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  1. TheNerdTurtle2

    MEGAmix - submissions closed

    I made this awhile ago.. Be sure to butcher it haha https://www.dropbox.com/s/s54z9gbbieb5wmk/thingoranother.wad?dl=0
  2. TheNerdTurtle2

    First time mapper here!

    Okay so here is my opinion. Don't take anything as an insult as this is a VERY good first map. First I liked the enemy placements throughout the level except the Demon in the first room which felt out of place. The level lacked ammo and I died because of the lack of health. I suggest that your doors be thinner because IMO thick doors look ugly. Also, unless this is intended, use doortrak texture instead of the bluekey texture on the doors. There are a few textures that are misaligned, I am only pointing this out so you don't get into the bad habit of doing this, like me :) I loved the shadow effect here! I loved your geometry here! It looks really cool... In this screenshot the doors are REALLY thick and they clip into the sky. This looks really bad and you should learn how to fix it. Finally I thought that this looked really cool. So basically I liked the gameplay of your level and besides a few graphic complaints I hope to see more of your work in the future :)
  3. Haven't played it, but those screenies look beautiful :)
  4. TheNerdTurtle2

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    Thanks for the SSG gibs, I haven't tried it out but it sounds amazing!
  5. TheNerdTurtle2

    What are you playing now?

    Currently I'm playing through Plutonia for the first time :) Fun but extremely hard haha
  6. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    @Scifista42 I know it's his style I was just giving suggestions, I may have put too much emphasis on it though haha @Memfis I think it should be in both, for my project I have more room to breath and can give the map more than 310 linedefs and keep the non 45/90 angles. But also playing through this compilation, our map feels like a nice ending, unless someone wants to make a pocket boss map for the end. In the end I don't think there is anything wrong about putting it in both.
  7. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    If Memfis doesn't want to finish the map I'll finish it up but I'm assuming he'll do it today or tomorrow. Anyway here is my review: @AD_79 The map is perfect you shouldn't make any changes except in my opinion I think the lava should be damaging, I've never seen not damaging lava. @TheMionicDonut This map is really good (I just hate Pain Elementals) but in the room after the first door some of the cage textures are misalligned and look awkward. @Walter Confalonieri Your map is perfect, however it says nigger in it and Pinchy said the image needs to be family appropriate. @Joe-Ilya Another really good map but it has a few weird things you should fix. The "houses" in your screenshot have really skinny rooftops, IMO they should be thicker. The only other thing is in one of the dead ends there are 3 torches and an open space. I thought it was a secret but it wasn't. You should either add another torch or make it a secret.
  8. TheNerdTurtle2

    Your Doom folder structure?

    Mine is messy but here it is.. Doom -Doom Builder (contains DB2 files) -XWE (contains XWE files) -Slade3 (contains slade files) -Wads and Mods (All of the wads I have downloaded) -My Wads (All of my maps and wads. Really messy) -Patches (All my custom patches) -Gfx (All my custom gfx) -EARTHONHELLV3 (I need an entire folder for this WAD, apprently) -Zdoom (I don't know why this is here, I don't use zDoom) -MIDIS (All my custom midis) -Misc (I have a bunch of sprites and whatnot in here)
  9. TheNerdTurtle2

    How to End Game in old source ports

    I know how to make MapInfo lumps that can end game after a certain level but how would I go about doing that in older source ports such as chocolate doom? I am familiar with Slade and Doom builder, so is there a way to go about this without using other programs or am I going to have to look into Dehacked? This question is more or less for future reference because I am not nearly done with my WAD yet, but it's going to contain less than 32 maps and I want the ending to look professional. Thanks a lot
  10. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    I thought I could get away with the two because you had some non 90-45 degree angles with your lights haha, also I didn't add detail because I was running up against the linedef limit and was assuming you wanted to do it. BTW thanks for the opportunity to try something different
  11. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xt0396glycspi7/pinchback.wad?dl=0 @Memfis Finished! Let me know how I did and I'm going to let you put the final touches in and what not. Also because your portion of the map was 100x better than mine I won't be hurt if you don't accept my portion of the map.
  12. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    Can I implement difficulty? I noticed there is not a big difference between them. If so I will keep UV the same as you left it but I'll change HMP a little.
  13. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    Memfis have you actually beaten this? It is hard as balls after the archvile. The chaingunner kill me every time..
  14. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    @Memfis I'll take a look tonight and work on the map with you :)
  15. TheNerdTurtle2

    ';,,;' Birthday Maps

    I might make a speed map tomorrow or if I have time tonight. I have to write an 8 page essay :O
  16. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doomworld Mega Project 2015 - Now on /idgames

    Sign me up! Stupid question: if it works in Chocolate Doom I mark it as vanilla, correct?
  17. TheNerdTurtle2

    DOOM Retro v4.4.2 (updated January 14, 2022)

    Holy shit take all my money haha. This is the best source port in the history of Doom. Thanks for this :) Edit: I found one glitch, I think, in Map05 of Doom2 the monsters constantly walk on the windows. Did they do this originally or did you change their step height?
  18. TheNerdTurtle2

    Really easy maps that you've overwise loved?

    I don't know why mappers don't make other difficulties. However Scifista you are 100% right. All my maps are the absolute easiest things ever on ITYTD. Difficulty is implemented like this: Okay there are 20 monsters here.... *Highlights 15 of them* I'll take the Easy flag off these *Highlights 5 of them* I'll take the medium flag off these DONE! I almost never test on Easy because it's boring but I like to think someone has to play on the lower difficulties so I keep it anyway haha.
  19. TheNerdTurtle2


    You can get monsters to teleport in whenever you want really easily. There are a few tutorials on it I think. Chubzdoomer probably has one
  20. TheNerdTurtle2


    The only map I can think of is the first map of Earth.wad if you look at the map in an editor most of it is unpopulated but monstera teleport in. It's really cool I suggest you search it up and play it.
  21. TheNerdTurtle2

    I deleted a map in Slade on accident

    I'm pretty upset with myself right now... I may have accidentally deleted my map while using Slade and I was wondering if there was any way in Hell I could get it back. I already saved before I realized what I did and the map was like 6-7 hours in so I lost a bit of time there. Any way to recover this?
  22. TheNerdTurtle2

    I deleted a map in Slade on accident

    Yep, I'm officially stupid haha. I checked all the BAK files and none of them contain the map :/
  23. TheNerdTurtle2

    I deleted a map in Slade on accident

    I checked all of those folders, no temp files. Thanks a lot though, I'll just start over EDIT: The stupid thing is I always delete the backup files in the WAD folder because they take up unnecessary room.. Turns out I should stop that habit haha
  24. TheNerdTurtle2

    I deleted a map in Slade on accident

    Yeah I remember reading a post on that, thanks! But do you know where I can find the temp folder?
  25. TheNerdTurtle2


    I wanted to reply and say I loved the map! There were a few moments when I was like WTF Memfis!?! For example it took me a while to find out that the waterfall was a lift... But all in all I liked it a whole lot. Contrary to others I thought the map looked nice, but there were quite a few textures that were misaligned (they weren't bothersome though) P.S. That crusher teleport trap killed me haha