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Status Updates posted by Wrameses

  1. Hello this is Wrameses! I just want to you guys my webpage that's right here!


    This webpage has tons of things such as my Doom section that has my doom wads sounds and graphics and people's hosted Doom wads and resources. It also has a anime section that is kinda ok and much more.

    Tell me what think about it in a reply or E-mail me!

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    2. NiTROACTiVE


      Your website looks old as if it were from the 1990s, but it still looks good because it reminds me of what the Internet was like back then when I was a kid.

    3. Ledillman


      I like it! i'll add a link to your site in my own webpage when I find the time :)

    4. GreyGhost


      This is what a fanpage should look like - nothing says DooM like cannon fodder falling from the sky. :D