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Status Updates posted by TheNerdTurtle2

  1. I write music as a hobby mostly like acoustic songs and what not and my friend told me like 6 months ago that I couldn't write a metal song.... So during this time some asshole customer (war vet in a wheelchair that asks for donations every day but immediately goes and buys alcohol with the money he gets) had yelled at me for the way I was pushing carts calling me lazy and telling me that I was a bad employee because I only had one cart in my hand. There weren't any more carts on the lot so I was about to tell him that when he screamed: "Shut the fuck up I'm talking to you!" Sooooo I decided to prove my friend wrong and write a death metal song about that guy and pushing carts in general.

    It's bad probably, and I had completely forgot about it until I saw it sitting in my music today. I don't plan on being an artist especially not a metal artist so I don't care how bad it is I just think it's funny and it relates to my other thread about my boss. I recorded everything myself except drums which I used a program to make.


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    2. TheNerdTurtle2


      Nah were on the blog section of the forum nothing is shameful hahaha. I planned on redoing all the bad metal songs I have but I realized if I posted them on youtube with my name I'd never find a job

    3. Tritnew


      I did post ONE of the tracks of my album on YouTube under the DOOM 64 title, I thought it would fit the game. Might change to "Dark Alley Echos" just for the sake of it.

      But yeah, I wouldn't worry about the name. After all, we have a band called Cannibal Corpse. I think I saw some bands with fucked up names as well.

    4. TheNerdTurtle2


      Oh haha I'm not worrying about the name it's so funny :) I just don't want to write shitty metal songs and not be able to get a job because if they search up my name they see all these videos

  2. I know it's pussyish or whatever but I have a mild fear of bugs and somewhat bigger fear of spiders. I thought Id been doing better with it but today when I got home there was this huge spider in the middle of the floor and I started to not be able to control myself and started to breath unstable and ughhh.. why can't I just kill it, my dad did and then he noticed a ton of ants crawling on the ground, looks like we got infested and it's creeping me out a lot. He sprayed them and they died pretty quick but now I am jumpy. Anything that itches make me freak and any noise is worse. Do you guys have any advice?

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    2. Voros


      BluePineapple72 said:

      I can't stand seeing close ups of spider faces, that shit creeps me out

      Cockroach face closeups are nastier.

    3. TheNerdTurtle2


      I looked them up and spider is definitely worse

    4. Tritnew


      The Spiders close ups.

      It literally wants me to curl up in a corner.

      And about the spider thing, I think my GF told me her room is a spider graveyard. SO, I guess I'll have to be cautious, right?

      But I shall say, I haven't seen any Spiders in a while. I think one time I actually had a medium sized tick trying to dig into my arm WAY back in 2010 I believe.

  3. I'm not going to use his name because I don't want to get shit for it but I work at a Giant Eagle (grocery store based in Pennsylvania and Ohio) and I have a boss (the store manager) named "Kevin James". Now I don't mind work, my job title is utility clerk and my job is to bag groceries, push carts and be positive and happy to customers. I work hard every single day and strive to be the best, now my direct boss: "Shannon" likes me and says I get the most customer compliments every day. She appreciates my hard work and positive attitude especially because I am reliable and consistent. Kevin James on the other hand doesn't just hate me, but everyone. However it's not the hate that gets me, I'll take being hated any day. He's fucking retarded and MEAN.

    Let me explain what happened one day that got to me a little bit. So every morning we have carts in the lobby and reserve carts outside. So naturally as customers come in the carts in the lobby slowly disappear, so as a cart pusher you can only bring so many carts back into the lobby because most of them are in the store shopping. So Kevin James sees that the lobby is almost empty and yells at us because were not doing our job fast enough. So I say: "There are no carts out there can I grab some off the reserves?" And he says: "Theres carts out there, I bet if I paid you more you'd find them. Go outside and get the carts!" BUT THERE ARE NO CARTS OUT THERE! No matter how you argue him you're not allowed to grab off the reserves, when he is gone we just do it anyway but WTF? Anyway this is just a normal everyday thing, something way worse has happened this past Monday.

    Just so you know my Dad has worked at Giant Eagle for 37 years and is the most respected employee because he does his work and makes everyone happy. He comes in on time every day and even works during his breaks if he has to to get stuff done. He is the best employee anyone could ever be (this isn't biased if you guys could come to the store and ask anyone who their hardest worker is they'd say my dad). And he'd never complained about work until Kevin James was hired... ANYWAY...

    So Shannon and Kevin were standing in the lobby watching me push carts and as I walked in I thanked Shannon for giving me 34 hours next week (I usually get 12) and said I can't wait to work, especially because I got opening shift. (The opening shift is 7am-3pm) And of course Kevin said: "Yeah, just don't mess it up like you normally do." This made me mad but I was still determined.

    7am Monday Morning:
    I walked in and did the trash, I swept the floors and cleared the lot. Then Kevin comes in and asks me to move the flowers to the front of the store and sweep the patio, so I respectfully smile and do so. Then I hear on my walkie: "Hey Madison can you tell the young bagger in the front to come back here and get these carts from the back?" You heard right btw, he didn't know my name even though he yells at me everyday for the last year I've worked there. But never mind the worst is to come.

    I walk to the back to see Kevin with a line of carts so I take start to push them away when he asks me: "Did you clear the lot? Did you do the trash? Did you sweep inside and outside? Did you move the flowers?" So I said: "Yes I did them all :)" and he replied: "do you know what your reward is? You get to do the trash all around the inside of the building."

    I replied with "Okay sounds good, I don't mind." I wish I didn't say that though

    Kevin said: "Good man, unlike your dad. Do you know he doesn't like to work? You ever notice that?"

    I walked away, speechless.


    I'm tired of working for him do you know how hard it is to smile every day when you know he's just gonna yell at you? I have a rash from sweat in a place I don't want to talk about for long hours pushing carts in the hot sun. And I have smiled and said hi to every customer for a whole year to get less than 9 an hour minus union dues. I did the math and I make about 7 an hour. What should I do because I can't take this anymore, it almost make me strangle him, how do I get him fired?

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    2. Tracer


      Aw eff me in the butt. I was excited to see you go all secret agent on him.

      Good luck though man. Let me know how it goes.

    3. dg93


      TheNerdTurtle2 said:

      Now I don't mind work, my job title is utility clerk and my job is to bag groceries, push carts and be positive and happy to customers.

      I had the same job as you back when I was in high school at my local grocery store. My boss was a total dildo and nobody liked her. She was always pissed off at everybody / everything, and she also never took responsibility for her mistakes. One time she nearly fired me over something that wasn't even my fault at all. Long story short, it was during the month of December where I had to give notice in advance of the days / hours I would be available to work for the Christmas week, which was the busiest week of the month. I give a note to my supervisor of the day's I'm available to work and my supervisor said she'll give it to Tina (who was my boss). For whatever reason, my boss hasn't been in on the few days during the week I worked and I thoroughly checked the schedule every time I came into work. I even asked my supervisor, "why am I not scheduled to work during the upcoming week?" She was completely clueless and said that my boss received my note. For whatever reason, I was on the schedule the following week after the Christmas week, so I went by that schedule. A few months go by and the owner of the store offers me a promotion to the garden center (which I happily accepted) because he needed more labor during the Spring. After he walked away, my boss went into full PMS mode and said, "I've had enough of you! We should have fired you for what you've done last year! REEEEEEEEEE!!!" I was like, "What the fuck are you talking about? What did I do?" (I didn't actually say "fuck" to her) She said "YOU NEVER SHOWED UP FOR WORK DURING THE CHRISTMAS NOR DID YOU GIVE ME ANY NOTICE OF THE DAYS YOU WERE AVAILABLE TO WORK!" She started also going off on some other shit from the past that I did.... Apparently she accused me of flirting with a female cashier (who was like 5 or 6 years older than me), which is not true because I never hit on anybody when at work. I tried to explain to her that I gave the supervisor a note of the days I was available to work, but she didn't give a rat's tits and continued going off like a complete psycho. Of course I had to be respectful and apologize for the wrong things I've never done. For the three years I worked there, I never called out sick or showed up late for work. I always took extra hours when lazy baggers called out of work at the last minute and I always finished their half-assed work. What pissed me off the most about her was that she never even acknowledged my hard work, and how I've always gone above and beyond the call of duty. I also never had any problems with the owners because unlike her, they were competent people.

      My advice to you is to just ignore your boss and try to find another position in a different department. I was a lot happier working in the garden center because the manager there was a rational human being (plus I made a fuckload of money in tips lol). I know it sucks and I feel your pain because working with these type of people is highly unpleasant. These type of managers are street people and they don't have a lick of sense on how to be professional on the job. There were times where I wanted to report my boss for some shit she gave me in the past, but I didn't because my boss was close with the store owners and the likelihood of disciplinary action taken would have been nothing more than just a slap on the wrist.

    4. TheNerdTurtle2


      the_miano said:


      This fucking killed me because my friend screams it whenever anyone around me is being stupid and I don't know why but I always laugh. Anyway the problem with my boss is that he is the store manager so all departments deal with him, your direct boss was a fucking bitch while mines pretty nice (but mine kisses the store managers ass).

      I feel you on the taking shifts thing, all the baggers besides me and two others are lazy all the time. I never call off or don't do my work but sometimes we have up to 3 baggers call off in one day and no one covers for them so I have to go do 3x the work. But I'm pretty sure you know how it feels

      On the note of my boss yesterday went well. I think he got scared after my dad yelled at him because he realized that he could get in trouble for it. So he didn't say shit about what happened and he didn't talk down to me. In fact he asked me to mop up and mess and when I brought the mop over he said: "Thanks [insert my name here]" HE LEARNED MY NAME!! I was talking to one of my coworkers at the front desk and apparently earlier that day he asked her what my name was. He doesn't even know most of the higher ups names because he is a dick that hates everyone. There is this person named Kai, she is a woman and he calls her Kyle everyday.

  4. So I've been dating this girl for just under a year and she knows I love Doom or whatever so she decided she wanted to play it with me. I figured that the most user friendly Co-Op version would be Xbox 360's Doom 3 BFG Edition. So I loaded up the first Doom and in under an hour were done with the first episode, my girl doesn't really play video games so we played on ITYTD but it was actually a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong she was pretty bad, like she refused to use the shotgun because it shot too slowly and her favorite was the chaingun, she would literally only use that weapon and the rocketlauncher. And no matter how much I warned her about splash damage that didn't stop her from blowing herself up at practically point blank. But she was enthusiastic and screamed when monsters popped out of no where and made a sadistic smile when she dispatched a crowd of imps with the chaingun. Her biggest problem was not knowing what ammo was for what and where the ammo was. She would no joke walk past boxes of ammo and I would tell her and she would stare right at it and not see it. *sigh* for whatever reason she just couldn't tell what was ammo and what was health but it's okay it was fun. Also side note it's hard to play Doom with people who don't know the monsters names hahahahaha. Does anyone else have experience playing Doom with people that aren't good or know anything about the game?

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    2. Tritnew


      Oh shit. I got wrecked.

      Ah well. At the very least though, It'd take about 6 hours to drive if I ever wanted to visit her, we live next door state wise.

      Eh, our long-distance is working well anyways though.

    3. TheNerdTurtle2


      Tritnew said:

      Oh shit. I got wrecked.

      Ah well. At the very least though, It'd take about 6 hours to drive if I ever wanted to visit her, we live next door state wise.

      Eh, our long-distance is working well anyways though.

      That sucks :/ I would go crazy if my girl lived that far away, I drive to her house almost everyday, we just finished Doom today haha

    4. Tracer


      My lady just likes to watch me play.

      I think I'll ask her to save Phobos with me mext time she's over.