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  1. Well, this is a kinda' stupid question, but, I see demos where if people move their mouse, they don't turn smoothly, like they move 1 cm or such, I can only move very little and smoothly, I might sound like a stupid, but if you understand, please help me. :o !!!!


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    2. Maes


      This should probably be moved in demos, where the phenomenon you described is known as "reduced mouse precision during demo recording". In vanilla Doom, regardless of how smoothly you can move when playing, the demo itself has a much coarser angle resolution (literally, 65536 times lower).

      In a way, it's puzzling how much effort is put into ensuring demo compatibility with various hacks etc., when this factor alone pretty much guarantees that a recorded demo will seldom be exactly like how it was actually played out. Of course, there is the infamous longtics hacks, which ensures full turning resolution in demos, but ofc result in incompatible demos (though most source ports support them).

    3. SavageCorona


      Why exactly do you want horrible janky mouse movement?

    4. Azan yousuf

      Azan yousuf

      Yes, Maes I figured that out and I want that kind of mouse because that sometimes helps in speedruns, because you can line yourself more perfectly that way, get it Lol.