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  1. I write music as a hobby mostly like acoustic songs and what not and my friend told me like 6 months ago that I couldn't write a metal song.... So during this time some asshole customer (war vet in a wheelchair that asks for donations every day but immediately goes and buys alcohol with the money he gets) had yelled at me for the way I was pushing carts calling me lazy and telling me that I was a bad employee because I only had one cart in my hand. There weren't any more carts on the lot so I was about to tell him that when he screamed: "Shut the fuck up I'm talking to you!" Sooooo I decided to prove my friend wrong and write a death metal song about that guy and pushing carts in general.

    It's bad probably, and I had completely forgot about it until I saw it sitting in my music today. I don't plan on being an artist especially not a metal artist so I don't care how bad it is I just think it's funny and it relates to my other thread about my boss. I recorded everything myself except drums which I used a program to make.


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    2. Tritnew


      I'm not one to play guitar, I will someday though. I can however sing.

      And besides that, if you wanna take your music to the next limit, you could try putting them on Bandcamp. If you want to do so, you could make some money on there and the like.

    3. TheNerdTurtle2


      Sadly I have a whole album of this kind of music because I kind of got bored and decided it would be fun to do so, it was called Brutal Milkshakes. This is actually one of the later songs on the album, I used inhale screams on the other ones and they sound even worse, but some songs are decent. And then I have my acoustic songs, my peers say my singing is bad so I want vocal lessons or something

    4. Tritnew


      I have an album here that I haven't even released yet, most of it is alright for the most part, I think at least two tracks are pretty good in my opinion. But some of the songs don't sound as great. It's mostly just experimental stuff for my one man band "Dark Alley Echos".

      Though, I think that's kind of shameless advertising, but I plan on using that name more if I ever buy Ableton and make more ambient tracks.

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