game title here>)

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Congratulations, Doom missionary.

      (Hey, "Doom missionary" reminds me of that one guy who made a thread here a few months ago...)

    4. nxGangrel


      @42PercentHealth What's hilarious is that I can remember my friend in particular praising skyrim and I would give her so much crap because I would keep saying "It's not that great" or "it sucks" just to piss her off. We were both 12 at the time though, I wasn't big into Doom at that point.

  6. Can anyone please explain to me why none of my settings are saved after I close Eternity?

    Every time I start up the engine, it always goes back to default. This is really frustrating.

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    2. nxGangrel


      -what is considered closing it properly?

      -Where do I put the file(s)

      -FEAR is not installed on my computer

    3. Edward850


      • Menu->Quit->Y
      • Somewhere else. It's your computer, pick a spot. Just make sure it's not in a system specific folder (Program Files, your desktop, etc.). Try C:/Games/Doom.
    4. nxGangrel


      The first one I have been doing

      Second one did the trick. Thanks.

  7. I've added a body of work to my profile now. Those are cool right?

     I need to work on more shit, haha

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    2. nxGangrel


      I didn't know i would sorta start a trend. Cool.

      But I just took the idea from the Doomwiki, how individual mappers had a "body of work". As well as the few people who would post links to their stuff in their signatures in the previous version of DW. I just thought it was cool

      Are there still signatures in DW? If there are, I haven't noticed.


      @PanterD2SYou haven't heard of either Mutiny, Doom 2 Redux, the annual Doomworld mega projects?

    3. PanterD2S


      No ^^


      ...havent touched Doom for nearly 20 years - 1 year ago i didnt know the name zeromaster or what was going on here. "Joined August 10, 2016"  :)

    4. nxGangrel
  8. I hate it when I get level designer writers block and run out of ideas. And then I end up making a bunch of squares and rectangles then fill them out.


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    2. Unholypimp1n


      Ya I just look at other peoples maps then make a map with the general idea but with my own twists.

    3. 40oz


      You've been doing so much already, I dont think it would hurt to take a break and try playing through an old megawad you like again, or maybe try looking at cool art or listening to a new band and see if that inspires you.


      As far as rectangles go, there's plenty room for innovation in terms of lighting and height variation. But if you don't feel you're putting out your best work, try reviewing some maps from the /idgames archive, make note of the things you like and try to incorporate them in your future designs :)

    4. Tracer


      As these guys said...check out other maps for inspiration.  Hell, Doom 2 Redux was originally meant to just be a solo mapping exercise for me.  Ended up being a cool group project, made me a better mapper.

  9. I've been playing so much Doom 4 Doom lately that everything has come to grinding fraggin' halt.

    I enjoy shit too much.

  10. Is there anyone interested in making Blood-esque (or rather gothic ambient) midi's? They will be for my upcoming project I'm working on.


    I've tried making a few but due to time, writer's block, and not being experienced at all at making midi's I'm probably not gonna make any more anytime soon. 

    Anyone interested, or simply want details, please message me!

    1. Eris


      Dark atmospheric is one of my genres I guess, but I can't be taking on anymore work at the moment D:

      What sort of timescale are you looking at?

    2. Rangar


      Definitley interested, PMed you. Here's some of my previous work, (not midi but you get the idea). 


    3. nxGangrel


      Eris Falling, the wad will be released whenever it will be released. Hopefully before I end up in college which is anywhere between 5 to 10 months. So I want to finish it by then, but it'll probably take longer.