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  1. TheNerdTurtle2

    Issue with mirrors

    I tried it in Zandronum and it still gave me that glitch, but if that is the only fix I'd gladly do that
  2. TheNerdTurtle2

    Custom Monster help

    Wow... I can't believe I never noticed that. Thanks so much
  3. TheNerdTurtle2

    Custom Monster help

    http://imgur.com/gallery/dKXRF A long time ago I programmed this monster and never figured out why it couldn't fire it's attack. I might as well learn why :) Basically my friend wanted me to make a pokemon based Doom monster and when I tried to show off my skills I fell flat on my face
  4. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    I'll churn one out.
  5. First time I saw Doom was on some demo disk my Dad had. I knew I needed it after that, so I went looking everywhere for it. (This was 2007). I eventually got it online and I played through the whole game with the original controls because I didn't know source ports existed :) good times
  6. TheNerdTurtle2

    GBA Doom Review Released

    THE REVIEW: Doom is a game that everyone has to respect in some way, shape or form for the sheer fact of how much of videogame history it changed. It was also one of the first games to spawn many ports, like the one I am reviewing: GBA Doom. GBA Doom is it’s own animal, it feels like Doom in many places and it feels like a clunky mess in others. It is dark and scary in places and it’s, again, slow and clunky in others. Notice I say slow and clunky instead of garbled, slow, laggy and clunky unplayable garbage. I’m looking at you SNES Doom! GBA Doom is by no means a beautiful game, but it is Doom after all, and when was last time you thought Doom was pretty? But in comparison with the SNES port, the GBA version is like the Mona Lisa, amazing for the time period. What I mean is give the gameboy to some appreciating teenager and see what he says: “Why can’t I aim down the sights? This game is trash.” and then give the Mona Lisa to the same person: “Why are the colors so mute, someone should photoshop me into this picture.” To them the game and the photo are ancient, outdated and ought to be forgotten. But to the right people they are a treasure of the past. Now my personal opinion is a little different than others in that I don’t mind playing it. I’ve heard countless complaints about framerate and jerkiness but honestly aside from a few levels I don’t find slowdown that often. Before I say anything else I have to be fair and say I haven’t played Doom II yet on the Gameboy and I heard it’s a lot smoother so that might be where the hate comes from. The gameplay is fun. I’m not going to say it plays as good as the PC version, and not even as well as the Xbox Arcade Version. The default control scheme is the best and it plays as follows: with the L and R buttons strafing, the A button shoots, the B button runs/activates objects. One downside to this setup is switching weapons is awkward as you have to hold both R and L and press up and down on the control pad. The other downside is a lot of times when you open a door you press “B” to run into the room and it closes the door in your face. This happens to me A LOT. Thankfully you can turn on autorun and eliminate this problem. But remember it plays better than the SNES port for more than just the speed. For some odd reason the SNES port doesn’t allow circle strafing, you can turn and you can strafe but not at the same time. To my surprise the GBA port allows this and it works well. Perhaps the biggest advantage is something that felt game breaking in the SNES version, which was that monsters only had one set of sprites: the ones facing you. Never did they turn when they walked, only looked at you with their dead eyes. And holy fuck did it look bad when they walked away from you. Have you ever been in a staring contest? I have and it was nothing compared to the way these zombiemen stare at you while doing what seems like the electric slide! And thank the lord this is gone in the GBA port, it feels like a real monster is trying to kill you and not some freak of nature. So overall I’d say that the game plays pretty well and the only real downside is the slowdown. Graphically the game looks great. Especially if playing on the GBA SP AGS-101 model, which I am. The game has a brightness option and on this model I turn it all the way down, but using the AGS-001 model I leave it on 3 out of 5 (default). On top of a brightness setting they also included a static lighting option. This makes the lighting the same throughout the entire game and although I never personally liked it, it does increase frame rate by a bit. Now before I say anything else about graphics I have to mention the blood because everyone does. It’s green, get over it. It looks good and honestly doesn’t feel like it’s censored more of a cool little design choice. My only problem is that the corpses disappear shortly after death probably to help the game run faster. One thing I think is odd about the whole censorship thing is that gibs were removed but the graphics for the bloody mess decoration still exists in all its green glory. Also sadly lots of textures have been removed completely, this is most noticeable right when you start the game and see that the pretty blue floor is replaced with an ugly brown one. The only other major graphical difference is that the COMPTALL texture has been completely replaced with another texture, that kinda resembles a freedoom version of the original. All the other differences I have listed below for your entertainment. Overall GBA Doom is good. It’s amazing for the hardware it had to work on and although it might not be PC Doom it is very fun to play. I will say however there is no reason to buy it unless you are like me and decided it was worth it just to say you have Doom for the gameboy. But nevertheless I play it every once in awhile and try to pistol start some levels and utterly fail. So if you love Doom buy it! Or else skip it and buy Doom for the PC first. Thanks for listening and I have a whole list of changes below :) The levels aren’t a complete list as I figured out that the Wiki had the differences already but I’ll complete them if someone wants. GBA Differences: Music: Seems that all music is here but each song is pushed backwards one slot for example Imp's song plays on E1M1 and At Doom's Gate plays in E1M9 Pausing causes music to restart Sounds: Demon has Imp death sound It seems like the ambient noise that monsters make doesn't fade over distance When hitting the ground after a fall instead of making the "oof" sound Doomguy makes the getting hurt sound Sounds cut each other off Random graphical differences: At the end of each level the intermission has the Doom 2 intermission background until after the stats are displayed then it shows the map with the you are here sign No mid textures When you get hurt the screen turns more of a pinkish/purplish color instead of red HUD is missing arms section HUD doesn't have the % sign Box of ammo is a much lighter shade of green Gibs were removed but the graphics for the bloody mess decoration still extists (in its green form) Generally brighter overall All blood is green COMPTALL texture has been completely replaced with another texture, it kinda looks like a freedoom version of the original The lighting that gets dark over distance was removed A "static lighting" option was added, which makes all sectors full brightness, framerate notable increases for using this Bodies disapear shortly after being killed Lighting affects the level but not the monsters and items who are always full brightness Messages appear across bottom of the screen instead of the top Decorations such as floor lamps or tech pillars are present but are sometimes not where they are supposed to be Gameplay Differences: B is to run and open doors so occasionally you close doors on yourself when trying to run through Auto aim seems to not do anything at mid- long range No crushing ceilings Using cheat codes gets ammo higher than pc counterpart, it seems like ammo goes on to infitity although the cheat code only gives you 500 for each ammo type Jerky and slightly unstable framerate No episode intermission screens except after the last level All monsters are deaf Can't save in the middle of the level only between Although you can select your episode the game is played all the way through with no intermissions or loss of guns Automap has a follow mode and a scroll mode where you can look around No nightmare difficulty but UV was renamed to Nightmare Health bonuses and armor bonuses give you 2% instead of the normal 1% Lost souls only take one shotgun shell to kill (FUCK YES!!!) No cyberdemon or spidermastermind are present E1M1 Hangar: The pretty blue floor in the first room we all know and love is gone and replaced with Floor5_3 The two tech pillars in the green armor room are gone (so that means no secret switch either) There is a hole in the wall due to the lift secret because of the absense of midtextures E1M2 Nuclear Plant: Green armor area at the beginning is changed slightly, the floor is lowered and the armor is placed around the corner At the end of the level there is no lift in the exit room there is just a switch at normal height E1M3 Toxin Refinery: Considerable lag at the beginning of the level due to many enemies (although not a difference I thought I'd mention it) The linedef for the soulsphere secret is moved considerbly closer to make it easier to get The donut toxic pit got modified, the toxic isn't far down now but almost at the surface of the pit and the middle is no longer a pit (filled in and no more switch) Blue key room the lights no longer turn off during the ambush E1M4 Command Center: Has been almost completely retextured with Bigbrik1 instead of Browngrn The chaingun room has a switch on the inside to reopen the doors after they close The cramped maze has no height variation and is textured with Bigbrik1 For some reason the part that originally had the swastika resembles the swastika more than the patched PC version E1M5 Phobos Lab: More of bricked theme just like GBA E1M4 Toxic pit secret with the rocket launcher doesn't have a texture variation to show where the secret is E1M6 Central Processing: Sadly the redkey ambush room was scrapped all together and there is just a red key outside of where that room would have been The slimepool maze is shortened because they took out two of the rooms E1M7 Computer Station: Elevated area with the rocket launcher is completely enclosed instead of having a little bit of a window to see the room below Blue key is located on the ground instead of the lip of the platform The outside area with the soulsphere has a weird fence height glitch, one area of fence is much higher than the rest Exit room is lacking windows E1M8 Phobos Anomaly: The first room contains no demons or toxic pit, instead there is a platform full of former humans and barrels There is also no lift to the computer map and stim paks, the previously mentioned platform walks directly into that room The soulsphere secret is replaced with blue armor The two Baron houses are simplified and connected to each other, on the inside there is a soulsphere between them All the spectres were replaced with Demons After killing the two barons only the northern part of the star opens up The raising staircase isn't present until opening a door on the northern wall Two former humans are on the top of the rasing staircase And finally upon entering the teleport there is no death screen like classic doom the level simply ends E3M2 Slough of Despair: NOT PRESENT E3M3 Pandemonium: Retextured: Wood is now marble Entire western portion of map is deleted The one portion of water that is noramlly a damaging floor in PC doom is no longer damaging E3M7 Limbo: Sky texture in big main room instead of ceiling E3m8 Dis: Completely removed and is replaced with a version of fortress of mystery as the final level Instead of an ending that requires you to flip a switch you have to open multiple doors in the same room and collect all the keys just to exit, this was made to prevent players from running through all the monsters and exiting before killing them all Credits: Don't credit John Romero, Tom Hall or Sandy Peterson in level design
  7. TheNerdTurtle2

    Earth On Hell my new 8 level wad

    In July of last year I left the forums because I got a job and a girlfriend but I was in the middle of a 16 level wad I had been working on for 3-4 months, however it kinda sat and rotted away on my computer until I just got back into Doom. Basically I cut out all the "bad" and unfinished levels and here we are, a 8 level Doom 2 wad. It has custom music and textures and is completely vanilla. I personally like MAP07 the most but I want to hear what you guys think, if for no other reason play it for Memfis's 2 maps (MAP03 and MAP09). Thanks for the support and help during this WAD and please enjoy it and give me feedback EDIT: I forgot to mention MAP31 was supposed to be a secret level but I never implemented it, it's a pretty lets say hectic level https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1drlp0d2zj0zwf/EARTHONHELLV8.zip?dl=0 MORE:
  8. TheNerdTurtle2

    Fair, fun and balanced

    Play scythe. It's amazing, and it's what you described up until like level 24. You can just quit after that, it becomes a slaughter fest
  9. TheNerdTurtle2

    Rocket Launcher 2.0 - Cross platform Doom front end

    Your link is broken
  10. TheNerdTurtle2

    Let's Make More 1-hr Speedmaps

    The reason I stopped is I thought I'd get boring for you but I'd be happy to try again
  11. TheNerdTurtle2

    Let's Make More 1-hr Speedmaps

    Walter you're gonna get some laughs out of this FDA probably https://www.dropbox.com/s/zx4ykzrt22cvvg3/ieeeee_TheNerdTurtle2demo.lmp?dl=1 I couldn't manage to beat it xD This is the updated version of my map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvd61e26478swx9/Pressure.wad?dl=1 I fixed some bugs and made gameplay better, P.S I also updated my OP
  12. The only way I could even play the first episode was on Super Slimey and I still never even got close to death
  13. So what's this mods purpose? Because I always thought that Chex Quest was WAYYYY too easy. Does this make it any harder?
  14. It's not that it's too easy as in like boring I mean I didn't even kill a single non-hitscan monster because they were no threat. There was too much room so I easily avoided their projectiles and just flipped the switches. It made it kinda it's own fun because I was constantly on the run
  15. TheNerdTurtle2

    my e1m1 remake

    This is made by someone who obviously knows how to make maps and that's why it's shit. He purposely made it terrible, he's the new zkkt or whatever that guys name was
  16. I just want to say that the compilation that the other guy made didn't include the correct MIDI for every level
  17. So I loved the start of your level and I thought the theme was spot on but it was pretty easy. Like really easy. And then I saw the Cyberdemons and let them kill me because I don't like fighting cyberdemons as it's really boring IMO. The one thing I'd change about the level is the MIDI and the Cyberdemons. The MIDI because although it sounds good it has a terrible loop
  18. Oh shit that's my bad, I'll go ahead and update my original link
  19. MAP03 in the compilation has to read the OP. He must have used Bloodymess 2 because the boss was running rampant on his map xD EDIT: MAP04 shouldn't make the cut as it's just not good (I'm sorry to be blunt) and MAP13 is just kinda annoying. Also the compilation is missing a lot of maps, and my updated map as a boss is running rampant in my level too
  20. TheNerdTurtle2

    Lack of mid-game saving is ruining Doom 64 for me

    Why are there no saves in Super Mario Bros!?!?
  21. TheNerdTurtle2

    Where do demons go when they die in Hell ?

    Is this a grown ups reference?
  22. TheNerdTurtle2

    How important is difficulty?

    No offense but are you living under a rock? People love E4 almost as much as E1. And there are a select few people that love Plutonia, I'll just pretend I'm not one of those people so I don't get hated haha
  23. TheNerdTurtle2

    Let's Make More 1-hr Speedmaps

    Here we go Build Time: 1 hourish Compat: Boom Tested With: Doom Retro Name: Pressure https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvd61e26478swx9/Pressure.wad?dl=1 rdwpa you thought my previous map was too easy so I built this one let me know what you think :) I think it's pretty damn hard but maybe I just suck
  24. WTF? Well its the ambush players option that makes them deaf but I'm wondering why it's called that... I work in Boom format all the time and mine says deaf. Also if someone could playtest my level and leave feedback that would be great
  25. TheNerdTurtle2


    That's a spicy meme haha I think Doom is a fun game that's accessible to anyone but only a few really understand it. It just makes me happy that every once in a while my brother asks if he can play my newest level