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  1. I write music as a hobby mostly like acoustic songs and what not and my friend told me like 6 months ago that I couldn't write a metal song.... So during this time some asshole customer (war vet in a wheelchair that asks for donations every day but immediately goes and buys alcohol with the money he gets) had yelled at me for the way I was pushing carts calling me lazy and telling me that I was a bad employee because I only had one cart in my hand. There weren't any more carts on the lot so I was about to tell him that when he screamed: "Shut the fuck up I'm talking to you!" Sooooo I decided to prove my friend wrong and write a death metal song about that guy and pushing carts in general.

    It's bad probably, and I had completely forgot about it until I saw it sitting in my music today. I don't plan on being an artist especially not a metal artist so I don't care how bad it is I just think it's funny and it relates to my other thread about my boss. I recorded everything myself except drums which I used a program to make.


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    2. TheNerdTurtle2


      Nah were on the blog section of the forum nothing is shameful hahaha. I planned on redoing all the bad metal songs I have but I realized if I posted them on youtube with my name I'd never find a job

    3. Tritnew


      I did post ONE of the tracks of my album on YouTube under the DOOM 64 title, I thought it would fit the game. Might change to "Dark Alley Echos" just for the sake of it.

      But yeah, I wouldn't worry about the name. After all, we have a band called Cannibal Corpse. I think I saw some bands with fucked up names as well.

    4. TheNerdTurtle2


      Oh haha I'm not worrying about the name it's so funny :) I just don't want to write shitty metal songs and not be able to get a job because if they search up my name they see all these videos