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  1. In just over a month, me and my friend are going to speedrun race a wad called "The Darkening". Neither of us have ever done speedrunning before but we always wanted to. We figured we aren't good enough to compete with you pros so we decided to pick a wad and compete against each other. We are going to stream this race and if people like it we will probably do other wads.

  2. On 6/4/2019 at 11:43 PM, Archie550 said:

    My favorite doom enemy is the pain elemental. I like the way they look with their little arms and the way they can add urgency to a fight.

    I'm making a doom map where the only weapon you have to defend yourself against one is a rocketlauncher in a small space. Would you still like it?

  3. So I'm trying to start out as a musician writing music for video games. As I was practicing one day I found a cat synth online. So naturally I released an album based on cats.


    The album is called Cats Stuck In Space. Basically imagine it as background music for some retro cat space shooter, or whatever.


    Anyway I would LOVE to get feedback from people that don't know me IRL, and I'm not asking that you buy my music (although I wouldn't mind :P) but I am asking that if you know any devs that need a musician... call me






  4. Hey Brad,

    I don't know if anyone else has said this but Doom Retro lags a little bit for me. Not as in frame drop but as in input lag. It never used to happen when I mained Doom Retro 2 years ago, but I swear it almost feels like I have V-Sync enabled. It is most noticeable for the mouse but the controls lag a tad too.

  5. I just played it and I have a few thoughts.


    1. It was pretty fun and pretty challenging overall. I died a few times and learned to be more careful because the monsters are relentless sometimes.

    2. It wasn't very detailed and some of the map looked pretty ugly, but to be fair we are playing Doom

    3. Killing all of those Barons is annoying, maybe change some to Knights so that I'm not just sitting there slaying Barons

    4. Don't make the bridge impassible, it looks like you can drop down and then you can't and I died.


    5. I could not find the blue key and I searched for a long ass time. So I cheated and got greeted with this:




    I quit. Not a fan of this style of gameplay, but I guess I deserve it for cheating at the door. Anyway I assume that is the end, and it WAS actually pretty fun until this point.

  6. I haven't done any mapping in a long time so recently I decided to do some speed maps in my free time. Well today I decided to create MAP30, and I tried to make it HARD. Basically I wanted MAP30 to feel like a last level, unlike Doom 1 & 2 & Sigil's disappointing endings. So anyway I would love feedback or demos, I made this in 3 hours and I think it plays well :)


    Difficulties are there, I would try UV first but I personally kept dying so if you suck like me do HMP.


    Also it uses Boom capability. You need to load both WADS that I uploaded in the .zip



  7. Me and my roommate are playing Doom 2 a lot right now and I we were playing through TNT: Evilution for the first time, and damn I HATE a lot of the maps. they are unfair/secretive and just not fun. Does anyone have any fun wads that we should play? I don't mind if you even made the WAD we just want something that doesn't suck. I prefer WADS without a bunch of added content but we can play whatever. Thanks!