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  1. I believe there was a ranking somewhere that confirmed chaingunners were the worst in terms of how they behaved in the game.
  2. Fused

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    Don't worry. Filistyn's days of wrecking the thread won't happen no more as you don't really have access to it anymore, mate.
  3. Fused

    Odamex "Team" wad help

    Because upon supporting multiple ports you limit yourself to a very big extent since none of the ports are made the same way and wont support the same things. Supporting Odamex might get Capo to play your mod or something but other than that the port is dead and shouln't be modded for because you will have to work with outated content like no ACS, which in your case would be impossible. Perhaps if you made a simple DM pack containing no ACS or other custom shenanigans, Odamex is a fine thing to support, but since you want to utilise your own gamemode Zandronum would be the only option. And neither would be Zdoom considering Zdoom has terrible netcode.
  4. Fused

    doom 4 ?

    Hey guys is this released yet?
  5. Fused

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    Because he doesn't want to bring any effort into creating a mod. He simply wants to make something so he gets known, but he doesn't want to do anything for it. Not to mention he really lacks experience. I mean, he made an update post where showed he updated a corner to make it a little bit smoother. Why should we care?
  6. Fused

    F_sky in snap map?

    Because it does? EDIT: To clarify. He means the sky will move backwards when you move forward. Not that a mountain is only 10 meters away but you never reach it because it doesn't move.
  7. Fused

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    Glad you noticed at last.
  8. Fused

    Current list of Clans (All ports)

    Delt@ has not been active for over a year. MDS is not a clan but rather a group of friends. EDIT: also if this list only considers competitive clans, then Winter should be removed as it's not competitive for the time being.
  9. My prayers to Zdaemon.
  10. Fused

    How do i ban players from my server

    To be more specific; (rcon) ban <playername> <duration> [reason] (rcon) ban_idx <player IDx> <duration> [reason] The first one bans the player through his name, the latter through his unique ID (as seen with the playerinfo command). Only start with rcon if you dont call through rcon but ingame (be sure to log in whilst ingame). Duration is defined as for example 1day, 3week, 5month, 6year. Notice how the date does not follow any multiplication when having multiple days, weeks etc. (this is wrong on the wiki). To ban the player forever until the server restarts, define the duration as 'perm'. Lastly, reason is optional and does not neccesarily have to be filled in. For reference: http://wiki.zandronum.com/Console_Commands Edit: also, if this server was hosted on a hosting server such as Best-Ever or The Sentinel's Playground and this player was very annoying, it might be a good idea to contact them.