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Everything posted by TheNerdTurtle2

  1. TheNerdTurtle2

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    DUDEEE!! I forgot all about madness! That shit was the best, I even have the clown theme song on my phone. It's so fucking sweet. Also my cousin used to tell me that he was one of the artists in Madness but I've never seen him in the credits and I think he was lying haha
  2. TheNerdTurtle2

    Where do demons go when they die in Hell ?

    They respawn on earth or mars, then when they are killed they respawn I'm hell. It's a never ending cycle
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o38d72g50ur7i6z/Crimson%20Castle%20Nerd%20Turtle.wad?dl=1 This is the new link for my level, I took out the CC4 texture pack which I still had sitting in there and I fixed some stuff. This is the final version unless there are bugs or balance issues. Also where is OP? He hasn't responded in days
  4. I played UV and thought the map was beautiful. It honestly looks like the 64:64 restriction isn't even there. It's a little bit too hard because of ammo restraints. I completely ran out of ammo after grabbing the key outside that starts the big ambush. I killed the archvile but had to make everything else infight and didn't have enough ammo for the next battle. But it was fun overall even though I died, I also liked that it felt non linear
  5. TheNerdTurtle2

    Favorite Video Game Disc/Cartridge Art

    That's the point haha it's the worst artwork ever.
  6. TheNerdTurtle2

    What is pubmatic from mediafire?

    What do you do if it keeps recreating itself? That happened to my laptop and I got a flashdrive, put everything I want into it and reset my laptop to factory defaults
  7. TheNerdTurtle2

    Thoughts about the enemy and 1st experience with- Cacodemon

    Yep E2M3 for me too because the first time playing Doom as a kid and I was on "I'm Too Young To Die"
  8. TheNerdTurtle2

    Favorite Chip Brand?

    Well I guess I'm biased because I work at Giant Eagle but I like the Giant Eagle brand tortilla chips because they are really good value. But Tositios are slightly better, just much more expensive
  9. TheNerdTurtle2

    Does anyone else Vape here?

    Ever notice how farts smell at least 5 times worse in the shower? I know, I have a lot to contribute to the conversation. But seriously is it only me? Also in the bath...
  10. TheNerdTurtle2

    Let's Make More 1-hr Speedmaps

    I'll make an attempt at this tomorrow, can I do planning on paper prior to setting the timer for 1 hour? And can I do bug fixes after the 1 hour if needed?
  11. Sorry for this technically being released on the 2nd I was making some final touches and I think the map really works out well now :) Name: Crimson Castle Tested With: Doom Retro, Pr-Boom and Gz-Doom MIDI: The Underground from Quake II Play time: About 4 mins https://www.dropbox.com/s/o38d72g50ur7i6z/Crimson%20Castle%20Nerd%20Turtle.wad?dl=1 Screenies: EDIT: SHIT I have bloody mess 2 on my map but I'm too tired to fix now, I will fix tomorrow. Also I'd love feedback
  12. My map is close to completion, I'm going to post at like 9pm tomorrow
  13. I watched this such a long time ago and just want to say two things: 1.) Why is Doomguy so fucking slow? 2.) Master Chief can't reflect bullets with his beam sword just because the elites can. Tell me when in Halo this happens? That's what I thought
  14. TheNerdTurtle2

    GBA Doom Review Released

    Thanks I might take some time to edit it later. On a different note does anyone know why John Romero, Tom Hall and Sandy Peterson are completely not credited? You can't say because it's a port, because John Carmack was credited
  15. TheNerdTurtle2

    GBA Doom Review Released

    I have the SNES version of the game and when I got the GBA port I was blown away by how much better it is, so that's where the hate comes from. But I'm sorry I wrote so much about it.
  16. TheNerdTurtle2

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  17. TheNerdTurtle2

    Am I the only one that likes the Doom movie?

    I watched it a long time ago and thought it got much more hate than it deserved. Of course it seemed like the monsters were more of aliens than demons and it really had nothing to do with Doom but it wasn't bad. Just not Doom
  18. TheNerdTurtle2

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    I'm honestly dying at this one hahaha, I wish I had a manual I've been saving for a car for over a year. Hoping to buy an Acura TL 6 speed by this time next year
  19. TheNerdTurtle2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ... We don't talk about that book, it's sooooooo bad IMO. Please tell me this is sarcastic, I know you're entitled to your opinion but I just can't imagine anyone ever enjoying this book
  20. TheNerdTurtle2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This has nothing to do with the theard but Ling makes me laugh so hard every single time he posts. He truly is the badmin, even though he self-titled himself
  21. TheNerdTurtle2

    super sergeant shooter WAD's

    Sometimes not everything in life is free! Hahaha I'm just messing, but why do you want the wad? The game seemed very mediocre
  22. TheNerdTurtle2

    The Officialâ„¢ Doomworld Age Poll

    18. "I was born in the wrong generation" haha I'm kidding, I grew up with Quake 1 & 2
  23. TheNerdTurtle2

    Machine Games releases new Quake episode

    I'd be down haha, and to the others saying it was too easy to find secrets I feel embarrassed to say I didn't find all of them on any of the levels