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  1. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    This was really difficult haha 10pts-Scythe 9pts-Velapax 8pts-Ancient Alien 7pts-Doom: The Golden Souls 6pts-Valiant 5pts-Sunlust 4pts-Jiffy Bag 3pts-Cyberdreams 2pts-1 Monster 1pts-Earth
  2. TheNerdTurtle2

    Ever wondered how Doom 64 guy reloads the super shotgun?

    The same way Doom guy shoots a magazine of rockets
  3. TheNerdTurtle2

    Any awesome Co-op Megawads?

    Those sound fun I'll add to my list
  4. TheNerdTurtle2

    Any awesome Co-op Megawads?

    Oh shit that's awesome! I've always heard Momento Mori 1 and 2 were really good but I've never played them
  5. TheNerdTurtle2

    Any awesome Co-op Megawads?

    Me and my roommate are playing Doom 2 a lot right now and I we were playing through TNT: Evilution for the first time, and damn I HATE a lot of the maps. they are unfair/secretive and just not fun. Does anyone have any fun wads that we should play? I don't mind if you even made the WAD we just want something that doesn't suck. I prefer WADS without a bunch of added content but we can play whatever. Thanks!
  6. TheNerdTurtle2

    Issue with mirrors

    okay thanks guys :] I thought Zandronum was based on GzDoom
  7. My god, you're back! Great to see you. :]

    1. TheNerdTurtle2


      Haha thanks, I do mapping in my free time still I just don't always post a bunch :)

  8. TheNerdTurtle2

    Issue with mirrors

    I tried it in Zandronum and it still gave me that glitch, but if that is the only fix I'd gladly do that
  9. TheNerdTurtle2

    Issue with mirrors

    In MAP02 of the deathmatch WAD I'm working on I have a really weird glitch with the mirror I just can't figure out. It's in the room the player spawns in so it's easy to see. I'm really confused because I've done many mirrors with no problem in the past, if anyone has time to help please do, thanks muchly :) NerdTurtle.zip
  10. TheNerdTurtle2

    Custom Monster help

    Wow... I can't believe I never noticed that. Thanks so much
  11. TheNerdTurtle2

    Custom Monster help

    http://imgur.com/gallery/dKXRF A long time ago I programmed this monster and never figured out why it couldn't fire it's attack. I might as well learn why :) Basically my friend wanted me to make a pokemon based Doom monster and when I tried to show off my skills I fell flat on my face
  12. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    I'll churn one out.
  13. First time I saw Doom was on some demo disk my Dad had. I knew I needed it after that, so I went looking everywhere for it. (This was 2007). I eventually got it online and I played through the whole game with the original controls because I didn't know source ports existed :) good times
  14. TheNerdTurtle2

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Play scythe. It's amazing, and it's what you described up until like level 24. You can just quit after that, it becomes a slaughter fest
  15. TheNerdTurtle2

    Rocket Launcher 2.0 - Cross platform Doom front end

    Your link is broken