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Everything posted by TheNerdTurtle2

  1. TheNerdTurtle2

    What makes a map an intro map?

    I hear people constantly saying things such as: "this is a perfect intro map!" In your opinion what makes an intro map a good intro map? I'm going to be making one for my upcoming mapset and I need some inspiration :)
  2. TheNerdTurtle2

    can someone make these become weapon sprites?

    I love posts like this, it gives me life haha
  3. TheNerdTurtle2

    Machine Games releases new Quake episode

    Drop the dopa folder into your quake directory and dbl click winquake dopa batch file :) took me a few mins BTW this mapset is really good, pretty damn hard though
  4. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doom 64's uneven level design

    And more people are likely to hate you :P Honestly maybe it's just me but I hold grudges against people who present their opinions as fact
  5. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doom vs. Doom II

    I didn't mean to say you were wrong I was kinda making a joke about poorly drawn dicks, but my joke was poorly executed
  6. TheNerdTurtle2

    Detailed Vs Spartan maps, which do you like more?

    It's definitely smarter to design around gameplay first because that's what makes a map good
  7. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doom vs. Doom II

    I see what you mean and it's a good point but it's different. Thy Flesh Consumed would be a badly drawn dick behind a door. You can't see the levels unless you play them so the addition of a door that leads to a badly drawn dick would be a better analogy. Unless of course you think that the title: "Thy Flesh Consumed" is the badly drawn dick... Then my argument is invalid
  8. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doom vs. Doom II

    Who wants the shareware? That's pretty much retarded, and besides the one questionable thread just take Ultimate Doom over Registered it's just more stuff. If anyone says Shareware or Registered I'm sorry, you're wrong. It doesn't even matter if you don't want to play anything except E1 why wouldn't you just take the rest of the game? EDIT: This sounds angry and it kind of is but I'm not trying to offend people
  9. TheNerdTurtle2

    Making monsters trigger things

    In vanilla the answer is you can't. People get around this by hiding a switch in the monster closet, but in zDoom you have to use a not very complicated scripting function but honestly I haven't done it in so long I forget, look up chubzdoomer he is amazing in scripting in zdoom
  10. TheNerdTurtle2

    Favorite console port of Doom

    SNES. Said no one ever. I own the SNES Doom and have sat down to play my favorite levels (E1) and I honestly couldn't make it through, so I bought GBA Doom :P Have you played the SNES on actual hardware, I'm not kidding when I say it's slower. I have played on an emulator and it doesn't seem near as sluggish. Maybe it's just me?
  11. TheNerdTurtle2

    What makes a map an intro map?

    ^ Yeah I'm a fan of berserk maps too, I'm still stuck on my intro map for my unnamed masterpiece :( It's so hard to be creative
  12. TheNerdTurtle2

    Doom cake

    I'm not a huge cake or pie person but damn does this like amazing... I'd still skip the eating part though, mostly to preserve its beauty
  13. TheNerdTurtle2

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    When you actually know what someone is quoting
  14. TheNerdTurtle2

    Your first Doom experience..

    I was a hugeee fan of Quake 2 and I searched in stores forever for the original Quake because my dad said it was an amazing game, so I played through that and did some internet research that led to me realizing there was a game before Quake called Doom. I couldn't find a copy in stores anywhere (keep in mind this was like 2009). And finally I found this: http://www.gamepost.com/games/doom_hexen_heretic_triple_pack After I beat this I knew I hadddd to buy it so my mom bought me the Doom triple pack that came with Doom, Doom 2, and the master levels for Doom 2 plus Maximum Doom all for windows 95 (I forget the name so please tell me if you know). I feel in love
  15. TheNerdTurtle2

    Haunts you have visited

    Don't you hate ghost stories, you have to read them because they're so interesting but as soon as you're done you feel like you're suddenly not alone.. and then you look outside and it's dark, way darker than it was 30 mins ago when you started to read. And then you get a cold tinkle that runs up and down your back, leaving a fuzzy sensation in your head... This happens to me everytime haha and I hate it so much but I can't stop reading
  16. TheNerdTurtle2

    Describe The Dream You Had Last Night

    I had a dream that I bought a Miata, which I've wanted for a long long time and I was driving it, for whatever reason I didn't even need the clutch to drive. It was weird but when I woke up I had regret I didn't have a Miata in my driveway
  17. TheNerdTurtle2

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    You know I think this is really funny and I'm going to get shit for what I'm about to say.. I HATE Seinfeld, I just think it's really unfunny and I like shitty shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Office, King of Queens, and Park and Rec. You should do sets for other shows too though it would be really cool, or do a level based on the soup nazi :P EDIT: I didn't know you were a newb here, good job for making an awesome first wad! We get too much trolls as first maps that I have to respect you
  18. TheNerdTurtle2

    gif of e1m1 rendering?

    I honest to god never noticed that the player1 start isn't dead center until just now... all these years
  19. TheNerdTurtle2

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate the googles... they get rid of all the pretty lighting
  20. TheNerdTurtle2

    Best Doom Mappers?

    In Order: Jimmy, Erik Alm, American Mcgee, John Romero and Skillsaw :)
  21. So I love this to death now.. my new favorite WAD. Please you must create a megawad with maps that all are "sequels" to whatever this is
  22. TheNerdTurtle2

    How far can one go before it's considered plagiarism?

    I'm not gonna pretend that some of my maps aren't inspired from other games like quake and quake 2
  23. No, it makes it easier if people don't read the text document. Just click E1 and play. If he wants the sky from Inferno all he has to do is replace the Knee Deep in the Dead sky and bam! He has an E3 in the E1 slot
  24. TheNerdTurtle2

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    This video. When I found it like 2 years ago that's all I watched for like a week along with its sequel
  25. TheNerdTurtle2

    Favorite DOOM 1-2 sound tracks?

    The fuck? Listen to a good remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WktBkffgEm8 I love the signs of evil in this one. I blast this album a lot in my car