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  1. Dylan Jarvis

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I remember Bluefeena's crusher Map got me in a fit of rage when I first played it. There was a pain sector floor in the start area. Which was a problem for continuous play considering there wasn't much health or rad suit available. Second I remember one section had a bunch of monsters shooting you through impassible walls. They weren't see through walls either they were fireblu.
  2. Dylan Jarvis

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I know this is a late response, but better late than never I guess. I got my midi from http://en.midimelody.ru/ The midi is Taste of my Scythe by Children of Bodom.
  3. Dylan Jarvis

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Death Crypt? I dunno. I was never good a picking map names =/
  4. Dylan Jarvis

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    Wow it's been so long since I made my map for this project. I miss these days.
  5. E3M6 - so many memories of exploring that map for hours.
  6. Dylan Jarvis

    The DWIronman League dies to: Osiris

    2:13:50 A few close calls but I made it ok. My mouse plotted against me a couple time but I fought back.
  7. Dylan Jarvis

    The DWIronman League dies to: Osiris

    I'm gong to post my video here soon it might be a tad late. I've been having issues with uploading videos from my computer.
  8. Dylan Jarvis

    Which map is harder, E4M1 Hell Beneath or E4M2 Perfect Hatred?

    E4M1 by far. e4m2 has exploits that can make it easier. Plus there is plenty of health. So no contest here. I'm also talking from a UV Max standpoint.
  9. Dylan Jarvis

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    I need to edit some of my maps to be more compatible with multiplayer. There are too many rooms that lock you in and force a restart if a death occurred in the locked room.
  10. Dylan Jarvis

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    I've never really made a slaughter map before, but I think I might try something for this and see what I can come up with. Time to start drawing and listen too some death metal to set the mood lol.
  11. Damn I missed out on this. Maybe next time.
  12. Dylan Jarvis

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I like the usage of stock textures in some of these shots.
  13. Dylan Jarvis

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Yeah I fixed it just haven't resubmitted it yet. Sorry about that. I mean't for it to be d1 open stay, but I guess I clicked w1 by accident.
  14. Dylan Jarvis

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Oops I'll fix that on my days off this week.
  15. damnit! I went back and downloaded my most recent post of my maps and they arent the right ones. Is it to late to upload a more up to date file? If so here it is. http://www.mediafire.com/file/gwbb64efaamxvju/Stiffy%27s+Redux+Maps.zip
  16. You can't leave cupcake's map out that map is a gem.
  17. Dylan Jarvis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: TNT: Revilution

    Gotta play this one. TNT is my second favorite IWAD behind Ultimate Doom. I always enjoyed TNT over Plutonia for the shear creativeness and charm of the levels. Plutonia may have been overall better designed, the enemy usage get's rather stale half way through because the difficulty is mostly the same throughout the whole wad. TNT's levels vary widely, and the new music is a great addition as well. Just an overall more enjoyable experience so I'm curious to see how this is.
  18. Neodoom Gold: Fun wad that has great level design, fair gameplay and new monsters and weapons. Probably my favorite Doom Mod-Wad Hybrid.
  19. Dylan Jarvis

    Duke Nukem 20th anniversary edition

    The New episode levels are actually well designed IMO, and the usage of a lot of previous boss monsters really put me on edge because I wasn't expecting to see them as early as they appeared.
  20. I'm thinking about possibly changing some of these tunes though and adding a bit more to some of the maps.
  21. I posted my music a few pages back.
  22. Alright so I finally beat it Jesus tap dancing christ, man. I never played a map like this before so I might of overreacted a bit, sorry. It was better once I got something to eat. The beginning is very overwhelming for me but I got through. I also decided to stick with zdoom compatibility this time as well. Because fuck those revanant missiles. The lost souls were still annoying though because just when you think they are all dead all the sudden you got two lost souls munching on each ass cheek. I'm glad to have finally beaten it, not without a lot of save states mind you. I'm still not a huge fan of this type of slaughter map especially the three lines, I tried that and was like yeah no thanks. But in the end I've learned to respect it anyway. P.S: I hate you for making it a death exit. Punish us with a tough map and take our nice full rockets and plasma? That is sadistic.
  23. This isn't slaughterfest 3 though. Your map is way too conflicting with every other map in the wad so far. I guess this map sliding into a MAP33 slot would be fair to who ever wants to try it, but it's not fun at all. Once again Castle of Atlantis is how you make a slaughter map. This is just BFG spam galore.
  24. I will beat it though regardless. I just need a break.