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  1. I hear Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor are buddies again and might collab in the future.



    Also, heaven upside down was awesome!

    1. Doomkid


      I would love to hear a collab between those two, it's been far too long

    2. geo


      I read that too... I didn't even know they stopped being buddies, but it sounds like it stemmed from Nothing Records dissolving.


      I've heard Trent's last 2 EPs. Both felt forgettable. I'm amazed they did so well on the charts. Maybe they'll grow on me, but after 10 or so listens they haven't.

    3. nxGangrel


      The first ep was probably my least favorite NIN release. Excluding remix albums and what not. The second was actually really good imo. My only questions is if Trent (and Atticus) is working on three EPs in an around six months separation from each other... Why not just make them one full album?


      glad to see both bands aren't just utter shite now, and still hold their own. Especially Manson. I think he/they're doing better than NIN now.