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  1. Is there anyone interested in making Blood-esque (or rather gothic ambient) midi's? They will be for my upcoming project I'm working on.


    I've tried making a few but due to time, writer's block, and not being experienced at all at making midi's I'm probably not gonna make any more anytime soon. 

    Anyone interested, or simply want details, please message me!

    1. Tristan


      Dark atmospheric is one of my genres I guess, but I can't be taking on anymore work at the moment D:

      What sort of timescale are you looking at?

    2. Rangar


      Definitley interested, PMed you. Here's some of my previous work, (not midi but you get the idea). 


    3. nxGangrel


      Eris Falling, the wad will be released whenever it will be released. Hopefully before I end up in college which is anywhere between 5 to 10 months. So I want to finish it by then, but it'll probably take longer.